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  1. Vijy

    X1 for the next match

    Unadcutter was so toothless (and Thakur too) that even a part-timer like Hooda may do better. they have to give hooda chances in this series. he's the only one in the entire team with a T20 SR of close to 150 barring panta.
  2. Dravid was arguably a better batsman-keeper (not keeper-batsman) than anyone else in the world at that time barring Gilly.
  3. Vijy

    Dabur Amla career over????

    this thread is about amla isn't it?? I think Amla is going the same path that most batsmen who rely too much on hand-eye coordination go once their reflexes start failing. It happened to Sehwag as well. I think he's in decline but he's still light years better than the likes of Zondo, Behardien, Miller and Duminy in ODIs. In Tests, it's mostly a case of TINA since SA have very few young talents coming through apart from the potential great Markram.
  4. most of them were "rested" (bumrah, ummi, shami, etc all bowl 140+ quite regularly). instead, we got stuck with the likes of unadcutter in this series.
  5. Vijy

    Biggest Election Victory - Tripura

    no doubt shah and co's strategy is very good, but there were several other factors that played a major role (e.g. anti-incumbency)
  6. Vijy

    DK > Pant

    I quite agree. In T20s, DK is quite decent. However, I'd not classify him in the same category as Rayudu in ODIs.
  7. Vijy

    Vijay Shankar performance watch

    120s I think. looked pretty toothless. would have liked to see him bat instead of pandey and panth.
  8. Vijy

    Risabh Pant - Second Impression

    I don't think DK has got enougb chances in T20s but he has played in a lot of ODIs and flattered to deceive. Hence, IMO I would rather see someone get a go instead of him.
  9. I hope he learnt from the peak dhoni, not this old dobby.
  10. that's trundling in my book.
  11. yes, he is way too inconsistent.
  12. It's worth noting here that Yuvi took many, many years before he produced knocks like these on a regular basis - for the first 5 yrs or so, he played occasional classy knocks (like his debut or Natwest final) but was a big underachiever. In fact, his avg and SR were most likely lower than Hardik Pandya at the same stage. Most lilkely, we are not going to unearth someone new who can come in and start striking the ball so well before 2019 WC since most cricketers need some time to settle. Dobby was an exception, but such batsmen are rare.
  13. I think other posters may disagree but I don't think either of pandya bros should bat at 5. Would rather see them at 6 and 7, if they play. In contrast, in domestic cricket (both FC and List A), Hooda and Shankar are at least top-order bats who have experience playing at 4 or 5. However, neither of them can bowl particularly well - they should suffice as the 6th bowler in principle.
  14. Vijy

    How do you rate Virat after this SA series?

    he has a greybeard fetish clearly - Dhoni, yuvi, Karthik, now raina. I'm waiting for SRT, Kapil and Sunny to play. this will complete the team. perhaps even hazare and merchant can be revived (their skeletons).
  15. No.5 will be tricky. As you noted, Rahul could occupy No.4. One other point is that the No.5 (or No.4) will need to be able to bowl 3-4 overs if needed. I don't think pandya will deliver 10 overs per match safely everytime. and even if he does, one of the others can have an off-day. It will be necessary to look at krunal, hooda, shankar for this purpose but I have my doubts regarding all of them. of the 3, since we need a batsman who can bowl a bit, I'd think that hooda seems the best bet (going by List A at least).
  16. Vijy

    King Kohli vs Sir Viv in ODIs

    I agree with most of what you wrote, but a 4 yr timespan does not suffice IMO to label someone as an ATG (although they can still be a "great"). Lara still played a fair number of games at No. 3 from Jan '98 and had a decent avg (around 41), but I'd say that he just lost interest and the game underwent fairly rapid evolution after '96 onwards (I think his game was somewhat too classical for the changes that occurred). This trajectory is in contrast to SRT who only kept getting better in ODIs until about the late 2000s, and then subsequently he plateaued and declined. As we've seen, the likes of ABDV, Amla and VK have all had 4+ yr stretches where they put up ridiculously high numbers. I think that the real ATGs fulfill both of the following criteria: (i) they maintain a career avg and SR that is amongst the best of their time for the majority of their career and (ii) do very well in multi-nation tourneys.
  17. Vijy

    What is South Africa's T20 Squad like?

    seems quite tuk-tuk like jinx.
  18. assuming this rate, he should get there in about 6 yrs.
  19. Vijy

    How do you rate Virat after this SA series?

    he could end up like messi though. messi was a great player but he never had the right team to show off his full ability at the WCs. something similar could happen with VK thanks to our crap middle order.
  20. Vijy

    India's over reliance on top 3

    Regd #2, there's no way Dhoni will get dropped (unfortunately). We just need to plan around him, and manage with what we have. I agree regd Rahul, but I dunno why VK has distrusted him - even in tests, he didn't play the 1st match. I'm not sure if Pant and Kishan rotate the strike well. they both seemed more like boundary-hitters to me. hooda, shankar and krunal can all bowl/bat to varying degrees, but I doubt if they will be selected this close to the WC.
  21. Vijy

    Kuldeep and Chahal - Fan Club

    Obviously Kulcha.
  22. this nath has been a useful domestic batsman for UP. good to see juyal doing well. our next-gen hope.
  23. all signs are pointing that way: continued selection of Dhoni despite his clear decline, confusion about how and where to use pandya the batsman effectively, and then the musical chairs between jadhav, karthik, pandey and rahul.
  24. Vijy

    Hanuma Vihari

    he seems scheduled to go the badrinath way.

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