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  1. Pakistan

    We must throw the match against England

    You will lose to mighty England and Kiwis will do the business for us.
  2. Pakistan

    We must throw the match against England

    Aussies smashed WI bowling first and batted slow to help WI have better run rate than Kiwis though it did not work for them as Kiwis qualified for next round while Aussies carried zero points to super 6 from group stage. Key point is Aussie won the game.
  3. Pakistan

    Sick of Kohli's PR when it comes to Pakistan

    Kohli and Sharma are Hindustan’s version of Beckham and Victoria.
  4. Pakistan

    Is cricket the most unprofessional sport?

    It is called gentleman sport for a reason.
  5. Pakistan

    The original chokers!

    It would be hilarious if England get out in first round just like 1999 despite having their best ever ODI team.
  6. Pakistan

    The original chokers!

    They will lose to Aussies and Hindustan. Kiwis are 50/50 match.
  7. Malinda get away for being overweight because he does not play test cricket which is the real test of a player’s ability.
  8. Pakistan

    Unbeaten World Champs

  9. Pakistan

    Who will finish 4th?

    Sarfraz’s Cornered Tigers if they get rid of Malik and Hafeez.
  10. Pakistan

    India vs Pakistan world cup history

    Record used to be about ICC tournaments not just world cup as you guy pretend these days. We end your streak by beating you in 2004 Champions Trophy match in England and beat you father's day final 2 years ago. It is meaningless now.
  11. Pakistan

    Imran VS Modi

    They gave birth to him. Now they are neutral so Nawaz crying rigging. This is the guy who is used to playing with his own umpires.
  12. Pakistan

    Imran VS Modi

    Does right or left even matter when people are not getting bread two times a day?
  13. Pakistan

    MS Dhoni for Prime Minister ???

    He is no Khan. Bet on Sachin.
  14. Who care about these useless series which nobody remember? Dhoni is World Champion and he can play as long as he wishes and some of you guys lack civility.

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