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  1. Yeah, extremely stupid. A professional athlete without gym or diet chart lol
  2. SLICKR392

    Where is Sanju Samson?

    Cornered by the Northie lobby. :(
  3. One of the worst player to ever play for India.
  4. SLICKR392

    Happy Republic Day

    Jai hind!
  5. SLICKR392

    Buying the Boyfriend Experience in Japan !!!

    Ironically I'm searching for unconventional jobs in Google
  6. SLICKR392

    Petition to axe Sanjay "Manju" Manjrekar

    Every other commentator (Indian and otherwise) criticize their own team and it's players but no one scrutinizes at the level that this guy does against the Indian players. He just seems to do it more than often when seated alongside an English or an Aussie. Seems to do with a passion!
  7. Rest Ishant? Get off that powder you've been snorting. Cricket isn't played to please you lot with the numbers on the speed gun
  8. Wrist slitting and whining after beating the top ranked T20 side in the world at their own turf.
  9. SLICKR392

    Bhuvi kumar ....on flat tracks without swing.

    He might not be the best on flat decks, but has improved remarkably as compared to his first couple of years. Clocks 140+, which helps unlike his early 130s few years back. Still pretty good at the death, and hasn't recovered fully either. Let the man live!
  10. I'm pretty certain he is more Indian than you are. People differ in opinions here, and when they do, argue against it sensibly (that's what forums generally are all about) rather than lashing out with vile posts in every thread. Either do that, or shut your trap.
  11. SLICKR392

    I know what to expect in England: Ashwin

    When he plays test cricket (overseas), you shut up and turn off your TV set.
  12. He has been around for a while and if there is still no confidence in him to carry on after a start, then it's more to do with skills than confidence.
  13. Aussies weren't. We are.
  14. Our bowling will run them over on this wicket. Won't cross 200, or get close to that.

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