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  1. Adi_91

    Time for Dhoni to go?

    Despite his best efforts, he still got out. Selfish and horrible cricketer!
  2. Adi_91

    Art of chasing !!!

    I guess 2019 with a debacle WC, he will hopefully call it quits..
  3. Adi_91

    Art of chasing !!!

    The sooner he retires the better for Indian cricket.
  4. Adi_91

    Art of chasing !!!

    It is embarrassing to have an oldie with such white beard in an International Cricket side.
  5. It won’t be bad after all that we lose most of our league matches, so the selectors get a rude shock and some backlash.
  6. Adi_91

    Art of chasing !!!

    I see. He seems to be chasing white beard follicles more than anything else.
  7. Adi_91

    Art of chasing !!!

    Chasing what?
  8. Adi_91

    Time for Dhoni to go?

    Time to go with people’s accolades is long gone. He needs to be dropped, the probability for which is 0.
  9. The current team with Dhoni and Raina and who knows even Ashwin, Yuvi if they somehow come back will almost certain ensure we don’t win the WC. By this time, we should have at least tried a WK batsman to groom ahead of Dhoni to prepare for the WC. With that not happening, it could be trouble come next year.
  10. Defeat margin less than 100 runs. Some consolation alas.
  11. Dhoni goes. This is just shameful at the iconic Lords Cricket Ground.
  12. Nasser and Isa are laughing at our MSD’s match losing efforts. Shame.
  13. In the last 1 year after the CT final drubbing, yes we got rid of Yuvi, but we got in Raina. The only good thing is, they got rid of Ashwin and Jaddu.
  14. I wonder what positive can India take from this game. One more game in these conditions until next year’s WC. I am not convinced this current squad can win the WC.
  15. The team composition has been wrong for a while. The top order has mostly clicked not exposing this huge weakness. Tail starts early too from No 8. This is bizarre. Dhoni and Raina are just This team will probably not win the WC. The bad news, this will not change in time before next year and we all know that.

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