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  1. I would want India to come out and play 4 overs and I will answer that question then
  2. If it’s a t20 we can’t tuk tuk... we better got out and play with ipl jerseys
  3. Looks like t20 folks .... better start supporting nz in the final
  4. No former pakistani player is stupid enough to take that on even if they get more money
  5. What else do u expect him to say ..... the guy must be pissing his pants ... and almost wishes that he is fired straight away
  6. It’s got to be a man to mAn contest. in bowling : - taylor- jadeja - williamson- pandu - the Gavin larson types - ChahAl / kuli - the rest- doesn’t matter ground fielding is going to very important and cannot have missed opportunities . So jaddu has to play batting : kl - walking wicket against boult rohit - has got to reign it in . Dhoni- key for this game against those dibbly dobblies kl, rohit, Virat, pant, dhoni, pandu, jaddu, Chahal, shami, bhuvi, bum
  7. Not happening ... kangrooz are pissed now after losing to saffers... Steve smith special coming up and we have way to agents in the Aussie team... time to put some extra ipl cash to work....
  8. Doesn’t matter England gonna choke in semi.. doesn’t matter who they play they will be 80/5 in 20 overs ....
  9. No ... rohit No.... Dhawan No.... hahane No.... KL fresh blood needed
  10. Can’t wait for for those numbnuts to go wild on immam
  11. 1. Tail end of the tournament wickets are going to get slow 2. Our quicks are really express and we don’t have a left armer to bring the ball back in . We haven’t really seen any reverse as well with the two new balls 3. It probably going to be sunny and dry . Therefore wicket will be dry. We need to surprise them so opening with jadeja will be a change 4. Our best bet is to get their openers cheap . Only hope is left arm quick or left arm spin. 5. Out strength is middle over spin. Play to your strengths . 6. Banking on pandu is risky against England
  12. Point is for some reason finger spinners work against them ... ball doesn’t turn flatter ..
  13. It’s on an absolute qualification ... it’s a man is to man deal .. our best option is a spinner we don’t have starc in our team ... the best we have is jaddu against and the data shows that .. bairstow’s 12 months .. get him out before 30 or else forget it
  14. Can congress ever win an election ?
  15. Who will u replace him with ... don’t see him making it ... ro ra ko pa dh hapa jad kul bhu bum sha
  16. No chahal please ... he’s useless and he’s should it .. unless and until we play on the same pitch that the last two games were doubt England will go for that
  17. India should just be prepared to chase 325... jaddu is our best bet ... open with him and bhuvi... bairstow has thing for those corridor balls from a trundled like bhuvi.... keep bumrah rah for the rest... i have no confidence in chahal, I will play shami ahead of him ... shami is like a bull , you got to treat him right before the game get him in the head space ... key is to get bairstow, root and stokes ... eoin will get out to a Pandya shami bouncer .. roy won’t last against jaddu butler bumrah will get him ..
  18. Hope beer belly does as much planning as it’s done here .... plan for a chase (worst case).. don’t think India has it to set a target during a semi final.. kl , ro,ko, pan, Dhoni, hapa, sir, bhuvi, kuli, bum, shami joroy and bairstow .... open with jaddu. Hope those darts get one of them root.... kuli to get him on a sweep eoin and stokes .... just hope Pandu gets lucky.. butler .... full swinging Yorker ... bhuvi.. the rest .... bumrah better show up If England bat first ... with this we will be luck if we get em for 325..
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