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  1. Vijy

    Pravin Amre - Another lost talent in the 90s

    he was a very good player. in the 1990s, prior to ganguly-dravid-laxman, we had only 3 batsmen in total who averaged over 40 - sidhu (opener), SRT and Azhar, as well as kambli during his short career. apart from this trio, I'm quite certain amre was better than the rest. a shame that he was discarded so soon.
  2. he must have amped his pace. saw him in some ranji match that was covered a couple of yrs back. was bowling in high 120s and low 130s then.
  3. he is a better batsman than some of their batsmen. however, his ODI bowling is quite poor - maybe he should reinvent himself as an ODI batting all-rounder instead :P
  4. krunal's ability is sufficient for no.7, but it will still leave the problem of the 6th bowler of course. too late to fix these issues. for next WC (2023), we need a batting all-rounder or batsman who bowls part-time in the top 6, and a fast-scoring but reasonably reliable allrounder at 7. I am assuming pant/kishan/X will be the keeper and that it won't be yet one more hole to fill.
  5. Vijy

    Krunal vs Jadeja

    yeah, it's too late to fix our 3rd pacer, our misfiring middle- and lower-order.
  6. I wonder if karthik can bat reliably at 5 - he is too fidgety in my book when confronted with many overs to play. I feel he does better when he comes out with fewer overs to bat. No. 5 is pretty much a middle order position, and not a lower order one.
  7. Vijy

    Krunal vs Jadeja

    he is not a bad option, but his batting is very hit-and-miss. he's more of a number 8 to me. no. 7 should be able to bat properly in case cheap wkts fall - this is rare, but can happen occasionally.
  8. I know one is bumrah. is bhuvi the second? he is not fully convincing.
  9. Vijy

    Australia are top favorites for WC19

    this order seems right to me. although it's almost a given that SA will choke at some point, and NZ are perennial bridesmaids too. I am expecting eng to be one of the SFs, and NZ & SA can probably get this far without too much difficulty. not very sure about the 4th slot given our ODI selections.
  10. true. so far uttarakhand has not done too badly though, and that too against ranji champs.
  11. would be ideal except for 2 aspects maybe. one is 6th bowler - rohit has the ability in principle, but has given up bowling. second, chahal on flat tracks outside SC is a problem (like the series in eng). I don't like bhuvi in ODIs much, but I think he and chahal will have to be rotated. bhuvi is also a better batting and fielding option than chahal.
  12. Vijy

    Siraj - not impressed

    so would I. but I think it's becoming more apparent he is a long-format bowler.
  13. perhaps you're right - I didn't look up the location. in the past, BP XI was quite strong, sometimes even stronger than a proper "A" team. this one feels more uneven. bowling is also iffy with deshpande (who breaks down often) and jaiswal (trundler). since the priority is not high, maybe they just threw together a random collection of players.
  14. has to be azhar as you said. he could do almost everything to a high degree. he may not be the best slip fielder, the best short-leg or close-in fielder to spinners, and the best outfielder, but as a package he was the most complete that I've seen.
  15. Vijy

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    all of these are good players to varying degrees. Apart from Nath and maybe Ansari, most of the rest should be playing in "A" teams or at least zonal tourneys (like Duleep).
  16. he huffed and puffed his way to the finish line, both literally and figuratively.
  17. poor selection IMO. not sure why patidar, hooda, himmat are there. would rather have seen likes of rinku singh, jonty sidhu, and priyam garg.
  18. I rate waqar more highly, followed by imran and then wasim. this is because wasim has a very high proportion of lower-order wkts. in terms of talent, he had a huge amount of it, but was something of an underachiever (despite his great record). Imran at his peak was a mesmerising bowler - beautiful late swing - although with all these bowlers, we don't know how much of it came from "unnatural" causes.
  19. Vijy

    Pakistan's ongoing cricket streaks

    fine performance from the padosis, along expected lines.
  20. when I brought up kedar, I was indeed referring to a short-term fix. I don't think rohit has bowled at all in the last many yrs (back issues or something). dhawan and VK are hopeless bowlers. if we look at distant future, I think rohit & dhawan can be replaced by gill & shaw - this will free up middle-order slots for others, and allow a proper 6th bowling option to be played.
  21. the remark wasn't meant to be partly serious, partly tongue-in-cheek. however, one cannot underestimate dhoni's pull on many sectors of indian cricket - he has fingers in all pies.
  22. he is back to bring down the team, and destroy chances for the next T20 WC.
  23. I know it's a rhetorical question, but the answer is: N-O.
  24. Vijy

    Amazon Prime

    thanks for the info. I guess the gap between the two is more in india - I've used them both in Ind, but not for long. I know the US versions better, and I'd say that the gap between the two is narrower, although netflix is ahead. Hulu is better than both in some respects IMHO, but I know it's not available in India.

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