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  1. 5 minutes ago, Laaloo said:

    Pakistani should have more shame. Why would they want to work under kaffirs and the people who they hate?

    Nafrat kaffiro se hai,  kaffiro ke paise se nahi. Kaffiro se Paisa kamakar apni halal country main invest karte hai aur fir wahi paise ko ghoomakar kaffiro ke khilaaf terrorists attacks main estemal karte hai. 

  2. Right  from his playing days,  Imran considered Indians/Hindus as inferior cowards and had a massive superiority complex. Enko Poora confidence hai ki across the border Hindu Baniye Sirf geedad bhaktiya de sakte hai, attack wattack war  Yeh sab Bansi bajane walo ke bass ki baat nahi.


    Khula invitation hai India ko Pakistan ki taraf se Kuch kar ke dikhao,  no fear whatsoever. Ulta Yeh toh fully prepared lag rahe hai,  Dhotiya toh hamare Yaha gilli ho rahi hai. 

  3. 23 minutes ago, vayuu1 said:

    Bhai problem is Hindus in jammu too don't want this to go, their was a petition for urgent hearing in SC but they refused to listen. 

    True,  The Dogras and Sikhs in Jammu and Kashmir want to maintain the exclusive status of their state. 



    Some funny Dogri at 2.22  explaining the reasons why locals don't want the Article 35 A to be abolished. 

  4. This is how most of these Bollywood Bigwigs condemned the terrorist incident in Pulwama. As expected not even a single mention of Pakistan as if these guys are unaware about who is the prime conspirator behind these attacks. 



    It's always the usual boring copy paste " Heartbroken to read " , " Condolences to the families ", " Rest in Peace " but never a mention of Pakistan,  whereas in India this Guy has an opinion on Modi,  Growing Hindutva Intolerance ( Comments that Pakistan love to hear)  , the backward social practices Rampant in Hinduism. 


    Apart from kangana,  none of these Bollywood Stars made even a single light-heartedremark that the establishment and Army in Pakistan  should stop sponsoring terrorist attacks in India . Apne Pakistani fans ko Yeh log kabhi naraz nahi kar sakte.

  5. 1 hour ago, Kannadiga said:

    I can see NDA getting sympathetic votes because of this incident and thus winning the election. The timing is too convenient and the manner in which the incident took place leads to a lot of questions.


    Congress was pretty weak when it comes to Pakistan and the only positive to ever come out of Modi's regime is how they handled Pakistani. 


    Damned if you don't and damned if you do. 

    Typical Conspiracy theorist, but then can't expect any better from Kannadiga Supremacists. 

  6. 5 minutes ago, Jimmy Cliff said:

    Congress mouthpiece is calling him a Dhoni fan FFS :facepalm:.



    Oh My God,  another Patriot Youth being forced to take up arms against the very state he supported due to atrocities of the Indian Army. 


    It's always either the fault of the Hindus or the Indian Army , the Muslim is always  innocent and oppressed. 



  7. Wherever there is a sizeable Muslim Population,  there is terrorism,  anarchy,  unrest,  violence, intolerance  and backwardness. And their ever increasing population due to high fertility rates  relative to other communities means these problems generally get worse with time.


    Look at the stark differences between Himachal Pradesh - the Indian State with the highest percentage of Hindus v/s Jammu Kashmir - the Indian State with highest percentage of Muslims. The Hindu majority state is among the most laid back peaceful states in the country whereas the Muslim Majority state is the Jihadi terrorist cesspool of India. 


    Same goes for other Muslim populated regions like Uttar Pradesh  , Bihar,  West Bengal and Assam. 

  8. Anyone remembers the Titan Cup 1996 Tri Series involving India,  Australia and SA shortly held after the 1996 WC. 


    In one of the India - Australia matches held in Bangalore,   India needed around 40-50 runs with just 2 wickets in hand and Kumble- Sri Nath took India to victory with their Mothers sitting and cheering in the stands. 


    In one of the other India - Australia match held in the same tournament which was a virtual semi Final,  India put up a good score and Australia put up a fight till the 49th over where 6 runs were needed off 6 balls with only one wicket remaining. Tendulkar bowler the last over and a mix up happened at the first ball of the over and India qualified for the Finals against Sa,  which India won thanks to heroics from Ajay Jadeja. 

  9. 13 minutes ago, DHONI_FANN said:

    Muslim chodo bengali Hindus bhi aisi hi thinking rakhte hai. Pata nahi kiss chakki ka ata khate hai ye bengali. Kya bolu yar public forum hai isliye gaali nahi de sakta. Lekin bengali hindu bhi ek no. ke madarchod hai. Aaj maine khud ek chutiye bong mukhopadyay shyte ko thapad maar diya apne office me. Sala momtha banerjee ko defend kar raha tha rohingya policy ke upar that too a bengali brahmin

    Shabash bhai,    koi toh Kuch Apne level pe Spontaneous action liye baaki sab toh Kadi Ninda hi kar rahe hai. 

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