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  1. Since no new Cricket is happening, its a good chance to refresh some old memories. This is from an era when Kenya used to be a semi-decent side who gave an occasional shock to the big teams. Match from India -SA-Kenya Tri-Series 2001. Waqaresque spell from Angara to SRT.
  2. Think we need a separate section for all types of Viruses on ICF now. Chit Chat is very small to accomodate such a vast topic along with other light hearted stuffs.
  3. Mumbai Local Trains service has been called off till 31st March, thus bringing the city to a halt.
  4. Because Urdu Schools would be exclusively Muslim and thats the starting point of creating divisions at an early age. It would be better if Muslim Children grow up inter-mingling with Children from other commmunities in English or Vernacular medium schools which would help them to broaden their outlook outside religion. As it is Most Muslims live in Ghettos with their own, then admitting kids in Urdu Medium schools will only set up the next generation on the same path by denying them day to day interaction with the Majority community. Atleast outside the Cow belt, there is no need for these Urdu Medium schools. The less educated , less affluent Hindus in rural Maharashtra send their Children to Marathi Medium schools whereas the Muslims in same region prefer to send their Children to Urdu Medium schools. I know getting rid of Urdu Schools is impossible because Quami taleem is very important for Muslims, to create a separate identity from the Hindus right from the birth. Learning Urdu rather than your own mother tongue, because Mother Tongue Marathi is not Islamic enough unlike Quami Zubaan Urdu. Learning about Islamic history, glorifying invaders, celebrating Faiz and Iqbal rather than your own local poets these are all value added things to learn along the way thus completing the process of separation and carving a separare identity from the other locals. Wherever this Urdu Imperialist literature has spread in SC, it has only created cultural divisions among Hindus and Muslims. Thats why both communities in South and Bengal are more United as the Urdu Divisive culture hasnt been able to make inroads.
  5. SA is still a very stronger side in home conditions.
  6. It will be an interesting tournament for sure on the fast paced bouncy wickets of Australia. I dont think India has a chance to win the tournament. England, Australia, WI have a strong chance. India is lucky to be placed in an easier group and are expected to win against SA to qualify for the Semis. They will most likely meet WI/Aus at the Semis and England/Aus/Wi in the finals and i dont back them to beat two strong sides in back to back matches. Group 1 is the Group of the Death. There is no chance of an India Pakistan contest in this WC barring a miracle. Cant see Pakistan progressing ahead of NZ, WI and Australian. I wish one of the teams between NZ and Pakistan was placed in the Indian Group, it would have been two more balanced groups rather than one easier group and the other group of death.
  7. Masha Allah at this rate lagta hai yeh record toh hum 2035 main hi achieve kar lenge. Dekho kitne talented hai yeh. Abaadi badane main toh enhone Pakistaniyo ko bhi peeche kar diya. Best Muslims in the World.
  8. Jo Delhi main hua woh na hota and whatever worse which is going to happen in the coming future. Lol @ some of the replies on the first page. Dilip Kumar ki acting, A R Rahman ka music, Indian ka Musalmaan best in the World
  9. Tahir Hussain 'missing': Suspended AAP leader gives Delhi Police a slip after FIR over IB staffer's death https://www.timesnownews.com/delhi/article/tahir-hussain-missing-suspended-aap-leader-gives-delhi-police-a-slip-after-fir-over-ib-staffers-death/558763?utm_source=pushengage&utm_medium=pushnotification&utm_campaign=pushengage The Mullah is on the run.
  10. He admits to being on top of the building with a Danda in his hand and surrounded by his masked supporters. Yeh Mullah bachna nahi chahiye. Crates of stones, Petrol Bombs and Acid found in the building belonging to him.
  11. Throat slit, eyes gouged out, stabbed multiple times.... Hmmmm thats similar to how Captain Saurabh Kalia was treated. Seems to be a trademark Islamic process of butchering a Kaffir. Sharam aani chahiye. 10-15 % abaadi wale Musalmaano se maar kha rahe hai.
  12. Taqiyya naam bhi koi cheez hoti hai. Bas kisi Musalmaan ne thodi meethi meethi baatein kar di aur Hindu Baniyo ka dil pighal gaya. Sub-Continent ka sabse bada successful Liberal Chilled Muslim toh khud Jinnah tha, jab woh Pakistan Independence Movement Lead kar sakta hai toh baaki yeh chote mote Taqiyya baaz Musalmaano ki kya aukaat hai. Only someone like Taslima Nasreen can be considered a Liberal. An outright Critic of Islam, how many of these Indian Muslims are critics of Islam or have questioned the character of their Warlord Desert Bandit Muhamad ? There is so much criticism of Ram and other Hindu Holy figures in various circles of India, but why is the biggest devil Muhamad exempted from the same scrutiny or questioning ? Have there been any calls for reform within Islam or discussions about the hate verses against infidels in their Holy Quran by these Moderate Muslims themselves ? How many Muslims talk about these issues in personal or public space?
  13. Look at the guts of these Islamists in Delhi , IB Officer beaten to death and his body thrown in a gutter. Enki etni himmat. Aur Kuch ho na ho everyone involved in this murder should be nabbed and executed, full state machinery laga do. Round up all the young Abduls, Mohsins and Salmans of the area where the crime took place and give a Nice Danda in custody. Koi na koi toh jarur mooh kholega.
  14. Gambhir doesnt want to let go of an opportunity to score some brownie points and flaunt his Secularism by bashing a Guy who is at the forefront of media backlash as the Man responsible for violence against Muslims in Delhi.
  15. Australia wouldnt have lost the series if not for absence of Smith and Warner. They were taken aback at the series of events with widespread criticism from all corners. Kohli was very very lucky in that regard. So, as things stand. India under Kohli couldnt win series in England. Couldn't win in SA. Couldn't win in NZ. Won in Australia in absence of their batting Stars. Good home performance but nothing exceptional. The 2007-2011 Indian Test team performed much better overseas. Won in England, Won in NZ, Draw in SA.
  16. Would be surprised if this isnt the last day of this Test.
  17. There are only a few months left for the T20 WC to start. When will Ab become part of the team? Atleast start representing the team in Bi-Laterals so that they will have a settled combination before the start of the T20 WC. Hope AB isnt planning to raise his hand at the last moment and expect to be included in WC Squad.
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