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  1. she writes haiku? :O
  2. Vijy

    Legendary actor Sridevi passes away

    yes, I think it happened while she was still starring in telugu, tamil, etc films
  3. like a trundler (which he is). however, he was somewhat better than I'd expected.
  4. Vijy

    Sreenath Aravind announces first class retirement

    aravind was a solid domestic pro and served Kar well.
  5. nath is quite solid in short formats. Chand on the other hand has always been tuk-tuk bang-bang. he never rotates the strike enough.
  6. Richie Benaud... even his dead corpse would be nicer to listen instead of Danny Morrison.
  7. He is waiting for his buddies Jefferson, Adams and Hamilton.
  8. Vijy

    Deodhar Trophy 2018

    Samarth has been quite consistent this season. A pity Gopal is being consistently underbowled. If this continues, he will neither develop as a batting allrounder (bats too low, often at 7 or 8) or a bowling allrounder.
  9. Vijy

    Deodhar Trophy 2018

    yes, he does need to fix it. but i've always wondered why he succeeded more in FC than in List A. One would have expected his "flashy" style to be more successful in shorter formats. perhaps he finds a way of reducing this trigger movement in FC?
  10. he is rather skiddy from what I vaguely remember. perhaps the batsmen don't expect the angle (or pace).
  11. Vijy

    X1 for the next match

    he was a pretty ordinary T20 player. had a genuinely great run over the past 5 T20 innings. but still too early to tell if he has turned the corner or if it's a flash in the pan.
  12. yes, of course. I was just explaining to OP why Akram was a great bowler (not a "tailunt"). Apart from Amby, the other 3 played in stronger attacks IMO and more importantly had fielders who could actually catch. Amby was a beast of course, but he also benefited from playing majority of his career in fairly pace-friendly conditions (only 6 of his 98 Tests were in SC). He's still an ATG but this factor should be remembered (the same is also true for Shane "James" Bond).
  13. Vijy

    Kohli hates KL Rahul and is holding him back

    a bromance gone bad as one might say.
  14. Vijy

    Ricky Bhui

    yes, this was Lad's breakthrough season but he did decently last season too. What we need to look for is players who specialize in the middle order, avg around 45-50 and SR around 90-100 (preferably closer to 100).
  15. but our 8 and 9 will be relatively solid (Ashwin and Bhuvi).
  16. Vijy

    Justice for Rahul Campaign (JFRC)

    On a non-serious note, would like to see Vijay and Karthik open the batting in at least one Tests (instead of KLR or Dhawan). I'm sure their partnership would reveal the deep "understanding" between them.
  17. chepu seems himself as Ind's own Trott or Root (who both avg >50 in ODIs) but he's not even 10% the players they were in ODIs (not Tests). fortunately, I don't think he will be allowed anywhere near the ODI team.
  18. Vijy

    Is Rohit’s test career over ?

    Indeed, we will probably see the likes of Karthik and Raina in the Test team quite soon as well. I will not be surprised to see both Rahul and Vijay given the boot by Capn Fantastic at the end of Eng tour with Dhawan and Pappu opening because of their "aggression", while Rahane and Pujara make way for Rohit and Raina/Karthik.
  19. yuvi was a much bigger hitter and had more style IMO.
  20. Vijy

    Ricky Bhui

    bhui seems to be a good finisher but his SR is somewhat low for a finisher (like non-peak Dobby). I rather like Lad's batting for Mumbai although he's prob not really int'l level.
  21. I don't understand where all this "hate" is coming from. We already knew he is a severely limited (and overbloated) batsman in SA conditions, and I was surprised to see him make that 100. I'd say that he scored about 2-3 times more runs than I'd expected. I would have guessed an avg of 10 in the SA tour and not 22.4
  22. Vijy

    Will Mitchell Starc have career average below 25?

    it can approach 25, but I doubt if it will be 25 at the end of his career.
  23. Vijy

    How do you rate Virat after this SA series?

    Great post as always. The three factors you identified are the ones he needs to fix: KOs in WCs, Eng Tests and on turners.
  24. Has nothing to do with "tailunt". there are several factors. first and foremost is that akram was an underachiever. if he had played to his true potential, he would have an avg of around 20 (like alan davidson) instead of 23. second, most SC teams (except SL to some degree) drop a lot of catches compared to SA and Aus. srinath also faced the same issue. there's also the fact that akram started off somewhat slowly in tests and also had some dip in form towards the end. lastly, an avg of 25 in aus is pretty good since some aus tracks are quite flat (apart from bounce). when all these factors are taken into account, his overall record and career avg are still great.
  25. Vijy

    Let Prithvi Shaw replace Rohit!

    quite true. he does have these limitations. would also add chanderpaul to this list.

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