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  1. One of my ex-clubmate had shifted overseas many years back because he has got a cricket coaching job abroad. Many Indian cricketers at young age are moving abroad and taking coaching in Dubai, Kenya and other lesser cricketing nations so that they can make a career in cricket away from the competitive Indian cricket. A reason why you see a lot of Indian players in budding cricketing nations. With whatever discussion i had with him and my observation related to budding cricketing teams, the shift had started happening a decade back. There is nothing wrong in this. Cricket is a profession and just like other professionals moved abroad for jobs, cricketers also have moved abroad for cricketing jobs.
  2. Is Hardik Pandya the biggest fraud to ever play for us ?

    His T20i batting average of 11.75 at SR of 131.46 is a big concern.
  3. IS Tom Moody the Best IPL Coach

    Credit to Tom Moody and cricketers for getting together as a team over the years. It needs a proper management to have such a cohesive team. I would give credit to SRH cricketers as well, not just Tom Moody.
  4. What was the reaction of cheerleaders (Manju & Sunny)

    Manju, Sunny and Sivaramakrishnan are the three most biased commies in IPL. Manju and Sunny are too busy praising MI and fail to do their job by commentating on live cricket as well, not praising opponents , not criticizing MI cricketers bad performances. Same is with Siva. Fails to criticize the horrible performances by CSK, does not praises opponents good perfromances if they perform well against CSK. Don't think he has ever criticized involvement of players in match fixing. All three of them are very biased commentators.
  5. He hasn't laid a egg so far in this tournament iirc. Hope he does not wastes 19 balls for laying the golden egg.
  6. Hardik Pandya...

    Don't mind all the hairstyle and facial grooming products he must be using.It's his life.But the nautanki he does on the field like overreacting when camera is on him etc is too much. Having said that performances have to come. Batsmen are tonking 50 runs in 12,13,14 balls and he scores 3 in 19. Not saying he should have SR of 300+ like some other batsman and score 50 at that SR, however one cannot bat at SR of 15.79 having faced 19 balls. It is unacceptable imo as well. I agree one does not needs to take 19 balls to settle or start scoring at run a ball.
  7. 3 from 19. Every dot ball is golden in T20.
  8. Hardik Pandya...

    You may feel justified, however that was the worst innings i have seen in IPL. It's once in a decade innings.
  9. Speed,Swing &Performance of Fast Bowlers & Swing Bowlers in 2018 IPL

    He has bowled so well this IPL that he has led the bowling attack nicely in absence of Bhuvi. The performances have consistently come from him. At the end of the day he is one of the top pacers performance-wise.
  10. Hardik Pandya...

    Graeme Smith scored 2 runs in 11 balls against RCB in 2009. However, now Hardik Pandya's innings of 3 runs in 19 balls holds the record of worst IPL innings. It has taken almost a decade for someone to break that record. Perhaps this is about to stay for more than a decade as no batsman batting from 1- 7 plays such innings. His batting has become below average performance-wise. Too much hype and very less returns. He has power, perfect LOI batsman, can hit from ball 1, win match on his own ...blah blah. All the subjective talk is useless if he keeps giving the worst performances ever.
  11. Hardik Pandya...

    Can't even bat in IPL nowadays. 3 from 19 is a joke of an innings. Must be worst batting performance in history of IPL.
  12. 3 from 19 balls was a joke. Even Gautam Gambhir batted better.
  13. Is this the worst batting performance of this IPL so far.

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