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  1. Gayle in form is only hope for Punjab posting a good total tonight.
  2. MI already have Pandya 1, Pandya 2 and Pollard in middle order. Is it worth adding 4 non specialist batsman to the squad. He hardly bowls.
  3. If that run out did not happen, many would not know Ben Cutting is playing. Isn't he a waste of spot.
  4. Straight Drive

    One issue with many Ind batsmen

    Uthappa's innings was the worst innings. That needs to be listed as well.
  5. If Russell hits 4 sixers in Chahal over this will be possible.
  6. Couple of 24+ runs over will change the match.
  7. Russell clearly hates the balls. What a hitter.
  8. Indeed a terrible innings given the situation , batting friendly conditions and weak opponent bowling attack.
  9. Russ can cover RRR of 16 if he bats till the end.

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