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  1. Here is a thread for fans of the great Kurosawa to discuss his movies and career. As many of his most famous works involved samurai, one can also discuss and recommend samurai movies that they liked.
  2. England's 0-8

    exactly. no one beats Dhoni's overseas captaincy in tests.
  3. Moeen Ali

    think he qualifies in 2022. many years to go.
  4. Moeen Ali

    eng lacks any genuine pacers who also have control apart from josh tongue, and even he can bowl in low 140s (not mid to high 140s) steadily. they have a couple of others who have pace but no control like garton.
  5. India - SA all time test XI

    barry richards did well in packer, in the few tests he played, and in eng and oz domestics. there are plenty of eyewitness accounts by contemporaries as well. I agree sample size is low to judge him wrt smith/sehwag, but this is not his fault. anyway, my original post had been prior to realizing that poster asked for 6 SA and 5 ind in XI. with these constraints, it makes sense to have sunny g and smith/richards IMO.
  6. Moeen Ali

    they like him since he can avg around 35 (excluding this tour) with the bat. even though he is not a bowler, eng mindset is that he is "lead spinner" who also can avg 35. hence, they won't drop him. most likely stoneman will be the scapegoat. vince will also not be discarded since he has powerful backers.
  7. India - SA all time test XI

    neither chanderpaul nor steven smith have orthodox techniques. that didn't stop them from being highly effective runscorers.
  8. Moeen Ali

    maninder was utter crap when teams could play spin or when pitches did not aid him.
  9. Moeen Ali

    his bowling and batting avgs should be swapped. ali was utter crap, but eng will not discard him - quota selection and because he bats.
  10. India - SA all time test XI

    doesn't matter if he "looks" mediocre (which he does not), what matters is scoring runs. sehwag, barring some innings, looked ordinary/mediocre outside SC.
  11. what change? maybe they will drop vijay as kohli will not abandon his buddy dhawan.
  12. a poorly settled team will have issues of gelling together esp overseas.
  13. good application of jinx. gutless batting on the whole.
  14. England's 0-8

    from 2002-2011 (prior to WC), I think we had a 7-9 record overseas and 10 draws. won series in pak, nz, wi, eng, and came close in oz, sl and sa. by most standards, an excellent record.
  15. yes, eng batting has been more spineless than I had expected. however, oz is taking too long to remove this duo.
  16. ashwin has a higher avg than rohit + dhawan as well.
  17. of course he's pretty ordinary. eng just want batsmen who bowl part-time spin. hence their selection of dawson and ali.
  18. blame is mostly on bcci due to their scheduling and lack of respect for test ricket.
  19. England's 0-8

    yes, and the bcci should be blamed for the lack of prep. if they want the team to do well abroad, its important to arrange for proper schedules.
  20. Favourite TV shows

    lol. he really knows nothing.
  21. Favourite TV shows

    very true. some class performances all around apart from the infamous aunt & her nephew (you know who).
  22. Favourite TV shows

    yes, most of them were already good actresses. forgot to mention sophie turner and lena headey earlier. I found, and still find, clarke's acting to be on the weaker side compared to other past/present main female actresses such as lena headey, michelle fairley, gwendolen christie, etc.
  23. Bali ka bakra

    rahane has opened for mumbai, but it has been a while. he became a middle-order batsman eventually.
  24. SA bowling attack

    they always seem to be better travellers, perhaps it's home pressure.

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