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  1. Adi_91

    Remember the date 2018-June-18?

    In 2018? That was in 2017. Your thread title says 2018.
  2. Adi_91

    Remember the date 2018-June-18?

    Just checked the thread title, why should we remember today? For England vs Tunisia game?
  3. Adi_91

    Remember the date 2018-June-18?

    We can also discuss about what Pakistan cricket team achieved after that. Am sure they are not even in the top 3 ODI teams.
  4. Adi_91

    Homage to Martyrs

    My friends in Facebook are busy posting memes on PM and Rahul Gandhi. It is as if our jawans are worthless and Kashmir means nothing to our citizens. I am losing hope on any breakthrough with the hopeless and rather I don’t care attitude of our politicians and most importantly the PEOPLE of this country.
  5. Adi_91

    2nd Test, Pakistan VS England at Leeds

    Yes, Day 2 morning session was washed out completely. So match over in less than 2.5 days.
  6. Adi_91

    2nd Test, Pakistan VS England at Leeds

    I can understand problem with writing in English. But this is misrepresenting facts. England have leveled the series, not Pakistan.
  7. Feeling is mutual. But I also hope your team is reduced to minnow quality again in all formats. Very likely scenario too considering that your team Pakistan is full of mental midgets.
  8. You appear to be more butthurt about the loss yesterday than any Indian fan feeling bad that Pakistan drew the series against England. Of course, if we had played only a 2 Test series in 2014, we would have won it 1-0. But that of course reflects a very skewed scoreline. As @Austin 3:!6 mentioned in another thread, Pakistan series was for warm-up to the bigger series that lies ahead in the England summer.
  9. More than that, I am impressed with the stadium. Pitch area looks dirty though.
  10. Adi_91

    2nd Test, Pakistan VS England at Leeds

    I have read them. They have an Indian perspective too. Read them properly. And isn’t this a cricket forum anyway?
  11. Adi_91

    2nd Test, Pakistan VS England at Leeds

    Indians are watching this test not to see your team lose, but get a taste of what to expect when India play England. We are not obsessed with Pakistan unlike your countrymen are.
  12. Adi_91

    If Pakistan win the second test....

    The No.1 team compared with the No.6 (or whatever) that Pakistan is is a no comparison.
  13. Lala is “everfit”. Only problem is that he is not fit to have played International cricket.
  14. Adi_91

    England - beast of ODI team

    Let’s be fair, that Pak team was in some good form when they played against England. Momentum makes their side a bit dangerous. That’s what led to the freak result.
  15. For a fan, whose team was No. 1 in tests for the least duration, sour grapes are natural.

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