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  1. Yeah, too many batsmen in middle order who find it difficult to hit fours and sixers.
  2. Shankars's performance has been way below par with bat in this IPL. Struggling even in home conditions.
  3. CSK hit 11 fours in 20 overs. SRH have hit 13 in just 10 overs.
  4. CSK innings: 3 sixers and 11 fours in 20 overs. SRH innings: 7 fours in 4 overs.
  5. Difference between runs and balls is just 13 runs. No pressure on batsmen right from the start of innings. Poor batting. Have to credit SRH bowlers as well though.
  6. This is like ODI batting. Only one batsman has strike rate of 145 in this innings. Everyone else below 120.
  7. No hitting at all. As if their is no power left within them.
  8. Straight Drive

    Speed & Performance of Indian and Foreign Speed Merchants in IPL 2019

    Khaleel Ahmed has become a total trundler. Bowls mostly in 130 - 140 range with the rare one above 140.
  9. Straight Drive

    Speed & Performance of Indian and Foreign Speed Merchants in IPL 2019

    Agree that both are deceptive and accurate.
  10. Not many bowlers can make Buttler struggle. Arshdeep clearly had the upper hand in that over against Buttler. Variations need to be seen though
  11. Straight Drive

    Speed & Performance of Indian and Foreign Speed Merchants in IPL 2019

    Run up is similar but I do find similarities between bouncers of Roberts and Archer Roberts could bowl a bouncer from the awkward. Moreover, Roberts could bowl a fast bouncer as well as slower bouncer with almost similar action which used to fool the batsmen regarding pace. Archer is similar in that way. His bouncers too are accurate, deadly and wicket taking. One difference that I notice though is that Roberts started at lower speed before he made his debut, but upped his pace significantly in just couple of years. Archer is fast right before his international debut
  12. Straight Drive

    Speed & Performance of Indian and Foreign Speed Merchants in IPL 2019

    Arshdeep bowled the whole over between 132 to 138 range. His first of the IPL.
  13. Straight Drive

    Speed & Performance of Indian and Foreign Speed Merchants in IPL 2019

    Archer reminds me of Andy Roberts in some skill sets. Any other old timers who watched both these bowlers feel the same ?
  14. Archer is such a skilled bowler. Kind of reminds me of Andy Roberts.
  15. Poor innings this from Rahul. SR 110. Worse than even what Ajikya Rahane manages in IPL. He has played 3 selfish innings this IPL. Siva has to be one of the worst commentator. Said a good innings by Rahul.
  16. Straight Drive

    US-UK-France launch military strikes on Syria

    Rockets kill 6 civilians in Syria's Aleppo: state media https://wap.business-standard.com/article-amp/pti-stories/rockets-kill-6-civilians-in-syria-s-aleppo-state-media-119041400687_1.html
  17. Celebrating Hindu Festival now to get votes from majority. Finally she realised her mistake after speaking against majority. https://indianexpress.com/elections/in-starry-eyed-north-mumbai-urmila-matondkar-banks-on-personal-connect-5676018/lite/ Will be interesting to see the margin of votes she loses by
  18. Now that Rahul has secured his ODI spot for WC, he is trying to secure his test match place
  19. And another . Two sixers of two balls.
  20. Trundler smashed for 6. Well done Gayle
  21. The female commentator said this is clash of two big teams. They surely do know to hype the wooden spoon winners.
  22. Straight Drive

    Who should bat at #4 in the WC?

    Overall Shankar averages below par 33 at strike rate of 96.49. Not upto the mark either in average or sr critria. His bowling is worse then Kedar Jadhav with bowling SR of 100. However his fielding is much better than Jadhav. Kedar Jadhave averages 43.48 with sr of 102.53 which is much better than that of Shankar. Also his bowling sr of 40.4 is miles better than Shankar.
  23. Straight Drive

    Very predictable selection... Team needed fresh blood

    Gill was tried but flopped in NZ. Shankar at this moment is good enough to score in 30-60 range. They should have started this experiment as soon as we lost previous WC. Almost 4 years have been wasted and we see same faces yet again as the new comers are not yet developed due to bad planning. Gill lacks the ability to hit in death overs. Also Shaw has adapted to international stage by scoring tons in limited opportunities he got (2 Tests) by top scoring for Team India. However he was injured and hence could not be tried in NZ series. Iyer is another candidate. Has ODI average 42 and SR 96 which is very good for someone stepping into next level.

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