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  1. dhoni should still end and hit the last over .... Jadu should it...
  2. 6 overs to go 2 boult 2 fergusson 1 henry 1 extra bowler. So they need to hit henry and the extra bowler... need about 30 runs from those two overs... brings it down to 30 from 4.
  3. India needs this shock to bring in fresh blood ... what sucks is losing to nz...rooting for England now dont think nz deserve this ...
  4. errr... seaming a bit in the begining... looks pretty flat now... Slow wicket.
  5. Hotstar viewership upto 12.7 Mil ... guys get behind the team.. positive thoughts
  6. We need to get 20 runs then to 50 and 75 ... 75/3 at 20 overs is what we should be targeting ...
  7. We good bats pant and kkd..... just chill take a smoke break.... get a beer ... ... trust mahi and jaddu to pull it for us today
  8. Icf needs some chilling pills... trust our guys to get us through
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