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  1. stats and ego boosting. two-in-one combo for the Rat.
  2. I won't be surprised if Prithvi Shaw or Riyan Parag retires earlier than Dhoni.
  3. shows how poor WI structure is that they collapsed to krunal of all people.
  4. Vijy

    What next for Vijay Shankar?

    by no means is he a must. of the top 6 slots, 5 are more or less nailed in: Pant, Kohli, Chepu, 2 openers. this leaves 6 and 7. Regardless of whether we play abroad or home, I'd rather have Jaddu at 7. he is avg 40+ with the bat both home and away since jan 2016, he can hold an end up with tight bowling, and is a brilliant fielder. this leaves only one position in the top 7 that is free. shankar will be competing with likes of vihari (who also bowls a bit) and gill (arguably a much more complete batsman) for that position.
  5. Vijy

    ICC events program till 2023

    shaw is too impetuous for opening slot. Would rather see Samson/Suryakumar and KLR open. Mayank has shown the ability to bat in the middle order, which is where I'd put him. Samson/Surya, KLR, Gill, Pant, Mayank/Rana, Pandya, Gopal, Kuldeep/R. Chahar, Saini, Khaleel, Bumrah Batting may appear to be on the weaker side but the game is too short for a No. 8 to have impact on most matches. this team bats till 7 and more importantly has 6 bowling options with variety: pace (saini), death overs (bumrah), left-arm (khaleel), wrist-spin (gopal and 1 more), and pandu as the 6th bowler. moreover, our nos. 4-6 all score quickly with gopal also capable of batting. of the top 3, both KLR and gill are capable of consolidating when needed and scoring fast as well. Samson/Surya should be given strict instructions to depart soon after powerplay since they are players who slow down afterwards.
  6. Vijy

    2020 T20 trophy Australia

    My belief for T20s is that recent T20 form matters more than quality. Also, it is a very diff format so we should try to choose as many players optimized for this game as possible. My XI based on IPL '19 form and T20 expertise is: KLR, Dhawan/Rohit, Kohli, Pant, Hardik, Rana/DK, Gopal, Kuldeep/Chahar, Bumrah, Khaleel, Saini Batting is not deep but in T20 you don't really rely on No. 8 onward to do much batting. there is genuine pace (saini), left-arm (khaleel), the all-round bumrah, and 2 wrist-spinners. hardik pandya will be the 6th bowler and will focus primarily on batting. 4-6 are all fast scorers and even gopal can bat fairly well at 7. A more unorthodox (but less likely) version is as follows: KLR, Samson/Suryakumar, Gill/Mayank, Pant, Hardik, Rana, Gopal, Kuldeep/Rahul Chahar, Bumrah, Khaleel, Saini
  7. First time I'm hearing that the Rat can read or write. he should start from kindergarten - he will fit in well with the tantrums thrown by toddlers.
  8. Vijy

    Who should be next India coach?

    What we need is a Super Cat to consume this antsy little Rat. In other words, bring on Clive Hubert Lloyd (his nickname was Super Cat)! More realistically, someone like Hussey or Fleming might be able to find a way to navigate Rat's antics while also providing some useful coaching and tactics.
  9. I see him playing the 2023 WC and the next WT20 after the 2020 one as well. Long reign the Dark Lord.
  10. One of them was called stuart "barbie" broad.
  11. Vijy

    Shreyas Iyer's whining continues.

    Iyer needs to get more chances. yes he looks ungainly and has technical issues, but I like what I have seen of his temperament. he also has that extra gear which makes him a good No. 5 candidate IMO.
  12. gill needs to be given a long rope in the same position without either being discarded or moved up and down.
  13. Vijy

    Ruturaj Gaikwad

    rohit, dhawan, gill (who opens for A teams at times), KLR, shaw, mayank, gaekwad are all in the mix as of now. at least 2 of them need to convert themselves into middle order bats. too late for rohit-dhawan, shaw lacks the game. my first bet is on gill. but with proper application at least one of mayank, gaekwad, KLR can play in middle order.
  14. gill has been batting consistently as always. however, I wish he was played in middle order to give him more exposure. if everyone learns to bat only at 1-3, then we will have same lack of middle order bats by next WC. by 2023 WC, I am expecting VK to move to #4 and play more of a consolidator dravid-type of role (while still scoring at brisk SR). gill should be our no. 3 then. or swap the positions if kohli's form is still good.
  15. Answer: the Dhoni effect, whereby the selection of half-assed trundlers who are "accurate" (which they are not) over genuine pace bowlers with potential is favored.

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