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  1. I wish there was a secessionist movement in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar,  we could have just let them go and life in other States could have been so much better.


    This is not working anymore,  the Indian Cities can't afford to accomodate thousands of migrants from Cow Belt that arrive on a daily basis.  The issue is not about some silly cultural dilution of the cities but the worsening infrstraucture that cannot support more people. Buses are crowded,  Trains are jammed, traffic worse,   there is no space to walk on streets,  bridges are falling, stampede, no value for life and yet more people keep pouring in. 


    Why should a  developed state bear the burden of failed Cow Belt States and thereby bringing down their overall standard of living and progress that they have made ? The Leaders of failed States don't care about any development in their region and are more than happy to see their people migrate to other states for livelihood. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Singh bling said:

    Do you equally spend time to.follow women's cricket as much you do to follow men,s cricket , if not you are as sexist as rest of us according to feminists

    Lol,  Muloghonto didn't answer this one . Hard for him to admit that Women can't perform at the highest level in certain fields like Team Sports or in Wars. There is a reason why Women compete against themselves at the Olympics and not against Men which is for their own benefit. 


    Armed forces are no place to conduct social experiments and give equal representation to Women,  Gay's,  Transgenders or any other weirdos for the sake of political correctness.

  3. 42 minutes ago, Muloghonto said:

    They are already doing an equally good jobs in army combat roles (ie, grunt work) in western armies.

    As i said, this is not about how hard you can swing a sword. Its about fitness to carry 70-80 pounds on your back for 15-20 miles and be able to use a gun. I already know that there are plenty of women capable of that.




    And that's after lowering the standards,  same for other elite forces. 

  4. 3 hours ago, coffee_rules said:

    It is a regional language like Kannada, Tamil, Gujarati, Marathi. Just because it is spoken predominantly in 4 states doesn't make it a national language.

    It is also spoken by millions of Non Hindi Speakers in Non Hindi States . Lol @ comparison of Kannada,  Marathi  with Hindi. 


    I grew up in Maharashtra and only interacted in Hindi with people from all across the country. It's very self explanatory,  no need to compare languages that are only limited to couple of states with Hindi which has PAN in most states .



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