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  1. With a captain-coach combo like this, we can expect a long series. Am certain that even if Shaw and Pant are picked, they will never make it to the XI.
  2. Adi_91

    Has this team already started disintegrating?

    This is pretty apparent and pathetic too. When Dhoni himself was captain, he dropped Sehwag, who himself was in horrible form. Why can’t Kohli do the same to even Raina, if not Dhoni?
  3. I think the time has come to write off Indian cricket’s future until these joker leaves the scene.
  4. I would have been happy if you guys had applied the same logic for your own team’s former captain, Misbah-up-Haq. It is easy to advise someone, but difficult to follow I guess.
  5. I don’t think the current selectors and Captain have any plan in fast tracking them in the team by giving them chances.
  6. Adi_91

    Is Dhoni done?

    By now he should have announced that he has retired. God, looks like he will go on.
  7. Adi_91

    Is Dhoni done?

    I seriously pray that he has quit.
  8. Adi_91

    3rd odi final score prediction

    Deserve a loss for poor team selection.
  9. Yes and leak runs, so England can chase down whatever we set. Pathetic tactics!
  10. Adi_91

    Return of CSK in IPL = Selection Ghotala in Team India

    It only goes to show that the Dhoni-Srini clout is here to stay and destroy our 2019 WC chances.
  11. Well Sanju Manju retired because he was plain pathetic in International Cricket. Dhoni, just like our movie star culture, doesn’t want to leave stardom and space in cricket eyeballs. What else can be more shameful!
  12. Yes, but when you shamelessly hang on to your career despite being well past your prime, then it is not rocket science to understand that it’s time to go.
  13. Just the sheer level of taking all cricket fans for a ride was nothing short of atrocious. In any sport, you play to win as a team, not for individual net practice.
  14. Adi_91

    Time for Dhoni to go?

    Despite his best efforts, he still got out. Selfish and horrible cricketer!
  15. Adi_91

    Art of chasing !!!

    I guess 2019 with a debacle WC, he will hopefully call it quits..
  16. Adi_91

    Art of chasing !!!

    The sooner he retires the better for Indian cricket.
  17. Adi_91

    Art of chasing !!!

    It is embarrassing to have an oldie with such white beard in an International Cricket side.
  18. It won’t be bad after all that we lose most of our league matches, so the selectors get a rude shock and some backlash.
  19. Adi_91

    Art of chasing !!!

    I see. He seems to be chasing white beard follicles more than anything else.
  20. Adi_91

    Art of chasing !!!

    Chasing what?

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