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  1. Straight Drive

    Places to visit in India during monsoon

    In monsoons most of the views cannot be seen due to heavy fog. Still it's nice to go anywhere in monsoon and enjoy.
  2. Some players from north who played under Sunny's captaincy were. Ashok Malhotra, Amarnath, Madan Lal, Yashpal Sharma. Sunny and Kapil were the only two captaincy options India had during that period, but as team was not successful the captaincy was rotated at times between those two.Both had dropped each other but both have denied their role in the sacking. In fact Sunny is on record stating that Kapil was the best player he had.
  3. Straight Drive

    Kohli and bumrah to be rested for LOI on WI tour this year

    Thats sensible decision to give them a rest.
  4. Rahul too managed to score a decent innings in only chance he got as opener this WC so far.
  5. Lucky he did not bowl full quota.
  6. Fair rankings these. NCN is injured so he might fall in the ranks.
  7. With one specialist bowling less than 3 overs due to injury, this win is more impressive.
  8. Straight Drive

    How much will Rohit avg in the 1st 3 games? (WC19)

    I think he has the best average amongst all cricketers playing in this tournament.
  9. Second highest run scorer in the WC 2019 in spite of having batted in just 3 innings. Finch 5 innings 343 runs Sharma 3* innings 305* runs
  10. In order, according to WC 2019 performances only. Ben Stokes Chris Woakes Jimmy Neesham Hardik Pandya Jason Holder Andre Russell Andile Pehlukwayo Chris Morris Thisarra Pererra Grandhomme
  11. Straight Drive

    6 reasons Yemen war should be stopped

    (1) Since this war has started, around 70,000+ people have died in Yemen. (2) The babies and kids are dying every day in huge numbers due to attacks by rockets, bombs and sometimes gun-fire. (3) The infrastructure i.e. the houses of locals as well as the bridges, hospitals, appartments and official spaces are being demolished. (4)The severe lack of food and medicines is causing huge sufferings over there. (5) More uneducated people as kids are handicapped and cannot attend schools, or the schools have been destroyed, or their is not enough money left to operate schools. Education is gone for a toss. (6)War crimes like unwarranted arrests, rapes of local women, slavery will be on rise. Not saying that the 10,000 people who have died or some of the handicapped are not responsible for the state Yemen is in. Some of them may well have helped terrorists by giving them protection as well as funding. However, the attackers have done enough damage in retaliation in terms of life, destruction of infratructure, causing economic collapse as well as taking Yemen atleast 30 years back in time. What is left for the attackers to acheive. A change in politicians in Yemen. Can Yemen afford any more damage till the political change is enforeced. On Humanitarian grounds, this war should be stopped. Attackers must surely be content with the havoc that has been caused till this point. Or do they think more destruction of life , property and other aspects should continue ? Use of materials like attacks from fighters, rocket launchers, improvised bombs, anti-tank missiles etc should be stopped. The troops of various nations should be withdrawn by various aprticipant countries and their warfare materials should be taken back as well.
  12. Straight Drive

    6 reasons Yemen war should be stopped

    Saudi Arabia has responded to the attack by Yemen on Saudi airport. Missiles, weapons and manufacturing plants have been destroyed. Seems this is an escalation.
  13. Straight Drive

    Name and shame the chuckers

    He won't cause much trouble as his records show that his bowling strike rate has been very poor since he got banned. I think Ross Taylor reported him few months back and he was very upset
  14. Straight Drive

    Who was the best ever winning captain in world cup history?

    Kapil Dev was the best cricketer Asian subcontinent has ever produced. The 1983 win was an outstanding one.
  15. Straight Drive

    Name and shame the chuckers

    Lost count of number of time Hafeez has been banned for chucking. Surprised that he is still bowling. Maybe batsmen are happy to tonk him and hence nobody is reporting him to umpires anymore ?
  16. Straight Drive

    CWC'19-18th match, IND v NZ at Nottingham, Jun 13 2019

    Tanpura bajao.
  17. Straight Drive

    Who was the most elegant left-handed batsmen of all time?

    Fawad Alam
  18. Straight Drive

    CWC'19-18th match, IND v NZ at Nottingham, Jun 13 2019

    According to cricbuz it's raining again. Likely to be washout ?
  19. Straight Drive

    ICC World cup - weather watch

    Hope it's not a washout.
  20. Union Cabinet approves triple talaq bill https://m.timesofindia.com/india/union-cabinet-approves-triple-talaq-bill/articleshow/69759756.cms
  21. On current form Pandya is our 4th best batsman after Sharma, Dhawan and Kohli. He should replace a specialist batsman from last playing 11. That will allow to add a specialist bowler which will solve the issue is costly overs being bowled by Pandya and Jadhav.
  22. None of the data can be taken as authentic. There is lot of uncertainty and there is a marked slowdown. That is for sure.
  23. Straight Drive

    6 reasons Yemen war should be stopped

    Conflict in Yemen has mounting cost on lives of mothers and newborns. https://www.bignewsnetwork.com/news/261385319/conflict-in-yemen-has-mounting-cost-on-lives-of-mothers-and-newborns

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