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  1. Vijy

    Deodhar Trophy 2018

    Tiwary has shown considerable improvement as a List A bat (I remember a time where his avg was around 36 with no 100s), but he's probably too old (and slow) to make a serious push for the middle order. Turned out to be a fairly one-sided match in the end.
  2. Vijy

    Why is Jaydev Unadkat playing for India?

    and slowest balls.
  3. Vijy

    Risabh Pant - Second Impression

    as long as Dhoni plays in ODIs, it's unlikely the others will get chances anyway.
  4. is 2020 the lower bound or upper bound? I think the Ind team will not discard him until 2023 WC is completed.
  5. hard to fathom someone like KLR - who deserves to be a regular in Tests and T20s (and possibly in ODIs) - being two grades below the likes of Rohit and Dhawan (who are ODI and T20 specialists in my book). Also not sure why Karthik is in B instead of C.
  6. Vijy

    Vijay Shankar performance watch

    sample size is too low, but my feeling is also that he's not a like-for-like replacement for hardik. shankar is a batsman who bowls a bit. As you noted, I'd see him more as a 6th bowler.
  7. Vijy

    Which soap do you use ?

    Indeed. same here.
  8. Vijy

    Android or iOS - Which one do you prefer?

    I like them both, but the iOS is slightly ahead in my book.
  9. But some footballers have elevated this technique to the level of an art form. When I look at the likes of Robben the Diver, I am struck by the majesty of these artists.
  10. not that big fan of club football (dunno why) but I've always enjoyed and closely followed int'l tournaments instead - copa america, euro cup, of course the WC, etc.
  11. Vijy

    Risabh Pant - Second Impression

    to add to this list, SRT started off with 2 ducks in ODIs and had a very ordinary record (in statistical terms) until he began opening. pant merits a decent run in the T20s team since he, Krunal and Hooda are the only domestic bats I can think of (as of now) who can score at 150+ SR fairly regularly. our middle order lacks fast scorers in general.
  12. Vijy

    Vijay Shankar performance watch

    I think binny was better at bowling than shankar. Yes, he was very ordinary (esp in Tests) but he is not the worst "allrounder" Ind have played in ODIs. As for Shankar, he should be seen as a Ganguly-type "bowler", i.e. a part-timer and not a genuine batting allrounder. Batting ARs in Tests and FCs typically have about 1.5 wkts per match and also avg in the low to mid 30s.
  13. Vijy

    Justice for Rahul Campaign (JFRC)

    it's because football and basketball are games where coaches wield a lot of power compared to cricket, especially football. IMO cricket is still a captain's game and is mostly orchestrated by captain and the players out there.
  14. Vijy

    Can we beat Bangladesh with this team?

    thakur is also very hit and miss. our pace attack is the real issue. spin is okay - sundar, chahal and axar.
  15. Vijy

    Reason behind Mohammed Shammi's decline

    if the allegations are true, he also made his wife's life hell. what goes around will come around. [provided the allegations are verified]
  16. just about anyone would be better than dinesh mongia. laxman would have been a more suitable choice. think mongia was chosen also because of his part-time "bowling".
  17. Vijy

    Can we beat Bangladesh with this team?

    there's a good chance of losing with this attack (esp on the pace front). batting should be okay provided they adjust the lineup.
  18. Vijy

    Reason behind Mohammed Shammi's decline

    conceded almost 10 RPO.
  19. Vijy

    Vijay Shankar performance watch

    doubtful I think.
  20. Vijy

    Sensational Ross Taylor’s epic chase

    I was slightly mistaken. The Dhoni knock I was referring to was the 183 no, where Ind made over 300 while chasing. However, they were chasing 299 (and not 300+ as I'd imagined).
  21. Vijy

    Why is Jaydev Unadkat playing for India?

    because umesh isn't a slow-medium pie-chucker like the unadcutter.
  22. Vijy

    Sensational Ross Taylor’s epic chase

    One of the great knocks in a high-scoring run chase. quite reminiscent of kohli's and Dhoni's knocks, which also came in 300+ run chases. however, the fact that he was essentially batting with one leg and one arm makes it all the more special.
  23. a masterpiece while chasing. has shades of both kohli against pak and Dhoni against SL
  24. amazing knock from taylor. CdG is proving to be as destructive as always.
  25. Vijy

    DK > Pant

    it will also bowl faster than some of the trundlers who have played in the past.

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