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  1. ICF 22 Yards Ind v SA 2nd Test 2018 Pre-match discussion

    Yeah, great job putting it together Tricho
  2. If there's any topic you want us to bring up during the podcast, please post them here before 9:00PM IST.
  3. Justice for Rahul Campaign (JFRC)

    Your brain is a 1/50 if you even remotely believe that call is a 50/50.
  4. So how long is the rope for Saha?

    He is talking about the future of this XI, not this Test series, I guess. I honestly trust Ashwin and Bhuvi more than Pandya. Way too early to trust this guy in Test overseas already!
  5. Rahul Vijay Pujara Rahane Kohli Parthiv/Saha Ashwin Pandya Bhuvi Shami Bumrah
  6. So how long is the rope for Saha?

    Exactly. Lol! I don't even get the OP. You want to drop a wicket keeper based on the evolution of an all-rounder? What....?
  7. SA bowling attack

    Pandya (with that hairstyle) retired Steyn.
  8. Mark my words - India will still win the series

    His ex is a pretty bulky dude. @Topic- Our batsmen looked shoook in the first match. Lack of preparation hadn't done us any favor either. Get Rahane and Rahul in, maybe go with an extra batsman since Saha has been contribution jackshit with the bat. Can't rely on Bhuvi all the time down the order.
  9. It was a match winning combination. The problem wasn't with the combination, but the 2 individuals involved in the batting department.
  10. How long is the rope for Kohli?

    This is Indian Cricket. He's a cricketer cum star in this country. The rope is endless just like the superstars before him had, albeit the number of failures they have. He's hardworking, let us hope he improves his brain-dead amateur approach against swing bowling.
  11. What should be bowling strategy in 2nd inning?

    Get wickets.
  12. Was Steyn afraid of pandya and Kumar ?

    So disgusted. Watch these guys kiss the badge and celebrate during IPL. Kohli with his surprises has nothing to do with aggression, it's dumb selection. Dhoni ran around like a headless chicken overseas and now Kohli with the bat. But hey, you got the IPL. Bhuvi is batting better than Kohli ever did on a tough pitch.
  13. Was Steyn afraid of pandya and Kumar ?

    Kohli watching a Pandya masterclass. Should be ashamed the top order turds.
  14. Better captain: Ganguly or Dhoni?

    Again, I prefer trophies over impressive runs. Small team mentality.
  15. Better captain: Ganguly or Dhoni?

    Would rather take all the trophies that Dhoni won than being 'competitive overseas but winning jack ****'.

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