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  1. Look at all the backward North East States with fertility rates of 3, 2.7, 2.6 and 2.4. The so called Progressive Indians. 


    Bihar as it is leading from the front   Masha Allah,  enriching every corner of the country with Hindu and Hindi culture since 1947. Lage Raho!!!!!!! 

  2. All politics,  can't bash all ordinary citizens belonging to a particular religion just because of these idiots.


    I find the plight of Rohingyas to be a genuine one,  they are helpless and becoming Jihadis to spread terror in India would be the  last thing on their minds. As it is they are facing stiff opposition over settlement in India,  and these firebrand clerics are making things more tougher for them. 

  3. Some very disgusting anti-Sikh posts in this thread. 


    I agree that no Sikh can ever feel 100% Indian if he/she reads an account of what the Sikhs went through during the 80s. First,  it was an attack on the Golden Temple followed by the Brutal killings of innocent and helpless people in National Capital of the country and then a decade long series of Mass Killings by the Armed Forces in Punjab with zero accountability.  Moreover,  the party responsible for the Sikh massacre was unanimously voted to Power in the elections that followed.


    Youngsters would be taken into custody and whole families punished on mere suspicions , many mass graves of Sikhs killed in fake encounters were recovered 


    Personally,  I go out of my way to avoid reading anything about the events of 1984 or watching any documentaries related to it because it saddens me to imagine how much ordinary Sikhs suffered at the hands of the ruling government and the Army. I'm glad that the Anti Sikh riots and Mass killings by Security Agencies never became a hot topic for the media unlike the Godhra Riots as constantly recalling those events without a hope for justice only keeps the fire of hatred burning. I hope the coming generations of Sikhs continue to learn as less as possible about the dark period of the 80s, unfortunately though the storming of the Golden Temple by the Indian Army is something which will continue to be passed over to  future generations.

  4. rajasthan-police-ani-759.jpg

    At least one person was killed after violent clashes erupted between police and locals in Ramganj area of Jaipur on Friday, news agency PTI reported. The clashes began after a police constable allegedly assaulted a motorcycle-borne couple for unknown reasons. “A petty dispute between a police constable and a motorcycle-borne couple late last night led to clashes between the locals and the police, following which the curfew was imposed around 1 AM in Ramganj area, where the violence broke out,” Jaipur Police Commissioner Sanjay Agarwal told PTI.

    After the alleged assault, a mob of locals gathered around Ramganj police station and burnt down five vehicles, including an ambulance and a police jeep. The mob also damaged 21 other jeeps, police official said. To control the mob, the police resorted to firing tear gas shells and rubber bullets. As the mob burnt down a power house and the situation appeared getting out of control, police opened fire on the mob, in which one person, identified as Mohammed Raees, was killed, Agarwal tod PTI.

    Curfew has been imposed in four police stations in the region to bring the situation under control, the Police Commissioner added. Internet services has also been suspended and schools were shut down. Agarwal further said that security forces, including Rajasthan Armed Constabulary (RAC) and home guard jawans have been employed in the curfew-laden areas.



  5. 8 minutes ago, sourab10forever said:

    Good from democracy point of view...but don't think even one team will be competitive.

    But maybe this will help them develop more given the more opportunities the player will get. Will help them in the long term...


    Competing in Ranji Trophy that too as individual teams would be no match for regular teams but it will give an idea of the level of Cricket in all NE States. 


    A combined  IPL team for the entire region with matches based in Guwahati , similar to ISL NE Team could have been more better,  it's the fastest route to developing Cricket and a fan base rather than playing the Longest Format of the game. 

  6. NEW DELHI: The Committee of Administrators (CoA) on Friday assured that all six north eastern states will be playing Ranji Trophy as individual units next season with BCCIGM (Game Development), Ratnakar Shetty, given charge of their smooth integration.

    The six states Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Sikkim, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh met Vinod Rai for one and a half hour with plea of taking part as a combined unit this season.

    However, they were assured that by next season they would be part of Ranji Trophy while they will play as separate states in the age group categories (U-16, U-19 And U-23) from this season onwards.

    "The CoA chief Mr Vinod Rai told us that since Ranji Trophy is starting from October 6, it will be difficult to play this season. However, we will be playing as individual states from next season. After all these years, this is the first time we have got complete assurance. Prof Shetty will look into implementation part," north east convenor Naba Bhattacharjee said after the meeting.




    For the first time ever as many as 6 North East states - Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Sikkim, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh - will be playing the Ranji Trophy!


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