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  1. National Ka Pakistan

    These are just infomercial for National. Shan is best.
  2. Cow get more respect than Cricket World Cup winning captain MS Dhoni in Hindustan.
  3. Why keep playing in ICC events and every other sport? Either do full boycott in everything or stop half arse boycott of bilateral series cricket matches.
  4. Junaid Khan tampered the ball against England in CT

    Was not your pride Sachin caught in South Africa and bully BCCI had to save him from ban?
  5. Junaid Khan tampered the ball against England in CT

    Someone talking sense.
  6. Not yet. Need win NA seat first before he can become PM.
  7. Beautiful Message to Pakistan.

    Barking Dogs Never Bite
  8. Mr. Nehru was right. Hindus are not tolerant toward their fellow Hindus ex. Dalits forget them being tolerant toward people of other religions.
  9. So much for Amla the walker

    No need to walk, let the umpire make the decision after all they getting paid for it.
  10. You can easily have 20 team IPL looking at the size of your country.
  11. Misbah Awarded Honorary Life Membership by MCC

    Congratulations to skipper!
  12. What's killing Windies cricket

    True but those island had gotten independence from UK recently and payers of that era would unite behind goal of getting one over ex colonial powers. Colonialism is a decent memory now. Back in those days you played for west indies and county cricket. So you played 2 or 3 months of county cricket and rest of the time for west indies. Now you have IPL, PSL, BB etc all over the year so you can make living by just playing T20.
  13. Good decision if true. It will be one less excuse for Shastri and he will live or die by his own decisions.
  14. What is the future of teams created to replace the banned teams? Will they just increase the teams?
  15. Yuvi and Azhar in 90s.

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