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  1. On form, Gambhir should open for us in Champions Trophy.

    Always thought he was dropped unfairly in ODI's,yes tests the criticism is valid especially last few years but in ODI's he was very good for us.
  2. B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    Why didnt he play the last match for South Zone?
  3. Want to get in shape for summer? Join in...

    Thanks Cricketics Do u think its good for a beginner to start mixing HIIT into his regime?reading a lot of good things about HIIT but dont want to risk injury or anything
  4. Want to get in shape for summer? Join in...

    Timely bump of this thread I've been out of shape since my teens due to a sedentary lifestyle and an arthritis condition.Of late though the need to get fit has been burning inside me and I'm hitting the gym with a vengeance.No excuses this time
  5. Lets have one team that dominates all formats for a decade and then think about this.
  6. So now the playing 11 is...

    Has Dhawan really won games for us single handedly for some reason none of his innings stick in memory like say Gambhir or even Rohit.
  7. B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    Where are B.Aparajith and Samson And why is Venny the captain
  8. India A vs Bangaldesh- Squad

    Jaggi another batsman with good List A stats like Kedhar.
  9. Pandya, does he add anything to the team?

    How many balls did he get to bat?If he gets an over or two against spinners he will surely make a mark.
  10. B Thampi - Kerala Fast Bowler

    http://www.hotstar.com/sports/cricket/interzonal-t20/m183262/match-clips/thampi-thumps-andhra-with-318/2001804169 Thampi is impressive,the guy Bhui is lucky not to have his head taken off.
  11. Boys bowled well

    Cricketics has already corrected me
  12. Boys bowled well

  13. Boys bowled well

    Jasprit Bumrah-first Indian bowler since Tendulkar to defend less than 9 in the last over
  14. Lets be realistic,there's no way Yuvi is going to be dropped. Pant Rahul Kohli Raina Yuvi Dhoni Pandya Bhuvi Rasool Chahal Bumrah
  15. Crisp hitting and could've carried us over the line yesterday,if he hadnt picked the only man on the legside boundary. Breakthrough ODI knock is around the corner and in true 'SIR' fashion it will be in England.

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