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  1. Pakistan

    Imran VS Modi

    They gave birth to him. Now they are neutral so Nawaz crying rigging. This is the guy who is used to playing with his own umpires.
  2. Pakistan

    Imran VS Modi

    Does right or left even matter when people are not getting bread two times a day?
  3. Pakistan

    MS Dhoni for Prime Minister ???

    He is no Khan. Bet on Sachin.
  4. Who care about these useless series which nobody remember? Dhoni is World Champion and he can play as long as he wishes and some of you guys lack civility.
  5. Pakistan

    Football equivalents of cricket teams

    West Indies = Liverpool Football Club Their glory days were in 70s and 80s. Fun Fact: Sir Viv is Liverpool fan. Hopefully, Klopp will bring the glory days back. South Africa Cricket Team = England Cricket Team Both won only one major tournament. France Football Team = Hindustan Cricket Team Their glory started in 90s/00s with both winning odd world tournament previously. Australian Cricket Team = Real Madrid Both always have boss teams. Pakistan Cricket Team = Italy Football Team Dark horses of their respective Sport who have won majors so you can never ignore them.
  6. Pakistan

    Football equivalents of cricket teams

    Kallis >> Sachin
  7. Pakistan

    Japan’s passion for cleanliness

    CIA rigged their elections until the 90s.
  8. Froget the ranking, T20 itself is a joke.
  9. Pakistan

    Shastri is doing a great job

    Old Boys Club.
  10. Pakistan

    Shastri is doing a great job

    He maybe tactical genius?
  11. We win the tournament finals against Hindustan.
  12. This should have been end of thread.
  13. Pakistan

    If Pakistan win the second test....

    All will be fine after you beat us as usual in World Cup next summer. Who care about Test cricket? Money losing business?
  14. Pakistan

    Jinnah did more harm than good for Muslims..

    Migration continued until 1965 war.

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