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  1. Loafer Dharmendra, Mumtaz, Om Prakash, Keshto Dharmendra as "Ranjit" gets to know "Uncle" while fleeing after pushing a school mate to death in a scuffle. He continues working in club named "Playboy" Rival gangster Pratap (Prem Nath) uses Rakesh's sister Anju(Mumtaz) to make lure Ranjit in love so that she can free his brother Rakesh who is kept locked in Prataps house. Anju falls in true love and somehow Dharmendra manages to free Rakesh as well. In the end Rabbit is arrested for the theft of jewellery and his true identity is revealed to Om Prakash and his daughter. Yet another good performance by Mumtaz in her peak years. Famous dialogues - Zooth bolne ki koshish ki to main tera khoon pi jaunga. Tumhare kutto see kaho khilone she khela Kare Mai to Agra ka Taj Mahal bhi kharidna Chahta hu lekin koi bechta hi nani hai. Hamari billi aur humise meow Hit Songs - Koi sahri babu Aaj mausaam bada, beimaan hai bada, beimaan hai aaj mausam. The movie is worth watching and was a hit.
  2. Prem Rog One of the longest Bollywood movie. And yet another RK film. Padmini Kolhapur gets most of the main role as Manorama. Rishi and Shammi Kapoor also star in it. The story is about Rishi Kapoor falling in love with childhood friend Manorama. It disappointed as far as songs of those times were concerned. Movie is good enough but not too good. Nothing special about watching it twice. Music has been given by famous duo of Lamikant - Pyarelal.
  3. Primary role being a keeper, he will be judged on keeping. In contemporary era as keepers are expected to score runs as well, Pant will have to score runs with the bat too.
  4. He is now the fastest Indian wicket keeper to 50 dismissals in test matches.
  5. 157 PKR equals 1 USD. Could touch 180 by the time Imran Khan ends current tenure.
  6. From television sets like Bharat TV to LED TVs now. Even the fan regulators of today make less noise than the knob on television sets of those times. But those Television sets lasted for 30 years. Cannot trust a LED TV to last even 3 years today without a fault. Value for money is just not there
  7. Worrell was a good captain too but he was before my time. Can't comment much on him.I think then Kanhai and Sobers were also captains before Lloyd took over.
  8. Dwayne Leverock, Inzamam, Boon, Cornwall, Samit Patel. Ranatunga as well.
  9. Sunny and Pujara opening for Delhi Capitals. 50 /0 in 20 overs.In reply RCB all out for 49.
  10. The captaincy of Frank Worrell, Sobers and Viv were the best years for Windies cricket. However, Sobers was the best individual performer of them all because he could win matches on his own by batting and bowling. His fielding was good as well. Lloyd was the best captain of those 3 though as he played the most significant role amongst all West Indian captains to develop the world's best team ever.
  11. Things are changing in these regards now. People are now getting comfortable with the trading websites. Although I agree not many retired people as of now are well versed with computers , especially those who worked in government services or did jobs which did not require computers.
  12. Wonder what average Bumrah would have in case he was bowling in era of uncovered wickets. Batsmen without helmets and other protective gear. He would not be need the home side biased umpired of those times.
  13. The infrastructure has developed greatly over the decades - quite obvious it is true for everything to progress gradually. Love the connectivity across the country than it was before and at a much much better frequency.
  14. Probably if you are a decade away from being a senior citizen , I guess that's enough time for these things to develop in more places.
  15. Good point that. Club membership is surely one of the better way to be involved and reap good benefits. A club which would have games like carrom, chess, swimming pool, some basic excesses at club gym and a walking path inside club premises. Maybe if there is a bowling machine at sports and recreation club, pay and face for the throwdown by the machine. That would be awesome.
  16. The T20 format has screwed the technique of some players for sure. The impact of T20 is going to be more severe in upcoming generation of cricketers. IMO bowlers will benefit from this for obvious reasons.A well left delivery is fished at unnecessarily by many a batsmen nowadays.
  17. Thought it was about time that retired people also needed a separate thread on this wonderful forum. 1. Discuss about how to apply senior citizens card.Trust me it saves lot of money. 2. Discuss and share about various facilities provided by government in public transport so that we can take benefit of these provisions. 3. Share information on medical privileges for the aged and provide very valuable information which may be of immense help to each other. 4. The basic things to have and prepare for 70's if you are in 60's already. 5. Lifestyle changes required. 6. How things have changed than what they were about 60 years back. This would be worth a good discussion . 7. Music, Movies, newly found hobbies at this age as well as other form of entertainment. Let's have a talk about anything and everything which matters at this age where you have more experience, intelligence and loads of time for yourself than any other time of your life. Let's cherish and enjoy the retired life and discuss, chaps.
  18. I think time has sorted the debate regarding who is better.
  19. That is because Pataudi realized India did not have quality pavers and he decided to build a team on basis of what we were good at - having the world's best spin bowling attack ever. And to compliment that he added Solkar who was a great close fielder. Without Pataudi a normal captain would have played couple of pacers and India would have never produces the best spin attack ever. Pataudi went with atleast 3 spinners in most of matches. Pataudi knew who the best available bowlers were and rest is history
  20. Fair enough and perfectly fine to have difference of opinion.
  21. Yup, Sachin would have been a great batsman even if he had played in the years during which Sunny played.
  22. Is Rohit Sharma's and Rahul's test average same ?
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