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  1. Straight Drive

    Pakistani reaction to Pulwama attack

    Life is such a wonderful thing but these guys have handed over their small thinking box in control of the wrong people, rather than they thinking for themselves as to what should be the guiding principles of the life. I can understand a kid or a youth being misguided , but even their adults seem to have handed over their brains to separatists and militants. It's shocking to say the least.
  2. Straight Drive

    Pakistani reaction to Pulwama attack

    Bachhabazi is well known as it is well documented on internet pages, they also have been shown in some documentary movies on terrorism, they dance for adults as well by wearing ladies clothes and having girlish appearrance. US troops too have mentioned that practice exists in some nations. The troops said that even they could not object to bachhabaazi though they found it horrible as they had support from top officials who themselves were into all these. Life is horrible in some nations. Not even cricketers want to go to Pakistan. The nation is already on financial terrorism watchlist at initial level. There are people saying due to clashes between their own communities and bomb blasts. Nobody wants to go there on vacations for obvious reasons. It is on avoid list of many European nations. Their prime minister is just a pupett. Probably they hold the elections only to show they are democratic nation but the military takes all the calls. They have so called heroes like Osama and Dar.
  3. Straight Drive

    Pakistani reaction to Pulwama attack

    Pakistan will not get home games in few more years. They did not even play the PSL at home apart from finals last year. Australia has said no, England players declined to participate in PSL finals. India, also part of "Big Three" is not even playing Pakistan in away places. Big Three have choked them for almost a decade now.
  4. Straight Drive

    Why are Cricbuzz commentators so shameless?

    I had uninstalled crapinfo as it used to crash. That was way back in 2018. With this I will never ever think of installing it again. Even if cricbuzz app becomes bad , will still not use crap info. Scores can be obtained through lots of apps or websites. Even financial apps show scorecards nowadays. Options are aplenty to replace crapinfo.
  5. Straight Drive

    Pakistani reaction to Pulwama attack

    True that. Their ideology is there is an incentive to die. Lack of education. Easily accessible terror camps. Financially messed up nation. History of rape of female doctor and nurse of same religion in Balochistan. Too many wrong developments have severely become core parts of their country. I for one believe that all kids and youth should not be made to use bulbs, tube lights, rods etc when clashes erupt. There these 10 year kids are sent to terror camps and handed guns rather than sending them in proper schools by own parents.
  6. Straight Drive

    Why are Cricbuzz commentators so shameless?

    I will check. If cricinfo are still covering it then I will not even install that app or use that website. Will prefer cricbuzz from now on for sure.
  7. Straight Drive

    Pakistani reaction to Pulwama attack

    Some pictures are horrifying. Very young kids in terror camps with guns. What kind of parents they have. Sending their kids to die.
  8. Straight Drive

    Why are Cricbuzz commentators so shameless?

    Is cricinfo still covering PSL.
  9. Straight Drive

    Why are Cricbuzz commentators so shameless?

    Well done by cricbuzz.
  10. Imagine the number of times he will go in jail as preventive measure when ever there are chances of clashes
  11. Straight Drive


    Zero Dark Thirty was a good movie too on Osama. Wonderfully directed.
  12. Such students indeed need to be suspended from colleges. They can brainwash young students. They can also pose a threat to the other students. Hope more of these are suspended as they are found out. Parents of students must demand universities to bar all such brainwashed students so that their kids are safe from these radical thinkers.
  13. What is surprising that even though the US , coalition forces, India and other nations have killed lakhs of terrorist and supporters worldwide they still continue to wage war and keep dying more in numbers. They do not even understand what a mass casualty it has been on their side while trying to be terrorist and grow terrorists. Their handlers do not want to reveal them the figure of the lakhs of death because it could deter them from picking arms. They are purposely hiding casualties from this brainwashed people. Some minority parents are realizing this though and sending their kids to proper schools for education. But they are still very less minorities who are safeguarding their kids future. It is up to their parents to decide whether they want their kids to be well educated or just add up to the count of poverty stricken, uneducated, brainwashed people. Next generation might see a change with r regards to their upbringing.
  14. Root cause of stone pelters rise is parties supporting them for vote banks. The root cause solution is do not vote these parties to power. People in elections can safeguard themselves and their families if everyone votes sensibly this year as well. This government is the one hated only by minorities.. Otherwise Indian majority has been well safeguarded.
  15. Some parties supported these people when communal clashes broke out. These politicians treat them no more than vote bank while these poor uneducated and brainwashed people do not progress.

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