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  1. Is the pitch dangerous? SA : Yes (Not by words but by action) India : No (By words and by action) Can we abandon the game? SA: Yessss! India: Nooooo! ICC : Confused Scenario 1: Yes (Abandon the game) Indian team will protest Ind played whole day and got hit few times, pitch didn't change. Elgar got hit (Poor technique). Why did you not stop when Ind batsman got hit? Will you allow teams to abandon the game in future when there is an uneven bounce? Question to SA and ICC : If the pitch is so dangerous, why did you allowed the game when SA was bowling...especially bowling short ones to Indian tail? Don't you value the life of Ind batsman? When did the pitch change from ok to dangerous? Scenario 1: 2 (Continue day 4. Don't abandon the play) SA: No. Question to ICC : Why did you stop the play today? If the game not in SA favor, will you allow SA to run for the hill at the first instance of a body blow? If the game is not in Ind favor, can they ask the game to be abandoned siting safety? SA to ICC : Potential danger of someone getting hurt. No play. ICC is in a lose-lose situation. Verdict : ICC will abandon the game (100%)
  2. For doubters and conspiracy theorists who talk about DRS being manipulated, there is one clue on why that was possibly missing leg stump. Watch the wicket keeper (Kamran Akmal) and see where his legs going.

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