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  1. England - beast of ODI team

    Let’s be fair, that Pak team was in some good form when they played against England. Momentum makes their side a bit dangerous. That’s what led to the freak result.
  2. For a fan, whose team was No. 1 in tests for the least duration, sour grapes are natural.
  3. I expect a 5-1 victory for SA given our past record. De Kock May haunt us again.
  4. We could have won this 3-0

    Very good points. The only place where I thought there should have been improvement was fielding. In all 3 tests, we were in the game in the second innings, but our fielding blew it up in the second game especially.
  5. I was waiting for your post, @express bowling. Always precise and good to read. My only concern is Bumrah playing too much cricket. We need him to be at his best in LOIs as he is great at bowling yorkers. I hope he doesn’t suffer a burnout
  6. We could have won this 3-0

    Danda, still going to stick with Willow TV subscription?
  7. That’s the main problem
  8. Shastri should be sacked

    Ravi is a great cheerleader and unfortunately that is not good enough for winning tests abroad consistently.
  9. Never lose hope on this Indian Test Team

    I rate this victory over the entire 2-1 win in SL.
  10. At the end of the day though, it is still the No 1 side losing, so Saffers will be very pleased and India had a lot to prove as the No 1 side.
  11. If not for our shoddy batting, we were always in with a chance.
  12. If only we had batted like the team always does and not like Pakistan, we could have got close or won the series.
  13. This is any way the last day of this Test series, so it doesn’t matter.
  14. And just like his predecessor, he can shut him out of commentary box too.
  15. Nobody is doubting that he is a very good player. It is his arrogant team selection and too much aggression that is leading to India’s problems in SA. Also, he needs to sort out the horrendous record he has in England.
  16. A 3-0 defeat is coming up with this Captain playing his best buddies in the team.
  17. That will also not happen. You know the ODI team is also a bunch of “Yaarana” team.
  18. Aggression is all good, but saying this makes Kohli look worse as a sportsperson. The wonderful era of cricket being played by greats is over. This guy is a brat who loves talking big and scoring on flat tracks and nowhere else. His mouth also runs big. This is sad time for Indian cricket.
  19. This test is surely moving away after a masterclass from PP, who is hell bent on finishing India’s challenge. Isnt it it ironic that we have Star after star coming up from U19 level, we still believe on DKs and PPs of the world.
  20. PP is working hard towards his permanent ouster. This is a good moment, not worth losing a TV set.
  21. Cold weather in US

    Here in AZ, temperature was nice and warm at 2C to a max of 18C. Very pleasant weather indeed.
  22. The leading bowler who was ‘lucky’ to get ABDV out. I think his fans also were stunned too that he picked one..

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