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  1. Straight Drive

    Please respect our team!!!

  2. Straight Drive

    What our batsmen can expect in Australia !!!

    Total Test tours to Australia - 11 Series won - 0 Series drawn - 2 Series lost - 9
  3. Straight Drive

    What our batsmen can expect in Australia !!!

    Well, that was not the question. Was keen to know if we have ever won in Aus.
  4. Straight Drive

    What our batsmen can expect in Australia !!!

    Have we won a series ever in Australia ? If not this is ideal opportunity, as Steven Smith and David Warner will not be playing at their home. Starc is recovering from injury i guess?
  5. Straight Drive

    Bollywood's most impactful films

    Although not as popular, I think Kaala Patthar deserves to be in there. Cast: Amitabh, Shashi Kapoor, Parveen Babi, Mac, Neetu Singh, Shatrughan Sinha, Raakhee, Sanjeev Kumar. Based on Chasnala mining disaster which bought forward the horrible working environment and hardships that the mine workers are subjected to by the management.
  6. Straight Drive

    Indian classical music

    Used to listen on the radio in the 80's, especially the instrumental music which was played between the test match breaks. 1000 times better than the advertisements that we get to see in TV between breaks. Then lot of this stuff also used to be played before the news on radio as well as at night.
  7. Straight Drive

    Indian classical music

    Have listened to his music but not much. Very easy on ears like like most of classical music. Like the Shankars, this family too made India proud due to their skills in classical music.Hope hsi son will continue the legacy and give us lot more melodies. Winner of Grammy Awards too just like Pt. Ravi Shankar. Pt. Shankar also had a lot of influence on the Beatles. So much that Beatles George Harrison (Guitarist) was taking lessons from him and was in awe of his music. They even introduced some of his music into their albums iirc.
  8. Straight Drive

    Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

    Happy Ganesh Chathurti to everyone who celebrates it.
  9. A lot of flops will score runs against West Indies and secure their place in test squad again. Then the overseas tour will expose lot of players again. Cycle will go on and on .
  10. Straight Drive

    Replacements of FAB4

    Well some would say g rear bowlers are operating today as well. Subjectively it's impossible to conclude anything as positives and negatives will differ in different decades and it's tough to analyze at microscopic level on forum discussions due to shortage of time it becomes endless considering all cricketing aspects of various decades. There were great bowlers before and there are some great bowlers now. Having said that I agree with you the FAB4 were not just statistically better as seen in large career sample size but subjectively too.
  11. Straight Drive

    Replacements of FAB4

    Opener was a massive advantage. No doubt about that. Average of 49 at SR of 83 is unmatchable. Just not from India, test cricketer from any other country will find it tough to get even close to it.
  12. Straight Drive

    Replacements of FAB4

    Even Sourav had average of 42 and he was not as good as FAB4. True that if Ajinkya Rahane form continues to decline it may get below 40 as well.
  13. Straight Drive

    Replacements of FAB4

    Some players manage to average higher even after major career threatening injuries. Those have higher probability of improving their career average as they enter into 30's where career decline phase happens in late 30's or injuries increase with ageing body.
  14. Straight Drive

    Replacements of FAB4

    There is a clear difference in quality of FAB4 and the new batch in test format as seen in the career batting averages. Virat from this new batch is obviously world class. Will the new batch apart from Virat Kohli, be able to make remarkable improvement and end up with a world class career average like the previous batch. It's been more than 7 years since none of the FAB4 have played, but the batting department has gone downhill. Who can we expect to have top quality averages. Sachin T - 54 Rahul D - 52 Sehwag - 49 VVS - 46 Apart from FAB4, Sourav had average of 42. Virat K - 54 Cheteshwar P- 50 Shikhar D - 41 Ajinkya R - 41 KL Rahul - 39 Murali Vijay - 39
  15. Straight Drive

    This team won't even draw a SENA series for next 10 years

    2007 was the last series that we won in England.After that the 3 test tours to England have been lost. Worst that they came to India in 2011 and even beat us. We need some great test batsmen, but we have just 1.The replacements of FAB4 are duplicates like China material. Struggling to even average 45 in career.

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