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  1. 3 hours ago, sergio04 said:

    West Bengal should become another country in 10 years.

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    Inshah Allah,  hope something triggers and the entire Union Falls. 

  2. 7 hours ago, asterix said:

    Too much intellectualism, socialism & false ego has screwed the Bengali’s...

    This sense of “we are more intelligent and educated than rest of the country, it doesn’t matter the odd mullah comes and screws female members of my family, atleast we are more intelligent than the rest of the country ” is the reason of this situation....


  3. Masha Allah,  my dream to experience the Balkanization of Bharat Mata in my lifetime might not be too far away. 


    Rising Muslim population and the unrest that will follow is the only factor that can lead to collapse of the Union. 

  4. 9 minutes ago, Rightarmfast said:

    There is not a single celebrity who dont cheat their partner. NOT A SINGLE CELEBRITY!!! Some get caught. Bad for these small town guys like Shami because they never get to meet women their entire life. The moment they meet one, they think of marriage and then later, keep on sleeping around.


    Do I support Shami? Yes! What is his wife's achievement in life anyway, apart from catching hold of a top cricketer?

    Agree,  Shami Bhai and all Male celebrities deserve to have their fun.  Only Beta Males with Lack of opportunity would take  a dig at him, the usual boring unwanted Men who proudly wear the badge of " Faithful Husband " mainly due to lack of opportunity. 

  5. Could be possible,  if not for the rampant terrorism I will prefer living in Pakistan over overpopulated and filthy India anyday of the week. I mean,  living among Sindhis and Balochs can't be worse than living among Biharis and UP Wallahs.


    Would still prefer an Indian Passport over a Pakistani one though ,  don't want to get heckled at airports in the West only  because of my background and reputation of the county. 

  6. 8 minutes ago, MultiB48 said:

    cricket  requires good quality arms and shoulder ,football req legs ....totally different sports, footballers have poor arms even rugby players have poor arms ,an all round athlete is one who has strong arms, legs and torso.


    here you have rugby players bowling just look at the speed  lol



    Lol the Rugby Players that are built like a tank bowling like trundlers.

    Wouldn't fast bowlers require strong legs too,  considering they have to run at good speed,  jump and then land on the crease with pressure on Legs/knees ? Basically using the entire body from Back,  Legs,  Hips,  Thighs, Shoulders, Hands  to generate express pace. 


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