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  1. Straight Drive

    Please respect our team!!!

  2. Straight Drive

    Replacements of FAB4

    There is a clear difference in quality of FAB4 and the new batch in test format as seen in the career batting averages. Virat from this new batch is obviously world class. Will the new batch apart from Virat Kohli, be able to make remarkable improvement and end up with a world class career average like the previous batch. It's been more than 7 years since none of the FAB4 have played, but the batting department has gone downhill. Who can we expect to have top quality averages. Sachin T - 54 Rahul D - 52 Sehwag - 49 VVS - 46 Apart from FAB4, Sourav had average of 42. Virat K - 54 Cheteshwar P- 50 Shikhar D - 41 Ajinkya R - 41 KL Rahul - 39 Murali Vijay - 39
  3. Straight Drive

    Indian classical music

    Any fans of Indian classical music over here? Have listened to Sitar compositions of Pandi Ravi Shankar as well as Anoushka Shankar. Pandit Ravi Shankar was more orthodox but there are blends in the music of Anoushka Shankar. Some of their concert videos are available on You Tube when both of them toured around the globe to perform. Lasya by Anoushka is also one of the best i have listened to in classical. Ustad Zakir Hussain is one of the top Tabla artist. Pandit Rakesh Chaurasia in flute music.
  4. Straight Drive

    What our batsmen can expect in Australia !!!

    Total Test tours to Australia - 11 Series won - 0 Series drawn - 2 Series lost - 9
  5. Straight Drive

    What our batsmen can expect in Australia !!!

    Well, that was not the question. Was keen to know if we have ever won in Aus.
  6. Straight Drive

    What our batsmen can expect in Australia !!!

    Have we won a series ever in Australia ? If not this is ideal opportunity, as Steven Smith and David Warner will not be playing at their home. Starc is recovering from injury i guess?
  7. Straight Drive

    Bollywood's most impactful films

    Although not as popular, I think Kaala Patthar deserves to be in there. Cast: Amitabh, Shashi Kapoor, Parveen Babi, Mac, Neetu Singh, Shatrughan Sinha, Raakhee, Sanjeev Kumar. Based on Chasnala mining disaster which bought forward the horrible working environment and hardships that the mine workers are subjected to by the management.
  8. Straight Drive

    Indian classical music

    Used to listen on the radio in the 80's, especially the instrumental music which was played between the test match breaks. 1000 times better than the advertisements that we get to see in TV between breaks. Then lot of this stuff also used to be played before the news on radio as well as at night.
  9. Straight Drive

    Indian classical music

    Have listened to his music but not much. Very easy on ears like like most of classical music. Like the Shankars, this family too made India proud due to their skills in classical music.Hope hsi son will continue the legacy and give us lot more melodies. Winner of Grammy Awards too just like Pt. Ravi Shankar. Pt. Shankar also had a lot of influence on the Beatles. So much that Beatles George Harrison (Guitarist) was taking lessons from him and was in awe of his music. They even introduced some of his music into their albums iirc.
  10. Straight Drive

    Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

    Happy Ganesh Chathurti to everyone who celebrates it.
  11. A lot of flops will score runs against West Indies and secure their place in test squad again. Then the overseas tour will expose lot of players again. Cycle will go on and on .
  12. Straight Drive

    Replacements of FAB4

    Well some would say g rear bowlers are operating today as well. Subjectively it's impossible to conclude anything as positives and negatives will differ in different decades and it's tough to analyze at microscopic level on forum discussions due to shortage of time it becomes endless considering all cricketing aspects of various decades. There were great bowlers before and there are some great bowlers now. Having said that I agree with you the FAB4 were not just statistically better as seen in large career sample size but subjectively too.
  13. Straight Drive

    Replacements of FAB4

    Opener was a massive advantage. No doubt about that. Average of 49 at SR of 83 is unmatchable. Just not from India, test cricketer from any other country will find it tough to get even close to it.
  14. Straight Drive

    Replacements of FAB4

    Even Sourav had average of 42 and he was not as good as FAB4. True that if Ajinkya Rahane form continues to decline it may get below 40 as well.
  15. Straight Drive

    Replacements of FAB4

    Some players manage to average higher even after major career threatening injuries. Those have higher probability of improving their career average as they enter into 30's where career decline phase happens in late 30's or injuries increase with ageing body.
  16. Straight Drive

    This team won't even draw a SENA series for next 10 years

    2007 was the last series that we won in England.After that the 3 test tours to England have been lost. Worst that they came to India in 2011 and even beat us. We need some great test batsmen, but we have just 1.The replacements of FAB4 are duplicates like China material. Struggling to even average 45 in career.
  17. Straight Drive

    This team won't even draw a SENA series for next 10 years

    Good for us that Australia will be without Warner and Steven Smith in their home conditions. Still Team India may goof up to exploit this advantage.
  18. Straight Drive

    This team won't even draw a SENA series for next 10 years

    I think those days are gone when youths would bunk college to watch cricket matches or take leave from work for watching cricket match. The fixing was big let down and lot of people lost interest gradually. With these one dimensional results based upon conditions as we have seen recently, more people have lost faith in this team. No test match greats like Rahul Dravid, Sehwag, Sachin, VVS as well.
  19. Straight Drive

    The Never Ending Thread

    Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to everyone who celebrates it.
  20. Team India has lost both test series played in SA and England. Looking deeper out of 8 tests played in South Africa and England Team India has won 2 out of 8 tests. The major reason for this loss imo is crap batting averages of our players on the 2018 tour of SA and England are represented below. The bowling has been the better performing department as compared to our batting department. Fielding has been horrible. Only one specialist batsman has delivered the runs expected by specialist batsman. No surprises it is Virat Kohli who one expects to out perform most Indian batters more often than not. Those marked in red are the flop as per the average expectations from the specialist batsmen. It is very disappointing to see that out of 9 players who are expected to average properly have failed to have a cumulative average of even over 30. Only Pujara has managed to put up a good show in England apart from obviously Virat Kohli. Murali Vijay has horrible average of 17 and 7 in SA and England series respectively. Rahul has a horrible average of 8 in SA series. He did perform better in England but the average of 30 looks better only when compared to previous series. Okayish returns. Dinesh Karthik averages 6 in England series. Batsman wicket- keeper averaging 6. Ashwin and Bhuvi have been excellent considering they are non specialist batsmen. Hardik Pandya too has done quite okay with averages of 20 and 23, which though not world beating, are acceptable considering him being an all-rounder. When we look at just specialist batsmen , only Virat in two series has performed well and Chet in this series has managed to maintain a good average of 40. What we end up is only three good averages out of so many batsmen having batted in two series. At the end of the series, those are the only two batsmen who will be happy. Looking forward: Introspection needs to be done, because these are some horrible stats. Who is responsible for this mess. Just a thought passed by. I've been saying same set of batsmen will be like flat track bullies in home. It is okay for Indian fans to be complacent, but the Indian team should not be complacent like a fan. Test cricket can throw surprises and shatter the big egos especially those living in the world of denial. 1. Virat needs to be accountable. The buck stops there. Virat has lot of powerin Indian cricket now and he got the team he wanted, he chopped, changed as and when he wanted, and even removed Anil Kumble and got the coach he wanted. So he cannot complain he did not have the players or the right coach (according to him). He selected the squad along with selectors and failed to give returns. As batasman he is one of the worlds best but he has flopped in his another major role of captaincy. Will changing captain help. No, don't even think of that. One may ask why so? What stops from changing? Deputy Ajinkya has declined in last few years. He is not even a certain starter in playing 11 and he is not having stellar series to cover up the below par series. Effectively, his place in squad has been under dispute. So how can he be made captain. How pleased Virat will be playing under any other captain is another point under consideration. Does making someone else as captain will mean India will start winning overseas with same resources. Not imo. So why change. We are anyways gonna win at home. The selection blunders. Dropping Bhuvi after having taken 6 wickets and having scored 38 runs in SA test. Blunder. The constant chop and change in the team, another poor strategy. Change is important but not every test. No way a core team of players will be built. I would say we have to live with this problem. He is too big a name and removing him from captaincy will not help. So lets be happy with home series win and wins in away countries like SL, Bangladesh,WI an maybe UAE if we start playing neutral series versus Pak. Virat Kohli said we were not outplayed. Perhaps outplayed means avoiding white wash. That 1 win has saved us from being outplayed. He also believes the fact that team showed fighting spirit, it is enough. 2. Make Ravi accountable. There are expectations to win series, not just fight and come back. Turned up in 2011, 2014 and 2018. Enough at international level to bat, bowl and field. Show us the results now that you have support of the most important person in Indian cricket. Don't tell us we are winning in India, SL, Bangladesh and WI. We all know no matter whoever is coach of India, we are expected to win there. Why do we need Mr. Ravi Shastri if we have to continue same trend of winning in some countries. Why to change coaches then. Rotation and rest required for caoches as well ? Then canceling the tour matches and going further even shortneing the number of days that they played in few warm-ups. Not saying that if we had played 5 warm ups we would ahve won in SA and England. I am talking about the probability here - the players could have adapted better. They would have averaged 5 runs more each than what they have managed. Not that 5 runs more by each player would have ensured an Indian win, but you never know those additional runs from every player can put pressure and help a team struggling to win get oiver the line. Even against mismatch county teams it would have helped batsmen. Know that bench bowlers of second county bowlers aren't going to bowl like Jimmy and Broad and Sam. Yet, they in middle of long spells will bowl few wicket taking deliveries. Better than net practice. Ravi had an opinion that nets practice is better than match practice. Fair enough if he felt that as ultimately he is accountable and he should operate his own way. Take the free hand, but what have you done taking the free hand. 1-4, even by approaching the series the way you wanted. Not even winning with your own approach. So whom is he going to make accountable. He doesn't needs to as long as he has support of Virat and both of them have already said do not go by scoreline. An Indian fans asks..... 2011 there were reasons for loss, 2014 another reasons, 2018 new reasons.. Is this going to stop anywhere. Do we have to go three series win less to win one. Let us know if this is the case. Imagine Ravi reads this. Ravi after reading this might as well go and ask Virat, hey Virat there is question i need to answer by a forum poster. Shall i tell him wait for 5 series to be on safer side. LOL. Yes, teams are struggling when they tour in different countries. So should Team India. It's perfectly fine to follow the trend, is it. SA crumbled in SL, Aus crumbled in SL, so why can't India too lose in England. We cannot be different and go on to make a positive difference because others cant. Pathetic logic. Failure mentatlity. And the captain and coach is preparing the fans to accept the third failure. Ravi will say this is my first failure as coach in England. Okay, lets look at this series loss like the first one. Forget the past loses in England because Ravi wasn't the coach. Coaches need to have a win mentality than accepting loses one after another and failing to understand repeated issues faced years after years. If he is convinced positive results are important then he will expect wins and do not sweep loses under carpet. Who....Lalchand Rajput, i would say. He is a certified coach. I doubt Ravi even has Level one certification. Rajput Sir has coached Indian team before at various levels. He is no-non sense type like Anil Kumble. That is a challenge though rather than getting a job as coach. Will he be same or will he be forced to be lenient is another question mark.Sandeep Patil too has coached at domestic and country level before. 3. Those who are on 2nd and 3rd tour are flopping by scoring below par averages. Whereas others are failing because it's their first tour of a country. Next time some will fail because they will be on their decline phase of career. Excuses and more excuses. Be ready for new lessons. Shikhar Dhawan said he is hurt the way Indian fans are reacting. Well, understand that it is fans who make you gods. Give them right to criticize. Don't get hurt by fans who are continously seeing India lose in England, three series in a row now. To not expect criticism after such performances is living in dream land. Shikhar in Pataudi trophies: Year and batting average 2014 -20.33 2018 - 20.25 Shikhar in England: Year and batting average 2014 - 19 2018 - 16 Do we need to mention that how many drop catches he dropped. Does this kind of contribution from a senior player touring SA for second time and being one of most experienced Indian cricketer in this squad gives such performance does not deserve criticsm. yet he tweeted and needless to say got tremendous backlash from Indian fans. Ask it, get it. Did he even care to check why Indian fans are crticising. Look at the stats. It's not one test that we lost (3 Pataudi series in England in a row now), its not one catch you dropped (3 in one test in which i watched), its not one series in tough conditions that you have flopped pathetically ( 2 flops in SA and 2 flops in England). No need to worry, because we know we will win home series and you who have lost us away series will score tons of runs along with other flops of this tour. The same set of batsmen are goign to average over 50's. I bet. It's just that we are waiting for WI series where we will make them bowl 120 or even 170 overs at us in one innings. A lot more hundreds in lesser innings and probably the odd double as well. So make merry in October and fix your spot so that we can see you flop again in tougher series. Don't worry... we knew this last year itself and we also know that good times are very near so we will support you for scoring a ton soon. Raise the bat then and maybe a paper and do something like " Viv talk nah". That inevitable ton is going to put you in the class of Sehwag, Sachin, Rahul, Saurav, VVS. Remove your anger on fans when you complete the 100th run in next innings. 4. The replacements of FAB 4 or 5 is a concern. It was the bowling department that was our headache. It's viceversa now. The bowling is our strength and the battign is the headache. Only Virat is one player who will manage to end up with career like previous batch averaging good runs. The rest are few year wonder boys. Consistency and peaks in performance will not be there to cover upthe awful series. The previous batch was better in those regards as well. The batsmen have to approach a test match innings like a test match innings. Determination, patience, shot selection, ability are the keys. Just saying that i want to be a successful test match batsman like previous FAB 4 won't make one. Similar or better excecution of skills is to be shown. Just do it. How do India tackle the shortfall of players capable of playing swing and good bowling. Identify batsmen who have the temperament for long innings, the better shot selection ball after ball, the technique to survive the tough overs or bowlers at their best. Prepare them in domestic cricket. Maybe even keep them away from T20 cricket by compensating them so that they do not compromise test match skills by getting the T20 skills in test game. We need at least few players like this. Have 2 players who can play all formats because they have ability to adapt and are rare ones. Give importance to all aspects of developing them as all weather batsmen. Back them, mentor them and debut them in international series. Do not select hacks. Do not ask someone like Chet Pujara to play aggressive brand of cricket in Test. You will end up with Shikhar Dhawan or Rohit Sharma. Stop the non-sense. Different formats will need differently skilled players. Not everyone is a complete package like Virat Kohli. he is one of the rare one. Do not fiddle unnecessarily wherever not required. Lots of the Indian dismissals that i watched in this series was bad to see. hardly any attempt at putting a price tag on their wicket. All this will take time, because few years have been wasted in the soak, wash, rinse, clean, dry cycle. Need to start fresh in most cases now. It has been goofed up since the FAB 4 and Saurav started retiring gradually. Succession planning has flopped in spite of having loads of time that the past greats offered. Accept the problems because saying there is no problem never leads to a remedial action. One does not even takes remedial action if he isn't convinced there is a problem. Start with this stage and take it forward. It is not going to be solved in one year because last many many years have been wasted. But better late than never. Ravi is now happy. He has just read one more fan is now ready to wait for few more years. More fans have started believing in soak, wash, rinse, clean, dry cycle process. He dances to the tune of Duniya hila denge hum, hum duniya hila denge.
  21. Straight Drive

    the effect of 5 toss losses in such an important series

    The scoreline doesn't matters to him, so the toss is useless even if it helped to win.
  22. Already has scored a test ton in a short career in spite of having a flop start. I am keen to see him play in ODI and T20i (not on bench), the formats which suit more to him. It's a goof up if we do not play him in short formats.
  23. Straight Drive

    Asia Cup: Playing 11 vs Pak

    Boss we have to give them back what we received in last CT final.
  24. Straight Drive

    Rahul Pant Partnership

    Thank you for the insight into the partnership. I will try to watch it on you tube over the weekend. From whatever little i have watched of Rahul in tests, i think he is more like KP type of player in terms of style. Like in case of KP sometimes his batting seems easy when he is in flow and during some dismissals seems very reckless as well. Similar aggression wise as well. This partnership also reminds me of Azhar and Sachin tons on tour to SA in 1996 at the Cape. Everyone else flopped. Sach scored 169 and Azhar scored 115. iirc it was Azharuddin who cracked 5 boundaries off Kluesner in one over, atleast a couple through brilliant cover drives. Out of the five tons Sachin has scored on South African soil, it was my best. Watched all of that test match.
  25. Straight Drive

    Ajinkya Rahane likely to play Vijay Hazare Trophy to hit form

    We are going backwards imo by having players like Ajinkya, Manish, Raina, Dhoni in the ODI squad. Even if he strikes form in VHT, we need to look for batsmen like Rishabh Pant who can clear the boundaries. Ajinkya Rahane even struggles to clear the inner circle.

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