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  1. 57 minutes ago, UrmiSinhaRay said:



    Not yet at least in Kolkata...cricket still has a sizeable fanbase and viewership in my friend circle, especially IPL but we are kids born when cricket was in its peak .
    Many of my friends has already left following cricket and is more into other sports

    Also, cricket circa Sourav Ganguly has kinda upstaged football now that Cricket coaching classes are more easily available.

    However, it is strictly the middle class/lower middle class/small towns that is more invested in cricket and I personally believe Cricket has more female fans because of its outreach.

    However, in upper middle and upper classes, it is cringe worthy to follow cricket - because it's too mainstream for them.

    Even the marketing teams are more targeting the Hindi Small town belt for cricketing adverts.
    Only reason Football is not growing more because of Government support to BCCI -the moment it will be more profitable for the government to infiltrate FIFA, cricket will die.

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    A National Team has to be successful for a Sport to become the most popular Sport in the country. It's true that there are a few  hippies who prefer to associate thenselves with Football than the more mainstream Cricket,  however for a team ( Indian Football Team)  that plays on par with standard of Myanmar it will be a tough task to dethrone Cricket. 



  2. 27 minutes ago, JourneyMan said:

    This could be the reason. Hindi isnt a native language for many Indians. They will deliver the lines given to them for the movie but to speak live without a script might be a bit intimidating for these guys. 

    Agree with you there. That could be the reason as Hindi isn't their Native Language but somehow English is. So fair enough for them to give interviews and promote movies in their Native Language which is English. 

  3. Thousands of mourners poured out at Mira Road on Thursday as Major Kaustubh Rane, who was killed in Jammu and Kashmir while foiling an infiltration bid last week, was cremated with full military honours, including a 21-gun salute by the Army. 


    The Major and three other soldiers were killed along the Line of Control in north Kashmir's Gurez sector in Bandipora district on August 4.


    His mortal remains, which arrived in the city from Delhi on Wednesday night, were kept at a defence establishment in Kandivali. The following morning, they were taken to his residence at Mira Road's Sheetal Nagar, which was thronged by tearful well-wishers who wanted to catch a last glimpse of him before he embarked on his final journey.




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