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  1. krunal pandya is not in the squad. the reason many people have put jaddu is that he's the only allrounder left in the absence of hardik. the other option is to go with 5 bowlers, but our middle order is weak & unstable, and having a long tail will be problematic.
  2. Vijy

    Test Team for 2019

    this is a good strategy. I think bhuvi should be more in the mix overseas if the pitches are conducive to swing. as we know, he is a useful batter as well. My only quibble in the lineups is that bharath ought not be the reserve keeper if we play 5+1+1+5 since I don't think he is competent enough with the bat to play at 6. kishan has regressed as a batsman sadly. we need to identify a back-up to pant who is young-ish, keeps decently (and on an upward learning curve), and can avg in the high 30s at least with the bat.
  3. they are praising him to the high heavens because they know that he, the one and only Greybeard (father of Treebeard), is Ozzies best player.
  4. Would have been far better to have Treebeard (for LOTR fans) play instead of old, doddering and senile Greybeard.
  5. yes, I think this is what we will see. as always, everything depends on our top 3. no.5 to 7 are terrible to varying degrees.
  6. southee isn't a bad bowler either. since most of them haven't played kulcha, I would expect the first 1-2 games to go our way at least because of novelty factor.
  7. he was probably on steroids or something. 123 to 127 is amir's "natural" pace since his return.
  8. Whatever for? for mucking up decisions in SA, Eng and Oz, all of which cost us Tests that we could have and should have won? Thanks, but no thanks.
  9. Vijy

    Shubman Gill keen to make every post a winner

    for a youngster of his age, he has a very complete game. I think he can handle bounce very well in particular. looking at his style, I have some concerns about him on raging turners - but this applies to nearly everyone these days.
  10. Vijy

    Kohli wants 3 more pacers

    BK during pre-injury has been the best of our swing bowlers. both sandeep sharma and kubani ke meetha (Gurbani) are good swing bowlers, but they get about the same (or less) amount of swing at a lower pace. we need to look to developing siraj, rajpoot, saini, aniket (and maybe tanvir-ul-haq) among relatively experienced domestic pros and further nurture avesh, khaleel, mavi, nagarkoti and rasikh - all of whom are more raw, but arguably with more potential. I am not too concerned about our fast bowling depth, provided that it is managed well - this is a big "if" since our management has been iffy.
  11. Vijy

    Ashton Turner in Australian ODI Team vs india

    Marsh jnr is a pathetic Test cricketer, but he is a very useful ODI bowler. his bowling can pick up the odd wkt (especially if other pacers apply pressure) and he scores more freely in this format with the bat.
  12. this is SL we are talking about. the same one that got whitewashed at home by Ind and Eng (admittedly 2 of the best teams around). they don't have the pace bowling resources, and their batting sans matthews is very weak too. moreover, ozzies are still butthurt from the walloping they received from us - I'm expecting them to pull their socks up and do better, i.e. defeat SL comprehensively.
  13. yeah, pretty sure that zim and Bangladeshs also have faster bowlers in their team, even if not faster attacks as a whole. looking forward to seeing them get more phainty from the saffers over the next 2 dats.
  14. ranked behind both Pak and SL then.... feels certainly odd given how this duo has been performing in 2018-19.
  15. we were certainly far from no. 1 in terms of actual performances, but I had been wondering about what the formal ranking was - I know it wasn't no.1 because of the great 0-8 we "achieved", as you noted. however, still losing at home to eng will remain a perpetual sore spot, even though eng had a top-notch batting lineup as well as the swann/panesar combination at their near-best.
  16. lyon has become very good in the past few yrs. mcgill declined towards the end, both stats-wise and bowling-wise (2007-08). on the whole, having seen enough of both, I definitely rate mcgill as the better all-conditions wkt taking threat.
  17. we weren't no. 1 I think (?), but I will always remember how cook and co. plundered that victory some yrs ago.
  18. He will not make it as a pure bowler to most teams - a pure bowler needs to bowl 20-25 overs per innings, and I don't think his body is accustomed to such heavy loads. As an all-rounder, he can make it to quite a few teams. Given the state of batting, he can also walk into Bang, Zim, SL, and WI as a pure batsman. Probably also Pak.
  19. Vijy

    India A team to face england in unoffical tests

    Although it's evident that Pant needs to improve his keeping, I'd rather see someone play in the "A" tours who is not a regular in the Test squad, and I think Pant has a settled place in the team (for the near future). Ditto Mayank and Shaw. All of them need to work on their skill sets for sure, but I wish to see more back-up options for the future being tested. My "A" squad focusing on potential back-ups would be: (1) Easwaran, (2) Panchal, (3) Gill, (4) P. Garg, (5) Kishan (?), (6) Rinku Singh, (7) Gopal, (8) Rahul Chahar, (9) Mavi/Rajpoot, (10) Avesh and (11) Aniket C/Tanvir ul-Haq (need to try lefties) Remaining 5 include: (1) Aniket C/Tanvir ul-Haq, (2), Mavi/Rajpoot, (3) Gowtham, (4) J. Sidhu, (5) Saurabh Kumar/S. Dubey I think this team has reasonably experienced openers for near-future, some young guns to be tried in middle-order (Garg, Gill, Sidhu) and a lower-middle-order specialist (Rinku). I omitted the likes of Nair and Bhui in favour of Sidhu & Garg - have seen 2-3 of their innings, and I think they have the beginnings of something special IMO. In my book, leg-spin is the most important of the lot as far as spinners are concerned. Hence, I'd like to see both Gopal and Chahar get a shot - one is more of an all-rounder with domestic experience (Gopal), while the other has raw talent and potential (Chahar). India is sadly lacking in offies (apart from old warhorses Rasool & Saxena), so I've gone with Gowtham. Not seen enough of Saurabh Kumar, but we need a proper back-up for Jaddu - left-arm orthodox who can plug away, and score some useful runs. Dubey had a strong beginning, but fell off - however, I think he is better than Shankar as a bowler. Pace options select themselves: Mavi, Rajpoot, Aniket. Siraj and Saini have already had their share of "A' tours exposure. Stuck Tanvir in the mix as well, since we need to try out lefties. Back-up Keepers are definitely an issue: have not seen Wadkar (Vidarbha) and Upendra Yadav (UP) keep. They both have good batting records, but not sure how they are in terms of wk keeping. Bharat has gone on enough A tours - I think he is a safe-ish keeper, but his batting is not much to write home about. No idea about younger keepers like Anuj Rawat either.
  20. Vijy

    Yasir Shah gets a Double Century in Australia

    he is a slow-medium trundler in SENA, except that even such bowlers (e.g. larsen & ealham) were far better than him. it's stretching the imagination to call him a "spinner" in SENA. Sure, he bowls well at home and gets loads of wkts, but that's true of almost all 2nd and 3rd tier spinners. I'm sure even someone like raju would have a better home avg.
  21. Vijy

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    yes, sidhu's batting is very easy on the eyes. seems to play spin well too - lovely footwork.
  22. Vijy

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    seems more of an odi or even test player to me. should first tour with ind a and play at 5 or 6 to see how he does.
  23. Vijy

    Ranji trophy 2018-19

    Rinku Singh's stats are interesting to look at - he has played across multiple seasons and has an avg of 70+ with a SR of nearly 70 in the middle and lower-middle order. I have not seen him bat enough to arrive at an opinion, but I wonder if he may prove to be a useful player (especially short formats). Having a counter-punching No.5 or No.6 could be a real asset.
  24. Vijy

    Who was the true MOM in WC 2011 SF?

    could be raina, SRT or one of the bowlers. no single stand-out performer in my book. yes, SRT benefitted from a lot of dropped chances, but that's all down to the opposition. one can hardly fault him for making the most of his chances.
  25. yes, 1 ATG and 3 very good players (Amarnath was ATG against fast bowler in latter half of his career). gaekwad/chauhan were not good, but were solid and hung on.

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