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  1. Adi_91

    Time is running out for KL Rahul

    Great post and analysis. I am very worried about Rahul losing his way despite the wonderful 100 in Sydney he scored. Looks an attacking player, but needs to step it up in Test Cricket.
  2. Dhoni, Rahane along with our captain coach will ensure that we don’t go further in the WC.
  3. He is not a replacement for the “Wall of Indian Cricket”. It’s a shame that he was equated with the legend.
  4. Adi_91

    Clueless & Corrupt Kaptan King Kohli

    Obviously Virat’s captaincy has issues. Now Kumble should be quietly happy looking at things.
  5. Adi_91

    Clueless & Corrupt Kaptan King Kohli

    And that is the problem. This captain needs to be curbed first. One way is to tell him that he cannot be the captain.
  6. Adi_91

    Clueless & Corrupt Kaptan King Kohli

    Ashwin can be the captain with Virat as Vice-Captain.
  7. And that is good enough for this shameless duo to continue. Only a league exit after losing most matches to the big teams will create a mess for the BCCI to wake up and smell the coffee!
  8. Adi_91

    Does India need a foreign coach?

    Jab lene ka waqt tha, tab gadbadi ki inlogon ne
  9. To avoid humiliation, this may be the only option available now..
  10. @dandaroy Time for your famous words to ring in. We have some successfully achieved what you always say.
  11. I have very less hope that we can win any tournament overseas including the WC next year with this horrible combo. A team with a egoistic captain and a hopeless coach is doomed to fail big time.
  12. Fortune (God’s blessings) are with the brave who show a fight. This team doesn’t deserve help from the heavens.
  13. We lost at home to England in 2012. Did anything change? Dhoni retired on his own terms anyway.
  14. Am sure in the next England tour, the result will be very similar to this series.

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