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  1. Straight Drive

    Krunal vs Jadeja

    Too late to have Krunal Pandya in WC mix. Jadeja should be tried imo for this WC.
  2. Hope they make the playing 11.
  3. Two matches fine was enough as some BCCI employee suggested. But Edulji wanted to show BCCI that CoA is still the boss. As long as supreme court keeps them in power to monitor BCCI, there will be easy victories for CoA in the game of power.
  4. Straight Drive

    Get Dhonified !!!

    Dhoni is now used to get booed for his batting. He hardly cares about it now.
  5. Straight Drive

    Khaleel Ahmed

    Munaf Patel bowled quick for atleast two years. Whereas Ahmed has not bowled his usual pace even for two weeks of international cricket. Irfan was never a pace merchant, but he was picked as he could swing it. Here the problem is Ahmed was picked for pace, and he has not used pace at all since being picked.
  6. I think he got booed twice so far. There are already few booed videos of Dhoni on You Tube. By the end of the career there would be few more additions on you tube.
  7. Offcourse that's the way it happens. When there are positive reactions, they splash money on brand promoters. When it's negatively affective brand, they will not. Nothing wrong in that business logic.
  8. Sue for not signing a contract ? As for Gillette: “Hardik Pandya’s recent comments do not reflect the values of Gillette. We have suspended our association with Hardik until we decide on further course of action,” a company spokesperson was quoted as saying by TOI. A huge corporation like Gillette will have a strong legal team, who i think will have been considered before suspension. Apart from that, for quick actions, there must be well established processes in place to act upon the people who they pay for marketing their company products but violate the agreement signed. I feel they will be totally in line with whatever terms and conditions are set between them and brand promoters.
  9. Straight Drive

    What are ur replacement for middle order junk

    Gill, Shaw, Jadhav, Iyer....i would back anyone of them to outperform Dhoni, Rayudu and DK in ODI format. Batsman who are good can bat anywhere. Openers in particular would be able to adapt to middle order as well, especially of the quality of Shubman Gill and Shaw.
  10. This selector is double dholki. Makes this statement after having dropped him from ODI and T20i so that he could select Dhoni whose form has been rubbish since last year. Back the talk or shut up the mouth.
  11. Good to see the replacements who are young talents. Hope Vijay Shankar and Gill will grasp this opportunity
  12. After Gillette suspending the contract, another company follows. Pandya, who was supposed to endorse a fitness equipment for a sporting company, will not be signed on for the contract, say reports.
  13. Think they are trolling Rahul and Pandya
  14. Straight Drive

    KL + Hardik Support Thread

    Not supporting Rahul comeback in tests and ODI, but Pandya should be back for ODI.
  15. Straight Drive

    Get Dhonified !!!

    Wasn't Vizzy ex Indian cricketer. Maharaj of Vizianagran after whom this trophy was named.

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