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  1. Ghost of the Past .... 2007 WC TM rearing its head....
  2. figo6762

    Did Shubhman Gill get hard done by selectors?

    needs to keep attention of the selectors with a bumper IPL... otherwise might fall off the radar after W.C ... possibly they may give him a test debut before getting him back into ODI....WI series probably.... Not Tuk Tuk Hane pls... Shaw Agarwal Puj Kohli Gill Pant
  3. Looks like MSd gets out as fast as he stumps ... #gonein990ms
  4. Well after watching Gill play two innings , feel he still needs more Ranji seasons under his belt .needs to learn to play match situations a bit better ... Gill will probably play more india a tours before knocking doors again . ... other people need to get a chance ... in age of social media , people confuse perception with reality ... reality gill is still a bit too raw ... I wish we had seen Shaw in Australia to check him as well in these conditions ...
  5. Stauatory warning :Interview was given by sharabi Shastri. Listening to sharabi will have unnecessary consequences
  6. Needs to work on upper body strength . Have you seen throws from out field all looped up. I agree an all rounder is rarity in Indian cricket . But he should be part of international setup so he can hone his skills and physique .
  7. kinda feel bad for Shankar ...always gets the rough end of the stick .... one t20 innings should not define this guy .
  8. Looks like these guys are mental midgets . They lost the touch of dominance , don’t see India winning any more games in this tour ..... sharabi Shastri in full control now ... Gill what can I say .... looks like people got to his head ... asking him to play natural game bullshit ... I see a Punjabi Badri in the making ... i dont think dhoni or pant if he was here could have made a difference . Just shows the importance of Kohli and his attitude .
  9. 14/1 , 22/2, 35/3, 40/4,45/5, 56/6,72/7 ,94/8
  10. I doubt it .... biruyannniii will be back with dk and thoni
  11. Boult is Bowles out and these should hang as long as they can . The remaining are trundles
  12. Still hope full if we can pull 120 on this wicket . Ball is stopping and swinging . Not coming on to the bat
  13. Take a chill pill . Give the kid a break ... what about other idiots in the team ...

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