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  1. So what is dhoni ‘s angle . He should know he’s just getting lucky ... some where he should of thought what the hell he’s doing . 1. He doesn’t need endorsement deals or ad deals 2. He doesn’t need to prove a point . He’s won world cups before 3. He is not in power I e captain of the team to hold on to 4. He’s got more than enough wealth for his daughters generation so what is in it for him to carry on playing ?
  2. I kinda feel for the Vijay Shankar . Even if he turns up NZ makes couple of 50’s n few wickets it won’t matter . Vijay Shankar is the one night stand .
  3. figo6762

    Arjun Tendulkar progress tracking thread

    Why is there no keep alive timer on this thread
  4. figo6762

    Varun Chakravarthy Bowling video

    Now he can go back to be an architect again .
  5. bumrah needs to replace ishant.
  6. Usman Kwaja reminds me of that famous Jimmy Padman... series
  7. Ishant Sharma needs to be replaced. Cant wait for that one magic delivery. Bring Bumrah in to Handscomb and target his legs or full pitched outside off. Ishant doest have the pace to bother Handscomb
  8. Why does Indian cricket have this sense of entitlement ?
  9. figo6762

    India A Tour of NZ

    Gowtham with 6 wickets . Are u watching ash
  10. Looks sharp but will probably pick up an injury as he plays more . Needs some good strengthing . Will never make past the likes of shardul
  11. Almost wants to give his wicket away...
  12. Pant... was surprised that he caught that on the leg side ....
  13. Powell reminds of Sadagopan Ramesh......
  14. Seriously... Manju * is taking about Akram and pising injury comparing it Shardul... Oye ...... shardul bowled 10 balls.....
  15. I want Windies to crack indian bowling. I wanna see 200 from Powell today.... They look more intense and interested to play.

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