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  1. Posters of the boy have been circulated in his town and all the surrounding areas.
  2. Mamta Di praying for peace in the State.
  3. Apparently, the protestors are not satisfied with the Boy's arrest and want him to be stoned to death. Some are calling for him to be hanged. Many Hindus belonging to the same town are also hoping for rigorous punishment because according to them " Why must we suffer due to wrongdoings of one person? " What an apologetic attitude.
  4. Nope, Hindi is not just another language. It is the Lingua Franca of India . Most widely spoken language in the country by far, used by millions of non-native speakers as a medium of communication. No other Indian Language can even remotely come closer to it's reach. I say that as a Non-Hindi Speaker.
  5. Yes, all the Non-Hindi States that are teaching Hindi as the 3rd Language in Primary Schools for the last 70 Years would suddenly abolish the practice and remove Hindi from the curriculum. Nice dreams.
  6. Dhoniconda suffocating India now

    Won't be going anywhere before 2019.
  7. Sale IPL Champs hai bus, 2 kaudi ke players se sledging sun rahe hai. Yehi hai aukad Kohli ki team ki, Sirf Rubel Hussain aur Taskin Ahmad ke saamne mard bante hai. The Captain himself is number one phattu who avoids altercation with Pakistani players.
  8. India vs West Indies 2017, 4 th ODI,

    South Indian Propaganda Site.
  9. India vs West Indies 2017, 4 th ODI,

    Dhoni would let Pandya take all the risks while himself looking forward to remain not out and finish the match in the last over.
  10. India vs West Indies 2017, 4 th ODI,

    Dhoni to take the match to last ball.
  11. India vs West Indies 2017, 4 th ODI,

    Dinesh Karthik - South Indian Quota player.
  12. Man sentenced to death for Farting

    Caused 53 people to leave mosque. Phunny.
  13. SL vs ZIM - Zim won away

    This is the first time 300 has been chased in Sri Lanka.
  14. SL vs ZIM - Zim won away

    Malinga was there, Pradeep was there .
  15. Let's talk about talent in Bollywood

    Bollywood is more like a Family Business than some Talent oriented Field. Even a Below average person with the help of right contacts can make a name in Bollywood, it's not like Sports where only the best of the best of the best are chosen.
  16. Minority's House Attacked by Mob

    Wow, this is like the open season for Communalism here. Hindus on Muslim's, Muslim's on Sikhs, Sikhs commiting Blasphemy. India must be burning and on the verge of another partition if Top Ten threads in Chit Chat are to be believed.
  17. Tendulkar convinces shastri to apply

    Pathetic Anti - Sachin Anti Mumbai thread. Some fans just want any irrelevant outlet to vent their frustrations over the current condition of Indian Team.
  18. Because Hindi is not any any other regional language of India which is understood only by it's native speakers. Your Tamil, Kannada, Marathi basically caters to people of their respective regions only while Hindi is a common denominator in majority of regions in India. Four people of different ethnicities in a Non-Hindi City like Mumbai are more likely to communicate with each other in Hindi or Kannada/Tamil/Marathi? You know the answer and ask why is that? Let's not pretend for a minute that Hindi is just on par with any regional language because if it was then I and many millions of other of Non -Hindi backgrounds would have no knowledge of it, just like a Punjabi has no knowledge of Tamil.
  19. AB expected to retire from Tests.

    Agree, don't know what more do people expect from him and criticize him for the lacking what exactly ? Will always remember him as the most versatile Test Bat who could score runs for fun against toughest bowlers and even Tuk Tuk all day to save a Test. Best in both extremes of the game.
  20. India now has most 300 plus totals in ODIs

    Couldn't score one when it was needed the most on 18th June. Useless record.
  21. Virat Kohli's favourite applied for Head coach post

    Do you mean to say that Shastri will be like a " dalla " of the team?
  22. India vs West Indies 2nd ODI,

    Congratulations to fellow Indians on this emphatic victory. I guess you guys are feeling comparatively better now compared to the last Sunday.

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