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  1. in the previous tour, the Chepu and Kohli show was a pretty good one. But I enjoyed the '96 one more.
  2. Favourite TV shows

    it is an amazing series, but the avg quality on every season IMHO has dropped a bit in every successive series.
  3. Favourite TV shows

    GOT has a wide selection, for diff tastes: Emilia Clarke, Carice van Houten, Rose Leslie, Nathalie Emanuel, Esme Bianco and of course Natalie Dormer to name a few. I saw (all of) Natalie first in The Tudors, and then in GOT.
  4. Commentary team for INDvSA series

    serves "sanju the useless" right. smith showed him how it's done, and by "it", I am referring to both commentary and batting (and being a self-respecting person).
  5. Bumrah needs to be tried in Test matches

    it's not really the same ball game as ODIs even against tailenders. besides, ashwin can also do this by using the variations.
  6. If and when we win something, no doubt people will point to these "predictions" as being prescient.
  7. Home Season Fielding Statistics

    Looks like Ishant also has 4 (1+3). these delhi lads sure like their butter chicken and their butter fingers.
  8. Favourite TV shows

    if you like her, you will certainly see a "lot" of her (more so than in Game of Thrones).
  9. Great Green Wall of Africa

    True. And all this aping of the US needs to stop. While the US has done many things correctly, it has also handled some issues very badly. moreover, it's not just the fact that india's population is 4 times larger but also that its area is about 3 times smaller. hence, the congestion from private transport is massive - I've seen a lot of it in Bengaluru and Hyd.
  10. not all of the best talent is necessarily international, perhaps about 50% of more is domestic. hence, we could see a drop by a factor of half or so. second, I am not convinced that all of the H-1B holders are "cream of global talent" since many of them work fairly routine jobs (albeit with a specific skill set based on higher education). for these reasons, I think it's possible for DTrumpf to implement this rule without too much pushback.
  11. Favourite TV shows

    the tudors is a good means of passing the time. lot of melodrama and events unfolding continuously.
  12. Even if we assume that they are necessarily the best XI players in the country (an assumption that I personally don't agree with), it does not mean that they are all "top" players. The same could be said of SL, Bang, Zim and WI that their players are all "top" but that they haven't performed up to potential. Frankly speaking, I don't understand this word potential - if someone continually performs "below their potential" (as many commentators say), to me it just implies that their potential was overrated and they are cricketers with more limitations than originally anticipated. In the past few years, people's attitudes have actually softened rather than becoming more harsh. If we had got that 8-0 drubbing in the 90s or early-to-mid 2000s, there would have been a lot more protests, effigies burnt, stones thrown at players' houses, etc. The fact that Indian fans have matured slightly is a good thing on the whole. But, on the other hand, giving cricketers an overly long rope (in terms of their selection) will not be helpful for anyone - neither for the player himself, nor for the team as a whole.
  13. Great Green Wall of Africa

    unfortunately, not many cities where number of ppl using public transport > private. mumbai comes to mind
  14. Favourite TV shows

    yes, it does have swearing. gilmore girls didn't, so i found it rather odd.
  15. it's a very strong record, and rightfully so. could have won more tests, and had less draws, if our bowling was better. regd silence, it's because they are all bcci chamchas or depend on t20 revenue indirectly for livelihood.
  16. what if a player fails repeatedly overseas? are they still good/great players with bad shot selection? shot selection is a major component of being a good/great player.
  17. Favourite TV shows

    mrs maisel also had partial nudity in some of the first episodes. didn't expect it from the creator of gilmore girls.
  18. Great Green Wall of Africa

    let's hope it works. I do not have high hopes for it to be fully completed.
  19. we could still have lost if it was a 4-day test, and 1 day being washed out.
  20. Syed Mushtaq ali trophy 2018

    his bowling must be rather rusty since he's usually very economical, esp in domestic t20s
  21. What should be bowling strategy in 2nd inning?

    and when they succeed, praise them to the skies and fangirl over them (like our captain).
  22. yep. smith's knock was true captain's innings. also reminds me of ganguly against oz in brisbane.
  23. India - SA all time test XI

    none can. ATG SA (with graeme pollock, barry r, etc in the mix) and maybe ATG Eng (because of pre-war cricketers) can come a bit close.
  24. 12k Runs for Cook

    he is far better than other seniors like thuggerson, barbie, ex prima-donnas such as KP, etc. has integrity.

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