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  1. Vijy

    Preferred ODI WC19 11 / Squad

    My instinct is to replace Pant will Gill. I believe that, even in this era, having one middle-order consolidator who still scores at a decent SR is very useful. Gill's overall List A SR is around 86, but it has actually increased since his first 10 matches or so (when it was in high 70s). As of late, I think it has been in the mid 90s, which is good enough.
  2. didn't miss the point. just took the opportunity to mention how awesome hyenas are.
  3. Vijy

    Preferred ODI WC19 11 / Squad

    unlikely selectors will choose proper back-up options for pacers in ODIs. looks like our 3rd pacer will be a huge problem. other option is to go with 2 spinners but chahal has struggled in eng in the past - not sure how he is bowling presently.
  4. his bowling is lower than even this duo. his batting seems more proper, but I don't think he can score at the very high SR possessed by these two.
  5. hyenas confronting the lion have teeth that can bite through bones, which lions cannot do. 9 times out of 10, I would back a group of aggressive hyenas to kill the lion (and chomp away until almost nothing remains).
  6. Vijy

    KL + Hardik Support Thread

    he will never do so at this stage in career :)
  7. not bad for ODIs where chin-music is typically lower both due to nature of pitches, batsmen mentality & field placements, and bouncer restrictions. his bowling is crap though.
  8. in some ways, he is more like an early kohli. I think he can rotate strike well enough to slot in at 4. however, TM is fixated on rayudu at 4 and karthik at 5. unlikely to change this before WC.
  9. it will be hard for him to do worse.
  10. I think pant would be seen more as a like-for-like replacement for karthik. KLR was being treated as back-up opener so I think mayank or gill would have gotten the call-up. it's a pity we are carrying so much baggage in middle-order, otherwise both agarwal and gill could have been tried long ago.
  11. Vijy

    Congrats MSD for scoring 10000 ODI runs for India

    it will be too late to groom pant after giving karthik some matches since there are only 12 matches left I think. either TM will back DK all the way or they will do musical chairs with oldies and newbies without anyone getting a settled run.
  12. neither of them inspire complete confidence, tbh. the most recent knockout we have faced in WC is the 2015 SF. dhawan was better than both to some extent. I think gambhir was a more clutch player than either - 2011 WC and the 2007 T20.
  13. there are no non-trundlers who have been groomed by selectors and TM in ODIs. I agree with you that selectors and TM have screwed up the whole process. I am expecting eng pitches to be quite flat. hence, my 4 bowlers would be: shami, bumrah, kuldeep, chahal/khaleel. chahal did badly in eng last time, but maybe he can improve if he gets some match practice in NZ pitches (which are also very flat). all-rounder will be either hardik (if he returns) or jaddu. 6th bowler should be either jadhav or shankar.
  14. I hope they will give opportunities to gill, but I am not optimistic about TM. they will probably go with rayudu, jadhav and karthik (who's the worst of the lot statistically) in the middle order, along with Old Man Dhoni.
  15. Vijy

    KL + Hardik Support Thread

    I don't think shankar will. too crappy a bowler to serve as 5th bowler. maybe a useful 6th bowler though.
  16. any team with bhuvi and khaleel (in present trundling form) are going to get blasted to smithereens.
  17. Vijy

    Get Dhonified !!!

    been out of the forum for a while until recently. hard for me to remember which ones are the old bots and which are the new ones. thanks for the info.
  18. I don't know for sure if trump will be around then. warren is a likely candidate to emerge out of the democrat primaries.
  19. probably a bit too late. have a feeling that rayudu, karthik/jadhav and Dhoni will end up playing at 4 to 6 in the WC squad, with Pandya/Jaddu at 7. I'm not saying it's my pick - just that the TM seems to favour oldies with greybeards and no gas in the tank.
  20. a few other articles also seem to be saying this. it will be interesting if he slots it at 4 or 5. Kohli at 3 and Kohli jnr at 4/5.
  21. the other one. sounds like simba, but not exactly that.
  22. Vijy

    Get Dhonified !!!

    basically every innings within the past few yrs where he did not back, and therefore did not mess everything up.
  23. Vijy

    Holes in world cup squad

    1975 and 1979 were worse. but this will be the worst in a long long time,
  24. Vijy

    Get Dhonified !!!

    the one asshole to rule them all.

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