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  1. figo6762

    Afghanistan vs Bangladesh

    They need stop these paddle shots... they need to learn to tonk it down the ground... and to stand outside legstump... really their paddle shot conversion is poor.
  2. figo6762

    Afghanistan vs Bangladesh

    Fizz is bowling with 3/4 run up
  3. figo6762

    Afghanistan vs Bangladesh

    Come on.... Why the helll cant these guy Tonk it down the ground... Trying this paddle shots.... dont work...
  4. figo6762

    Afghanistan vs Bangladesh

    AFG ... Send this Bangos home....
  5. figo6762

    Afghanistan vs Bangladesh

    Dingit... Rashid..
  6. figo6762

    Afghanistan vs Bangladesh

    AFG winning this....
  7. Asif is a big hitter... yes a big hitter of his shoe....
  8. Deano-" There are not too many grounds Shoaib Malik can't smash"
  9. 45-Mujeeb 46&48 - Aftab 47 & 50 - Rashid
  10. Man... Deano and Ramez ... outa their minds.... 42 off 30 out of which 18 are to be bowled by Mujeed and Rashid(20 of 18)... that leaves 22 off 12.... Can the trundlers defend 22 of 12 balls ?
  11. India should time share its second string players with AFG... they can use some.... Esp a keeper...
  12. No really whats with Pakistani's hiarcuts... very curious... what are they trying to pull off... We will disgust you to lose
  13. figo6762

    Probable world cup squad !!!

    Rahul Shaw Kohli gill Samson pandu 1 pandu2 Khalil bhuvi bumrah kuldeep this will never happen...., I would love to get kicked out in league stages with this team .

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