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  1. bhuvi is totally unsuited for these pitches as a bowler (might be worth playing as a batsman instead). umesh is also pretty bad. there are no real alternatives to him.
  2. it's because of the troglodytes we have for coach and captain.
  3. Vijy

    Will India fall short by 40 runs?

    however, that is not the point of the thread. the point, IMO, is that we could have batted more smartly and easily got to a target of 370-380. nearly all the wkts lost were due to shoddy and incompetent batting that reflected a lack of cricketing awareness and intelligence (i.e. our captain & coach combo).
  4. Vijy

    Will India fall short by 40 runs?

    says enough about our middle and lower order, i.e. we lack them for the most part.
  5. but we can count on our bowling to go missing in crucial moments. this happened in SA and Eng, even if the overall stats were good.
  6. last 7 wkts gone for 73 runs. very poor batting from the middle and lower order.
  7. we can count on ashwin to go missing, as he usually does.
  8. Vijy

    Will India fall short by 40 runs?

    ask the captain and coach. apparently, aggro is everything. aggro is life. aggro is love.
  9. because of moronic desire to show "aggression" by playing like headless chickens.
  10. yes, all one needs is a 100 from the inconsistent shaun marsh and measured 50s from khawaja and handscomb
  11. not that huge. aus chased around 370 against a very good pak attack around 20 yrs ago. target of 370-380 would have been safe.
  12. Vijy

    Will India fall short by 40 runs?

    if pant had batted more judiciously, and ashwin & rahane not thrown away their wkts a target of 370-380 was very settable.
  13. all 3 played pretty rash shots. and rohit scored 1 more run than I expected - gritty knock from him.

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