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  1. GautiMaan

    Former Indian captain & coach Ajit Wadekar passes away

    RIP Excerpt from cricinfo article.
  2. GautiMaan

    BCCI may cut the powers of Virat Kohli, Ravi Shastri

    Can try power cut before shutdown
  3. Bah,we won the Nidahas trophy without him,which was basically Asia Cup lite.Not liking this one man army business.
  4. Needs to open,that is the only something can be gained out of his blockathons
  5. Have seen him step out and take balls on the full in Lois Obviously easier said than done but has to find a way
  6. He is batting like he is under the influence(Monk)
  7. GautiMaan

    Which outcome would you prefer?

    Issue is deeper than selection shakeups will fix.Older player like VJ and younger guy like Rahul all are looking our of their depths.In ODI's selection shakeups can solve our problems but in Tests discipline and application is required.
  8. Ah.. the familiar script is now being played out
  9. Aggressive batting,we will be out of the game in an hour if these two continue
  10. Ashwin always wanted to be a specialist batsman,so today his wish is being granted
  11. GautiMaan

    Please drop Pandya to maintain Test cricket’s sanctity.

    If you're still targeting Pandya then forget about Test Cricket's sanctity and worry about your own sanity
  12. So Pujara is run out again,maybe he should open the batting and have Rahul at 3.So that he can get to atleast 10 runs without running with Kohli
  13. GautiMaan

    Ollie Pope

    If our management was in charge of England Ian Bell wouldve made a comeback and this kid would be playing for some Shire.

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