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  1. GautiMaan

    List of Excuses by the Awam

    Indian conspiracy to eliminate Sharjeel Khan from the World Cup
  2. Bumrah trying to conserve himself or just having an off day
  3. Legend. Inspired confidence in India and gave great memories in my teenage years,wish him all the best
  4. GautiMaan

    What’s the point of Kedar Jadhav?

    Now that they have started with Jadhav and he atleast appears to be fit,he should be persisted with.Today every batsman we sent out clicked and made a score,this wont happen always,if Jadhav fails badly when his turn comes then Shankar should be brought in
  5. The hell..momentum has shifted too quickly here
  6. Not easy to make an impact in just 3 balls but he did it,especially liked that he slapped Stoinis who was a bit too pumped after that fluke catch of Dhoni
  7. Aussies ahead of DLS,do they know something about the weather that India doesnt
  8. I thought middle overs were supposed to be the most boring phase of an ODI
  9. I hope they play Shami ahead of Bhvi but they might play Bhuvi becuase of his record against Finch
  10. Match thread yet to cross 2 pages,come on boys

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