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  1. figo6762

    What next for Vijay Shankar?

    Needs to work on fitness... lose weight and bulk up .. work on core ... increase 10 kms in pace become 135kmh bowler ... and then comeback .. hes got a slower one , needs a bouncer cutter ... he’s got natural swing . needs to to develop a square game , a mid wicket game and singles ... should look up to stokes ... he is very very crucial for Indian cricket , Indian cricket doesn’t have medium batting all rounders. With this work he can fill in slot 4 which we all want him to do ...
  2. Pandeji in the mood today... havent seen this much intent.... for a while
  3. Shepard is built like a tank.... Holder , Brathwaite, Thomas, Gabriel, they just keep on coming....
  4. figo6762

    Should England have got five, not six for overthrows?

    So the key for me is the moment Guptill released the ball, which initiate the throw , they had completed only one run: If the boundary results from an overthrow or from the wilful act of a fielder, the runs scored shall be any runs for penalties awarded to either side and the allowance for the boundary and the runs completed by the batsmen, together with the run in progress if they had already crossed at the instant of the throw or act. So it reads Runs Scored = 4 + num of times they crossed each other , when throw was initiated. If you look at the video, Guptil releases the ball when had only crossed once. So they Dharmasena did make a mistake and the only he could have corrected it if he had went to the third umpire. It should have been 5 runs. Question is how many umpires have the ability to run through the rule book and pick it out at that moment.
  5. figo6762

    Ashwin's County Perfomance Thread

    Before we get on the high horses , did you guys see the pitch and opposition spinner did better . Samit Vaida had an 8' fer. Ashwin needs to push himself when the pitch doesnt help him.
  6. figo6762

    Could have been India

    No ...... our kaptan and bevda don’t deserve this ... bevda would have gotten a heart attack while lifting the cup ...
  7. figo6762

    This is more depressing than India's loss

    An English game played by the colonies. Kinda works out in their favor ...
  8. Looks like the senior team score card... Openers set it up... Middle and late order fail... Similarities in selection kinda throws a spot light on the overall selection process.... Out national selection committee should reflect the intended team composition ( in a ideal world). 1. An Opener 2. Wiki 3. Spinner 4. All rounder. 5. Pacer. So if the captain of the team in wiki, the chief selection should be wiki selector. They look at the player pool by function rather than region...
  9. Gaikwad a confident player... MSD never gave him a shot at CSK.... wonder what aould have happened if he had opened instead of Biriyani...
  10. Definitely looks more confident than Gill ATM... Seems to be very confident playing away from his body..

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