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  1. Best bowling performances in IPL 2018

    I think adding which ground played and the time of the match, innings will give some good analytics towards the end of the season
  2. Slow ball comming up . Dhoni six
  3. Can bravo do a Karthik ?
  4. 32 runs in 2 overs is what is needed and bravo in .
  5. I have feeling ashwin kinda opted out of getting retained by CSK. Waiting for his book .
  6. So will David willey make a difference ?
  7. Chennai Super Kings' remaining home games shifted to Pune

    Amma would have slapped these idiots thrown them in jail before the match and bagged 50crs from CSK for protection . #ammastyle This issue has to do with the urban rural divide that is creeping into society and fringe element can use this divide to creep in . Only way to squash this is for more civic engagement . The sad part is the urban politicians ( so called actors ) don’t seem to be playing the game fair . See shades of TRuMp tactics , them vs us . Fringe elements can exist if the opposing party is strong , at this moment that is not the case with Amma gone . This a bell weather for Tamil Nadu and its coming years, doesn’t look good .
  8. Chennai Super Kings' remaining home games shifted to Pune

    Now... Is the Kaveri issue solved ? This is what happens when sensible people don't enter politics and leave it to filth to run the country..... ... If there was any sensible politician in Tamil Nadu, they will spend Bill $'s to have NASA build its rain generator in TN for its farmers.... Solve problems through technology....... A very bad day for the business community in TN.... Basically, a CORP was pushed out of Chennai , due to social sentiment.... how does bore well for any MNC looking to setup anywhere in India ?
  9. How about 1.5 wickets when all three stumps being uprooted when bowled? Maximum wickets in the match 10, when bowling team gets 10 wickets innings stops.
  10. Deano calling out Rahane for his tuk tuk approach.....

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