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  1. I do hope they achieve this speed. I am a bit skeptical because our rehab process has been rather bungling in the past. I agree with you that we can bowl even up to low and mid 150s. However, I think there is something about Ind phyisque/diet that prevent indians from achieving a peak speed of 160 kmph (of course, very very few have ever done it)
  2. umesh and aaron did not cross 150 with the same regularity as archer and starc. I think they were a few kms slower in avg speed. we need someone even faster than them to beat starc, archer, etc
  3. Nagarkoti looked as though he could, but with all these injuries he (probably) cannot. mavi always looked like a 142-146 kmph type of bowler to me. finding bowlers who can cross 150 kmph seems to require a type of physique and diet that are very uncommon in SC. best chance for Ind is to do a "eng" and poach some WI player. Instead of playing for "West" Indies, they can play for "East" India.
  4. Add: Rat is "captaining" and Bewda is "coaching" to that list. rahul chahar and gopal should have been playing as well. latter will become a gun player for us in ODIs and T20s if properly groomed. fields and bats far better than chahal, and I believe that he can do just as good a job as chahal with the ball too.
  5. was this the sangwan who bulked up and amped his pace? that sangwan looked as though he was on 'roids.
  6. I will leave it to rtmohanlal to answer the question more fully, but you raise an interesting point. I just want to share my thoughts below regarding the subject. first, of course, it's hard to find bowlers who cross 145-150 kmph like archer does on a semi-regular basis. however, if we look at bowlers who bowled at 140-145 (or higher) for at least some portion of their career (not necessarily all the career), I believe there were quite a few. Note that SRT did not face all of them. (1) Shoaib Akhtar [mohd. zahid was also quite fast, although he did not bowl 170 kmph as deluded Pakistani claim] (2) Brett Lee (I believe 1 and 2 were faster than Archer on avg at their peaks) (3) Wacky Waqar (up to 1994-95) (4) Nantie Hayward (brief career, but cranked it at least to high 140s) (5) Dale Steyn (quite fast in early career; up to 2010 could bowl in low 140s when he wanted) (6) Morne Morkel had an avg speed of 137-138 in 2018 (toward end of career) and he was bowling low 140s quite consistently in some series (7) Ian Bishop pre-injury was definitely in low 140s. (8-11) Jermaine Lawson, Fidel Edwards and Tino Best could all bowl low 140s during the early stages of career. Reon King was quite quick. I remember he crossed 150 kmph a few balls, and generally looked like a low 140s bowler. (12-13) In some series, Flintoff and Harmison had avg speeds in the low 140s, but this was transient. they also extracted good bounce due to their height. (14) I don't know if Brett Schultz was timed, but he was fast and deadly. I believe he was low 140s at the minimum. (15) Mitchell Johnson bowled in 140s at the peak. One also has to take his angle into account. (16) Jason Gillespie was around low 140s at his fastest, although he was more of a swing bowler who operated in high 130s. (17-18) Brad Williams and Shaun tait were both genuinely quick. latter was certainly faster than archer at his peak. however, both did not play tests for the most part. (19) Shane Bond. brief career, but a wonderful one (albeit on helpful pitches). could definitely hit high 140s with ease. (20) heath davis was also someone who bowled in 140s. but had a very brief career due to injuries. (21) Devon Malcolm's pace varied quite a bit, but he could consistently bowl upwards of 90 mph (145 kmph) at his peak. (22) early career srinath bowled in low 140s. his fastest balls exceeded 150 kmph at the minimum, and some records even assign him a peak speed of 155 kmph. (23) Patrick Patterson bowled over 140 kmph during his somewhat short career, which extended into the early 1990s. he also extracted nasty bounce and was dangerous to face. (24) White Lightning (Allan Donald) bowled in the 140-150 range during his early career. after a series of injuries, he bowled in the 130s. I have probably missed out on a couple of names at least. thus, during the period of 1990-2010, I believe that there were at least 25 pacers who played international cricket and were able to bowl 140-145 (or upwards) for some fraction of their career.
  7. Vijy

    Watching animation

    this anime season has been one of the better ones in recent times: would recommend watching Fire Force, Danmachi II, Demon Slayer, Cop Craft, Dr Stone, and a few others.
  8. saw this 1940s film called "Come Live With Me" directed by the fairly well-known Clarence Brown. By no means a great movie, but it's a pleasant and charming old-school romantic comedy. James Stewart did a fine job, and Hedy Lamarr was breathtaking; I consider Lamarr to be the best looking Hollywood actress I've seen (when she was at her peak).
  9. Vijy

    Criterion Channel

    anyone watching anything on criterion?
  10. double failure for kane in this match. although he has a classical technique, I feel that smith is more effective against spin because of his lightning footwork. however, kane is a top batsman and we will probably see him bounce back in the next match. watling has been superb in his usual understated manner. SL is looking very very good to win the match. karunaratne has been a much improved player for SL. one of the better openers around, although that's not saying a whole lot these days.
  11. I remember this one match vs Aus where MSD did just that. in general, I rate his test captaincy quite poorly, but that was an effective strategy. wish we saw more out-of-the-box thinking in cricket. It doesn't have to be as much analytics- and strategy-driven as baseball, but it would be good to see more genuine innovation enter the test format without sacrificing the unique flavors of test cricket.
  12. Ind domestics have too many teams, but atleast we have divisions. what I'd like to see is the top 10-12 teams play 1.5 times the number of matches. someone like stokes came into int'l cricket with vast FC experience compared to pandu. english country structure has its own issues as does aus shield but there are points to learn from both. Ind also has plenty of domestic freaks with <25 avgs who are not int'l class. look up the FC records of gagandeep singh, joginder sharma, "legend" vinny kumar, etc and you will be surprised. Ind domestic bowlers are kind of strange: some are domestic legends with great avgs but not int'l class, whereas some int'l bowlers did not have the best of records. in the past, it is true that too many batsman had ridiculously high batting avgs, but I feel that the situation has improved slightly. it's rare now to find modern-day batsman with avgs over 55 (shaw and gill are exceptions) whereas in the past there were many.
  13. No wonder he enjoyed carrying SRT around on his shoulders after 2011 WC. I bet this was the high point of his career. to have an old and wrinkly midget close to him.
  14. we will also see MSD play 2023 WC. we may also see more of pandey and shankar.
  15. we tour NZ and Aus from what I remember. looking forward to seeing the latter. we will see Smith (in home conditions) boss the Ratman around. He will tear Rat a new one... and Rat will probably love it (secretly).
  16. Don't go giving Rat any new ideas... with his "new" and "improved" persona, he may enjoy doing so.
  17. yes, we will see KD, Jadhav and MSD at 4, 5 and 6 in next WC, with pandu at 7.
  18. yes, definitely SRT had the best technique of any batsman I've seen, and I have seen ball-by-ball innings by several players (although not live) from the 70s onwards. However, what I admire most Smith is his wonderful temperament (in that sense, among the very best ever and determination to find a way to score runs. Of the Fab 4, this is what sets him ahead of the pack in Tests although on pure technique Kane is ahead. With that said, Smith's technique is unorthodox and ungainly, but it is mighty effective; it is only a few extreme bowlers like Archer who trouble him to an extent. I reckon that Bumrah is another who could trouble him and so is Cummins.
  19. rat is also the best choker, let's not forget to add that.
  20. you also need archer's pace. someone like "legend" vinnie kumar bowling short balls would get a royal hammering by stewie
  21. agreed. braun is the best example but there were plenty of other nazi scientists and doctors grabbed by both USA, USSR, and others.
  22. don't know about musicians for certain, but I do know that one of their most technically accomplished directors (leni riefenstahl) was essentially blacklisted for the rest of her career. and she lived over 100 yrs of age, and yet was able to direct only a couple of minor "films" after WW2.
  23. I agree - it is not really on par with django and basterds. with that being said, I don't think I liked either of these movies as much as pulp fiction and reservoir dogs
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