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  1. Looks sharp but will probably pick up an injury as he plays more . Needs some good strengthing . Will never make past the likes of shardul
  2. Almost wants to give his wicket away...
  3. Pant... was surprised that he caught that on the leg side ....
  4. Powell reminds of Sadagopan Ramesh......
  5. Seriously... Manju * is taking about Akram and pising injury comparing it Shardul... Oye ...... shardul bowled 10 balls.....
  6. I want Windies to crack indian bowling. I wanna see 200 from Powell today.... They look more intense and interested to play.
  7. Back in a ‘good space’, Vijay Hazare eyes 2019 ICC World Cup participation #backingoodspace
  8. figo6762

    ACC U19 Asia Cup, 2018

    Any scouting info on this u19 team. Seems to be the weakest u19 team in ages . High expectations after the previous u 19 team . Which website will will be hacked this time around ?
  9. figo6762

    23 sixes in 60 seconds

    Just a flash in the pan . He had 4 or 5 shorts straight or on the offside . Plays cricket like baseball . Swivel and hips in.dont know if it will make any difference for ipl he really did not play well last year
  10. figo6762

    Rahane Yuvraj and Raina will be back

    Krishnamachari Srikkanth Lakshman Sivaramkrishnan
  11. BD played like BD... we played like Pakistan.... the win hurts more when we win it like Pakistan.
  12. If there is one loss Shastri should talk about it should be about his weight loss... chutiya needs to get rid of the belly.
  13. Are you hearing your self.... seriously in India.... where every kid play cricket... please stop...
  14. Kick out Jadu, Jadav, dhoni, chahal bring in Krunal, Pant, Rahul, a leggie.... No more Chahar experiment If jadav considers himself as a batsman, mofo should bat....

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