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  1. Pakistan

    Are the British white the weakest male race?

    They just just divided, conquered and hired locals to fight their wars.
  2. Pakistan

    1st Test at Lords - PAKISTAN TOUR OF ENGLAND

    They are using these as practice and real England will show up for money series against Mighty Hindustan.
  3. Pakistan

    Most famous cricketer in the world

    Thinking of it gotta be Warne considering his romance with Liz Hurley.
  4. They have been predicting decline of test since the very start but it is still here.
  5. Uncle Sunni played all those fearsome West Indian fast bowlers with just a cap on his head.
  6. Pakistan

    IPL Vs Tests; Festival Vs Funeral

    Fixed matches vs real cricket and that goes for all the mickey mouse T20 leagues.
  7. Pakistan

    1st Test at Lords - PAKISTAN TOUR OF ENGLAND

    What use of that speed if he has no control and keep bowling no in important matches?
  8. With that money you can buy bottom half Premier League clubs paying world's most popular sport.
  9. Pakistan

    Most famous cricketer in the world

    Gilchrist White Sox wanted to hire him.
  10. Pakistan

    Karachi - Killing Field for newborn girls

    Those type of incidents happen in villages. Killing baby girls is another level altogether.
  11. They need to know Kapil Paa him winning that 83 World Cup against that west indian team is bigger achievement than anything Sachin did in his career.
  12. Pakistan

    Scandinavian women are the most beautiful

    All women are beautiful.
  13. Pakistan

    Is Indian Tennis Scene ever going to pick up?

    ESPN has Sania Bhabi as 100th in Atlete fame list.
  14. Pakistan

    EPL 2017/2018 - OILFC won in november

    Looks like Mancs got Torres and Sheva after joining Chelsea.

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