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  1. Kuldeep Yadav vs Ashwin Ravichandran in ODIs

    yes, he did badly in 2012 in ODIs.
  2. Thommo - how quick was he?'

    not to forget gray (tony gray). he was rated as being better than croft by some contemporaries. ended up with a stellar record in the few tests and ODIs he played.
  3. it didn't live up to my expectations either.
  4. Thommo - how quick was he?'

    WI had always had pacers who were fast for some period of time (either short or long). Patterson was pretty nasty too.
  5. Thommo - how quick was he?'

    Its not easy to beat BC Lara that easily.1997, Lara at his peak. yes, but it was as much as the ball's trajectory as the speed that beat him. waqar at his pomp had both.
  6. Bhuvi as 3rd seamer in SA Tests

    shami is always carrying an injury. Umesh and esp BK have improved. the upcoming tours will you and me how massive this difference is.
  7. Bhuvi as 3rd seamer in SA Tests

    our bowling ranks had both shami and umesh in aus, where we didn't pick even 20 (or perhaps even 15) wickets even in 1 test I think.
  8. Kuldeep Yadav vs Ashwin Ravichandran in ODIs

    All I see is yet another arm chair analyst adding to us arm chair analysts in pontificating and putting forth his theory. I think it goes without saying that most of us (perhaps all) are arm chair theorists.
  9. Kuldeep Yadav vs Ashwin Ravichandran in ODIs

    obviously, as a whole, ashwin is a much better bowler than rashid. however, you're daydreaming if you think fielding restrictions alone explain everything. for example, santner, nurse and axar (all of whom are finger spinners) averaged around 30 with ERs < 5 since the beginning of 2016. in comparison, the great ash-jaddu in ODIs have averaged around 60 with ERs of 5.5 to 6.0
  10. Thommo - how quick was he?'

    it was undoubtedly fast, but what makes it look more deadly is the late swing, lara's exaggerated backlift and of course falling down. I don't know what the speed, but I'd guess around 90 mph.
  11. Prithvi Shaw

    I hope he'll play in more ranji games this season.
  12. Kuldeep Yadav vs Ashwin Ravichandran in ODIs

    yes, cause and effect were mixed up. he lacked accuracy, lacked the mental stamina to bowl long, controlled spells, and lacked guile. he was just a LOI trickster at that point. look at jo'burg test 4th innings.. he didn't gave away too many runs per over, but had no idea how to pick up wkts.
  13. Kuldeep Yadav vs Ashwin Ravichandran in ODIs

    indeed, there were so many "useless" bowlers who just bowled dibbly-dobbly and got away with it. harris, larsen, ealham, harvey, etc. this was why both Ind and SL could afford to go with so many part timers. the likes of ganguly, de silva, arnold, sehwag would be pummeled. tendu at least had both big spin and variations (but not much control) so he may do about the same these days. people don't fully appreciate how much the game has changed in 20 years. it has gone from being closer to tests to closer to t20s.
  14. Talent watch

    good that ansari did well on debut. another one to watch.
  15. these karthik fans will want him to play even at 45. always fails to deliver in the important matches. even in WI, he did badly in the more challenging pitch and scored on a fairly placid (and inconsequential) one.

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