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  1. rageaddict

    KM Asif - 90 mph Kerala Pacer

    But none of them makes it to the Indian team on consistent basis.
  2. Haan let's march towards a progressive Gay Hind.
  3. rageaddict

    SA bowling attack

    Acha hai Bhaga Bhaga ke maaro Yeh FTB's ko, bahot cheap runs bana liye hai enhone ghar pe Pichle 3-4 saal main.
  4. Match winning partnership Infact.
  5. Big partnership coming between the best mates in International Cricket.
  6. Go AB Go, get a run a ball ton and entertain us.
  7. rageaddict

    devilliers 1st 300

    Hopefully, will be a treat to watch.
  8. rageaddict

    The Unpopular Cricket Opinions Thread

    Indians cannot produce fast bowlers but Pakistanis can, due to inferior genetics and physique of the former.
  9. rageaddict

    Why are desis so fanatical about cricket?

    Have you ever wondered why the Aussies , Dutch and Germans don't care about Field Hockey inspite of regularly winning Olympic medals in it? Australia field hockey team ke members ke baare main toh Australia main Kisiko Pata bhi nahi hai, Ashes toh fir bhi Full house Stadium main khela jaata hai.
  10. rageaddict

    Who are most famous Keralites?

    Shantakumaran Sreesanth.
  11. rageaddict


    Proud day for us for defeating an Islamic Army and score victory against Muslims.
  12. rageaddict

    Kulbhushan Jadhav

    Nahi Pakistani etne harami toh nahi Ho sakte.
  13. rageaddict

    Which languages do you know?

    Hindi English Marathi Punjabi A Little bit of French.
  14. Make an apt example of him and record it on a video so that nobody ever dares to commit the act ever again.
  15. rageaddict

    Nagaland U19 women all out for 2.

    Football khelwa lo ense bas, bada ball dekho laat maaro. Cricket jaisa technical sport ense naa Ho paayega.
  16. Very Alpha, no wonder why their forefathers ruled over Veggie Hindians.
  17. rageaddict

    Srikanth Kidambi - How good is he?

    Yes, Badminton is so intimidating. I know what is more demanding, 7 feet Black monsters from West Indies bowling express pace or grown up men carrying rackets to play shuttle cock. The ultimate Girly Sport.
  18. rageaddict

    Srikanth Kidambi - How good is he?

    Badminton is such a soft sport, why do medals in such a sissy sport even matter? Any male who plays shuttle cock is just LOL .
  19. rageaddict

    Happy Diwali to all !!!

    Happy Diwali to all Hindu and Sikh Brothers.
  20. Civilized North Easterners, who lead by an example to rest of the Mainland.
  21. rageaddict

    Tom Alter dies aged 67

    Who doesn't remember his first ever interview with Sachin. RIP.
  22. rageaddict

    INDIA vs AUSTRALIA | 4th ODI | Bengaluru | Sep 28 2017

    India playing for NRR.
  23. rageaddict

    INDIA vs AUSTRALIA | 4th ODI | Bengaluru | Sep 28 2017

    Time for Akshar to show his Gujju Power.

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