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  1. 3 games into Nidahas Trophy, what have we learned so far?

    Mumabi indians losing IPL finals ?
  2. Only player to win IPL 4 times..
  3. Mumbai Indians - IPL 2017, "Duniya Hila Denge Hum"

    3 times champions
  4. Will Indian cricket die if BCCI withdraws from ICC?

    Best thing would be to have a 4-5 month season which starts from Jan and play the matches only on weekends like NFL or EPL, and just a couple of matches on weekdays and have the playoffs and Superbowl like finale in May. But Hold on this is India, For every visionary like Lalit Modi, you will have hundreds of Manohar ready to bring the successful organization down.
  5. Saif's whatsapp display pic, sword in the hand of a young kid. No wonder what these people do when they grow up.
  6. Dhoni Thread [Merged]

    MSD from 2005-2007 was a beast, would love to see him go back to that mode for once before retiring.
  7. Top 10 Batsmen to Score Most 90s in ODI Cricket

    If sachin knew about this thread that 90's matter too, he would have slowed down in the 80's.
  8. Well, at-least we will not miss Ravi Shastri in commentary box.
  9. Do you guys even know the meaning of choke in a tournament -> when there is point of no return. RCB still have one more chance here
  10. DD vs RPS, Fsk Delhi

    98 of 11 overs, dont think RPS can do it, should have been a regulation chase for most of the teams
  11. RCB's target theory

    Maybe if Kohli had a strike rate of better than 120, it can negate the mediocre bowling attack.
  12. Rps batting fell short by 15 runs thanks to Rahane
  13. Lets see if the Gl middle order can chase a relatively moderate score of 80 in 9 overs.
  14. GL dont have nay firepower in the middle order, if they loose a couple of wickets in the next 5 overs, the match is over.

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