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  1. I am shocked how he gets in Indian T20i squad. Should not be in second or even third T20 squad.
  2. Bada kaminaa hai Pandeyji.Na IPL me dhang see khelta hai na internationals me.Iska koi ilaaj bhi hai.Fokat Ka tension dilata hai.
  3. His running is probably faster than his t20i sr.
  4. 58 from 38 balls.Sr of 152.Excellent innings by the bacchu.Shikhar Dhawan Man of the match.83 runs thus far at sr 153.
  5. Straight Drive

    Khaleel Ahmed progression watch.

    Trundling in this match too.Maybe the selectors have decided that the pace bowling attack must be made of as many trundlers as possible. Usually Indian Pacers start trundling after one or two years of international cricket but Khaleel Ahmed has started trundling after just few matches.
  6. Good to see Rishabh Pant score a 50.Dhoni PR team will be busy ringing crapinfo and crapbuzz to write an article on Dhonis best T20i innings tomorrow.
  7. Straight Drive

    Will VK ever have a fanatical fanbase like SRT, MSD and Dada?

    I am not aware about the music in Bengal nor the singers or the culture and literature so i cannot comment on that. What i do know is the cricket part.Bengal has been one of the failed side in domestic cricket.Bengal has won Ranji just twice and Ranji trophy is played every year since decades. Just two successful cricketers like Sourav Ganguly and Shami.Cricket wise Bengal has always been way backwards and even today this remains the case.It's upto the local cricket association to review and find solution as to why bengal is a failed cricketing place, if at all they want to contribute to Indian cricket atleast in future.
  8. Straight Drive

    Will VK ever have a fanatical fanbase like SRT, MSD and Dada?

    So if Shami is not popular as you say, that just leaves Sourav as Bengals only successful cricketer who represented and did reasonably well for India. No wonder he gets a very strong support and all of the fan following of Bengal.
  9. Straight Drive

    Will VK ever have a fanatical fanbase like SRT, MSD and Dada?

    Bengal has produced the least cricketing players who have succeeded in international cricket. Neither the Bengal Ranji team acheived anything of note. Saurav Ganguy and Shami are only two who have had good success at internationals. So whenever the rare cricketer comes from there is huge craze in fan following. Virat on the other hand is a Delhite, the second most Ranji winners after Mumbai. Delhi has produced a lot of successful cricketers as well as compared to Bengal. So the fan following is distributed amongst more players. If Bengal had loads of star cricketers then the following would have got distributed as well. With just rare cricketers coming from there they get all the attention.
  10. Straight Drive

    Two declarations in 20 minutes

    England versus SA in SA.Hansie Cronje and Nasser Hussain were captains.SA declaration was mind boggling.Innings declaration has happened in county too.But those 2 declarations in SA versus England was a fiasco.
  11. Straight Drive

    Ayodhya Verdict

    Was not aware regarding this. What actually is this about.
  12. Straight Drive

    Happy Diwali to All !!!

    Happy Diwali to all.
  13. Straight Drive

    What's wrong with Rahul?

    Test average of 38 and ODI average of 35 is just about average. Needs a better test and ODI average, as simple as that.
  14. Straight Drive

    Save Tiger Avni

    Aware of this but not in details. Was it not that the killed people may have encroached the ecosystem of wild animals on mountains.
  15. Much needed cleanup will be better for the game of cricket.

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