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  1. Straight Drive

    Indian classical music

    Played the Audio CD of Pandit K G Ginde today. Just two tracks in it. The first track being information about Raga Yaman. The second track is the raga. Good to listen.
  2. Straight Drive

    Our middle order includes too many half-batsman

    Apart from top 3, we do not have anyone in batting lineup who can convert the starts into hundreds. Once the top 3 were dismissed, there was no hope left.
  3. Straight Drive

    Union budget 2019-20 !!!

    Not into options. I would have preferred if they had reduced taxes on equity transactions.
  4. Lots of extras. 4 runs by way of overthrow.
  5. Straight Drive

    Will Rohit turn the page in the WC?

    Another ton.
  6. Straight Drive

    Speed and performance of pacers and spinners in important matches

    Shami has 12 wickets in 3 matches. Best Indian bowler of the WC 2019.
  7. Straight Drive

    VVS Laxman says time is running out for Vijay Shankar

    How many significant knocks has he played in his ODI career so far.
  8. Straight Drive

    Indian cricket's age-fraud problem

    Add Sarfaraz Khan.
  9. Dhoni's batting does reminds me of Dennis Amiss bat as far as his strike rate is concerned.
  10. Straight Drive

    Places to visit in India during monsoon

    In monsoons most of the views cannot be seen due to heavy fog. Still it's nice to go anywhere in monsoon and enjoy.
  11. Some players from north who played under Sunny's captaincy were. Ashok Malhotra, Amarnath, Madan Lal, Yashpal Sharma. Sunny and Kapil were the only two captaincy options India had during that period, but as team was not successful the captaincy was rotated at times between those two.Both had dropped each other but both have denied their role in the sacking. In fact Sunny is on record stating that Kapil was the best player he had.
  12. Straight Drive

    Kohli and bumrah to be rested for LOI on WI tour this year

    Thats sensible decision to give them a rest.
  13. Rahul too managed to score a decent innings in only chance he got as opener this WC so far.
  14. Lucky he did not bowl full quota.

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