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  1. No talk about performance, it's all about faith.
  2. Straight Drive

    Should we worry about Pakistan

    Think India has massive upper hand over Pakistan in ODI world cup as far as win - loss ratio is concerned.
  3. Straight Drive

    Imran Khan's Naya Pakistan

    Dollar is now equivalent to 147.10 Pakistani rupee.
  4. Straight Drive

    Team of the tournament

    Warner Bairstow Buttler Russell Pant Hardik Pandya Nabi Rashid Khan Rabada Tahir Bumrah
  5. Straight Drive

    6 reasons Yemen war should be stopped

    More attacks in Yemen being carried out. This is just not coming to a halt.
  6. Straight Drive

    Hindus are forced to leave village in West Bengal

    If majority are voting for this then they deserve what they get.
  7. Straight Drive

    Hindus are forced to leave village in West Bengal

    TMC cannot win unless majority votes for them. I think Bengali are still majority in Bengal and they prefer TMC considering that TMC has won there. Minority cannot win you elections.
  8. Straight Drive

    Hindus are forced to leave village in West Bengal

    As far as intellect is concerned Gujarat and Maharashtra people are more intellectual. See the GDP of Maharashtra and Gujarat. You can see where the real skills and intellect is.
  9. Straight Drive

    Hindus are forced to leave village in West Bengal

    Yeah, after Gujarat the minority have not dared to even think of another fight such was the loss upon the minority. The impact is probably still felt and restrains them from provoking the majority yet again. Similarly 1992 in Maharashtra was a huge loss upon them. That is why you will never see the minority to even dare to do something again in Maharashtra and Gujarat. Bengalis are probably very weak to retaliate ?
  10. Straight Drive

    2 (8) in a final

    Once a great finisher is now wasting overs even in T20 format. Selectors should have dropped him given how he bats in international matches. Hope he retires at least after the world cup. Don't understand why Indian cricketers play well past their sell by date.
  11. Rare bowlers can bowl yorkers in such a tense situation and get it so right that it claims a wicket. Hats off to a great T20i bowler.
  12. T20 superstar malinga living upto his reputation. Better to have one Malinga and one Bumrah than have 5 crap bowlers.
  13. Can't set a final much better than this. CSK-MI and a last ball win. Hats off to organisers
  14. What an innings though. Well played. Only CSK player giving a fight tonight.
  15. Watto too trying to be too oversmart about his running like Thaili.

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