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  1. Congrats Forever and well done Goose.
  2. Bat - Markram Bowl - Bumrah Field - Ajinkya
  3. Bhuvneswar Kumar averages 100 in this ODI series

    His economy in ODI is 4.99 runs per over.
  4. Bhuvneswar Kumar averages 100 in this ODI series

    85 innings and 90 wickets is bad. The wickets tally should have been more for sure considering he is specialist bowler.
  5. Congrats Team India !!!

    Well done. Make it 5-1.
  6. I am giving a benefit of doubt on that occasion. Probably only on more replays it would be clear to whether he ran slow or not.
  7. The second drop was not actually a catch imo. It was well short of him even the dive.
  8. 100% of dropped catches this series suggests that he is either a bad fielder or he is not confident at all to field under pressure of being under catches at international level. Whatever the reason, he needs to sort it out soon.
  9. His fielder is like Pakistan's Kamran Akmal.
  10. Can Shreyas Iyer do well at International level?

    Shreyas's contributions in 4th and 5th ODI 4th ODI - negative 15 runs and match lost . Shreyas scored 18. He dropped Miller on 6 and Miller went on to score match winning 39. So 33 runs extra. 5th ODI - 23 runs. Shreyas scored 18. he dorpped Markram on 9 and Markram scored 32.
  11. More importantly , both catches were regulation catches.
  12. Shreyas Iyer is scoring runs for South Africa. So far he has scored 22 considering he dropped Markram on 9.
  13. He was bowling well. I think Shreyas dropped the catch on his bowling, didn't he?

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