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  1. A perfect No.4 if ever there was one Shaw and Gill are from same U19 batch,Gill should break into the senior team soon
  2. There is no queue but a stack Last discarded player will be bought back ie Dhawan and Vijay will take his place on the stack,to be be recycled next Agarwal can continue be in bottom of stack
  3. What is this stat of Cummins vs Kohli being bandied about,such a small sample he's played as per the situation Put Cummins in front of Kohli in a t20 and we will see who's boss
  4. These two are batting out of their skins just to keep us in the game,how long can they keep it up
  5. Ponting would have claimed that
  6. You shouldnt be working on a Saturday brother,regardless of these idiots
  7. Hussey is defending Vijay's technique CSK brotherhood lasts forever
  8. Don't worry Dhawan fans now that Vijay has failed,Dhawan will be brought back furthering this endless cycle Likes of Aggarwal will continue to languish
  9. Nah he will just play in Aussie domestic,make runs for Tasmania or something and make a comeback
  10. Even Lyon has lasted longer than you Vijay
  11. Thats a poor average for Rahul,Hafeez level
  12. Not bad,considering our problems with the tail
  13. GautiMaan

    Kakinada Killer Hanuma Vihari watch

    His recent A form has been quite good. I saw some domestic matches he played and had a good presence on the crease,looked like a guy who could do well in ODI's as well Unfair to be dropped for Rohit,but he's in now Lets see how this goes
  14. My gripe is that if they can improve on Team Selection,this side should be able to dominate an Australia side without two of its best players. Lets wait for the match to be over,but if we don't eliminate mistakes we will end up with another "oh so close",if only.." series like England and SA

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