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  1. I am surprised how the West Indies are even allowed to tour India, after what happened in 2014.
  2. DK has made his test/ODI debut before Dhoni in 2004 and been struggling to find his place in the team for the last 14 years. One match winning innings in Nidhas trophy and ppl want him as the keeper
  3. RedFever

    Match start time is so awesome now!!!

    Not good for ppl in Pacific time zone 6:30 AM start, too early.
  4. RedFever

    3 games into Nidahas Trophy, what have we learned so far?

    Mumabi indians losing IPL finals ?
  5. Only player to win IPL 4 times..
  6. RedFever

    Mumbai Indians - IPL 2017, "Duniya Hila Denge Hum"

    3 times champions
  7. RedFever

    Will Indian cricket die if BCCI withdraws from ICC?

    Best thing would be to have a 4-5 month season which starts from Jan and play the matches only on weekends like NFL or EPL, and just a couple of matches on weekdays and have the playoffs and Superbowl like finale in May. But Hold on this is India, For every visionary like Lalit Modi, you will have hundreds of Manohar ready to bring the successful organization down.

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