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  1. Tendulkar swallows Lara (and others)

    Tendulkar swallows Lara's*
  2. Greatest moments in cricket.

    Broken jaw. You got players walking off for a mild headache these days
  3. IPL 2018 to Be Live Streamed in VR by Hotstar

    Very insightful. How long did it take you to come up with that? If you have got nothing to contribute under this thread, then just move on. No one's got a gun to your head to use this feature or watch the IPL. (neither do I anymore)
  4. IPL 2018 to Be Live Streamed in VR by Hotstar

    It would be great if others on the forum could give their opinion on this (VR) feature. A little survey for hotstar. For those who are unaware of what the feature provides- you get a clear picture from around the ground with an access to almost all the cameras in the ground. You have the rewind feature (hotstar default) along with the VR, which means you could basically go back and analyze that passage of play from a 360°angle. We might have seen the commentators analyzing the play from their box with these features and now we can play around with it ourselves.
  5. Twitter messages

    I'm glad it hit a raw nerve, that fat ass should be ashamed to call himself an athlete. Running around like an obese Sloth. Don't even get me started with his pathetic performance in the 2nd Test where the pitch aided the spinners.
  6. 400 dismissal for MS Dhoni in Odi's

    Like the World Cup final?
  7. Had there been green pitches....

    With the appropriate selection like in the ODIs, we would have for a fact, won the Test series.
  8. Rohit is good enough in ODIs. Stop overreacting!
  9. Kohli's DRS decision

    Ball seems to have made a connection in the second pic. But hey, we aren't the ones who sucks up DRS.
  10. King Kohli vs Sir Viv in ODIs

    Viv never wore a helmet, Viv played the game in a different era, quality of opposition...STFU! What Kohli is doing is not being repeated by anyone else in the 'current' era is enough to prove how effing good the guy is. Sports change, you adapt to it, and every era has it's own hardship and pressure.
  11. Happy Birthday Bhuvi [All ODI Wickets]

    Brilliant effort, SS. Thanks
  12. Life mein comedy chaiye toh ye padho

    Dinner, breakfast & sex muft meh 8)
  13. Dhinesh Karthick is one lucky guy !!!

    Was lucky with what Murli did to him as well.
  14. Tailor-made wickets for Smith. They aren't going to make the same mistake with selection as we did. They are gonna have consistent bowling partnerships. 2-0 to Australia.
  15. We could have won this 3-0

    Ummm, no? Take the whole match into contention and we had a brilliant chance to seal the series. It's these selection errors that led to us chasing those scores in the 4th innings.

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