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  1. figo6762

    With Saha in doubt, Pant must play England

    Wow....... really people are debating about Pant... What has he done in the India "A" tour recently ? How ishe doing in the recent game against WI ? W.r.t DK, has anybody checked DK's last ranji season ? seriously people decisions are based on numbers not feelings. DK is the best indian wk choice (age does not matter, performance does). Performance consists of fitness and match effectiveness. DK will tick the fitness box for sure, he needs to given a shot to see how effective in test match situations for India. Lets stop arguing, Pant has a long way to go. Hitting bowlers around the park in IPL does not account for test team inclusion, if that is the case suryakumar yadav should be test # 3 for India.
  2. figo6762

    Who is our third wrist spinner ?

    Pankaj Yadav , The u-19 leggie . Dravid considers him pretty good.. Selectors tend to prop up only u-19 batsman, what happens to u-19 bowlers ...
  3. ... get Pandey in form against ireland ... no sense in trying him against england if he fails against Ireland.
  4. He’s talking About the left arm prodigy who will hit the Indian team in 2-3 years .
  5. Arjun reminds me of super fast trundler rp Singh . I suspect he will be in the senior team in 2-3 years . Is it a general practice to fly out u19 bowlers for senior team to practice on ?
  6. They just make me cringe and throw up .... really their voices are like a road kill dead, flat , stinky and decomposing....
  7. Please Siva and Manju in commentary.... make them stop...
  8. I feel kinda sorry for Murali Vijay... Wonder what he feels being a water boy every game... Why do you have 30 + guy as a water boy , doesn't make sense.
  9. wow... this guy cant bat.... 3.2 cr.... seriously
  10. How much will Vijay S make today ?
  11. Asif , looks like a David Johnson type of bowler....
  12. Asif needs to play well enough so he can replace Thakur. Thakur gives way too may hit me balls. I would love to see Asif Bowl in England with the skiddy action
  13. Prithvi needs to develop a touch game. Dont see him play against a heavy ball with that bottom hand grip , long handle and heavy bat.
  14. No way power couple and too much marketing $’s involved

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