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  1. Straight Drive

    India ' bowling attack for England test series

    Siraj has been a flop in short format, even in IPL and the few internationals he has played. imo he can be given a chance in longer format at some point of time and see whether he manages to grab the opportunity at test level. Won't write him without trying in longer format on basis of performance in shorter formats. Some cricketers are good in some formats and cant adapt to all formats. Maybe he can adapt to longer format.
  2. Straight Drive

    India ' bowling attack for England test series

    It is a a trend of under staffing the bowling department by picking just 4 specialist bowlers, and when the team fails, blame the bowling for losing the test and drop the bowlers for next test or next series. But most of the seven batsmen will continue to get a free ride, even though they have flopped and over staffed as compared to bowling department. The bowlers are also expected to score runs. The batsman just have to bat whole series with a flop average without even a workload of single over, let alone picking one wicket and still manage to hold on to a place for next series. Tough to be a bowler.
  3. Straight Drive

    India ' bowling attack for England test series

    7 + 4 specialist bowlers will be risky as well. Not enough firepower to take 20 wickets every test given the conditions in England prevailing now.
  4. Straight Drive

    India ' bowling attack for England test series

    You never know. Depends on what approach Virat goes with. However, after the loss against SA in SA, the stigma of under performance in overseas series stays and he would be keen to get rid of that. Probably that could lead to a positive approach and we might see 5 specialist bowlers.
  5. Straight Drive

    India ' bowling attack for England test series

    Hardik being an batting all-rounder should be able to bat at 6. The remaining 5 have to be specialist bowlers imo.
  6. Straight Drive

    Why are Indian Fast Bowlers "timid batsmen" ?

    Having said that we have two best batsman amongst bowlers in tests (Bhuvi and Ashwin), we will miss batting of both of them this test series against England. Bhuvi is injured and Ashwin might not make playing 11 of few tests. In a way it is good. It makes the specialist batsmen accountable for runs. Think the absence of lower order runs from Bhuvi and Ashwin will put the specialist batters in their right place.They have masked the batting issues overseas to some extent due to their contribution with bat.
  7. Straight Drive

    India ' bowling attack for England test series

    Our bowling attack did well in SA. Having lost test against SA, the onus is on us to show we can win series overseas against good test teams at their home. Hence will like to be attacking and go with 5 specialist bowlers with a point to prove. Draw or lost series shouldn't be the approach. Pick 20 wickets per test. No time pass bowlers in pack of 5.
  8. Straight Drive

    Why are Indian Fast Bowlers "timid batsmen" ?

    In tests there is no need to take on bowlers. Bhuvi and Ashwin have test batting average of 22 and 30 respectively which is very good from bowlers at international level. Even though batting SR of bowlers do not matter in tests, Bhuvi and Ashwin have batting SR of 45 and 54 respectively which is very good for a bowler. SR of 54 means that when Ashwin wants he can score higher than that as that is only an average SR. In some innings he can bat at SR over 100 like he does in few ODI and T20 innings. His ODI SR is 85 so it's not like he can't score run a ball in some innings. I think no other team has two bowlers with this batting average. Faheem and Brathwaite has just started test career. Even Holder has not played half the tests as Ashwin. Moreover they are not specialist bowlers to compare with Bhuvi or Ashwin. If one wants to compare Faheem Ashraf, Brathwaite or Holder then a like for like all rounder comparison with someone from Indian team would be all rounder Hardik Pandya, not Ashwin or Bhuvi. Would you name any cricketer whose specialist skill is bowling in tests but has better test batting average than Ashwin or for that matter even Bhuvi. Would be even better if you post their test batting averages in comparison. Player with bowling as primary skill - Test batting AVG Ashwin - 30 Philander - 25 Starc - 22 Bhuvi - 22 Cummins - 20 We have one bowler who has best test batting average amongst all specialist bowlers. Bhuvi with batting average of 22 is also someone with good batting average. So we have the top 2 batsmen in bowling departments. Even Aussie pair of Starc and Cummins are second to our two bowlers.
  9. Straight Drive

    Why are Indian Fast Bowlers "timid batsmen" ?

    Did you watch his three fifty's versus England test series in England. And the ODI Knock he played with Dhoni at other end. Ashwin and Bhuvi are the best batsmen amongst bowlers of all teams. Maybe only Philander comes close to those two.
  10. I feel DK will get first go. If he flops then Rishabh Pant will be in the playing 11. He kept well enough in IPL in some of DD matches that I saw. Tests will be a different test altogether. Time will tell soon. It will be there for everyone to see. Dhoni did not fly to take diving a catches like Saha did. Saha was terrific in SA and has raised expectations from Indian keepers. Hope we get to see similar or better keeping from Rishabh Pant this series.
  11. Straight Drive

    Srilanka vs Southafrica 2nd Test :July 20-24, 2018 at Colombo

    South African batsmen had no clue against spinners. Amla is clearly on a decline.
  12. Straight Drive

    Why are Indian Fast Bowlers "timid batsmen" ?

    Not wise to put pressure of runs on specialist bowlers. Didn't they do their job well in SA. Let them concentrate on bowling. That is what they must be accountable for. Bhuvi is one of the best batsman amongst specialist bowlers. Even performs as good as specialist batsmen of some teams in tough conditions for batting.
  13. Straight Drive

    Does this test series has 2011 written all over it?

    Pacers there is none apart from Shardul ? The point is experience is valued a lot by Virat. The new bowlers will have to wait further. In SA the bowlers did a good job .
  14. Straight Drive

    Does this test series has 2011 written all over it?

    Bhuvi was wonderful last series there iirc. Think he scored 3 * 50's as well in that test series. Didn't he. His runs will be missed as well in that case apart from the swing in those conditions. Bumrah's pace will be a miss as well. The think tank has gone for experienced pacers Shami, Umesh and Ishant who have played lot of cricket. Shardul seems to be backup and will get only in 2nd test unless one of the experienced trio gets injured for first test. Fresh or young talent have been ignored by Virat, Shastri and selectors.
  15. Straight Drive

    How fast was David Johnson?

    Let's help him #100 posts for David Johnson.

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