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  1. Is he Sachin 2.0 as captain?
  2. EPL 2017/2018 - OILFC won in november

    Who ended City's winning streak? Mighty Reds!
  3. How long virat's captaincy will last ?

    He will be fine as long as you are dominating at home.
  4. Good Luck but nothing will come out of it. Fast Bowlers are born and they cannot be manufactured.
  5. This is very wrong attitude from captain.
  6. There is quota system to balance the immigration poll with Bharat having billion people mean your quota is completed faster than less populated countries.
  7. Trump signaling foreign policy shift against Pakistan?

    You Bharti will have fake celebration but it will be business as usual.
  8. The cake smearing Indian birthday tradition?

    West lovers failing in it.
  9. Pak lovers

    Crazy Arnab should be sent to OBCC for life prison.
  10. Modi loving nationalists should throw a party on this as it will result in reverse brain drain.
  11. Why are desis so fanatical about cricket?

    Barfi is the King.
  12. Predict Best Indian Batsman in SA

  13. Romans banned the jews and it was those damn Muslims who allowed them back in Palestine.

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