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  1. We could have also won some more Tests in England/SA if Rohit or Rahane had the gumption to play this kind of knock
  2. GautiMaan

    Obscure and random cricket matches you remember.

    I also remeber the Zimbabwe games where Marilier irritated us with the scoop,ramp etc Also remember Agarkar hitting fastest 50 against Zim.
  3. Will go for Rahul and Pant as atleast they seem to have the X factor. Utility players like Jhadav,Rayudu,DK etc may win games in T20/franchise cricket where moneyball concepts apply but for the national team you need the best
  4. GautiMaan

    Team for Australia series

    How are you going to fit all of them into the XI
  5. Yuvi of course.The X factor with bat,more than handy with the ball and electric fielder.He would complete this team just like he did the 2011 team I doubt we will produce another like him.
  6. GautiMaan

    Is Rohit-Dhawan pair ideal for T20s?

    Oh god yes. Rohit takes forever to get going and Dhawan though a left hander is ugly to watch. Just waiting for this World Cup to get over so that we can finally see some fresh talent.
  7. Batting allrounder
  8. Pant finishes in style,torch has been passed.Dhoni can retire in peace now..
  9. Hope Pant finishes it with a six
  10. GautiMaan

    Ind could play 3 ARs

    This must be the first time I'm disagreeing with the forum and agreeing with Shastri
  11. GautiMaan

    Ind could play 3 ARs

    Last ODI in NZ series.The depth was what saved us you and you need depth to win a World Cup,remember Raina batted at number 7 in 2011. There will inevitably come a time when you're top three are dismissed cheaply and you need to recover,even spinners need a good total to be effective,they're not magicians.
  12. GautiMaan

    Ind could play 3 ARs

    Shastri made a point in his interview which I particularly liked the idea of padding the batting by playing more batsmen/allrounders which means Hardik could bat at number 8 which will allow us to recover from early setbacks,ask others to go hard since Dhoni is going to be Dhoni. Rohit Dhawan Virat Rayudu Dhoni Kedhar Krunal/Shankar Hardik Shami Chahal Bumrah
  13. Those kind of innings are reserved when he comes into bat in the 30th over

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