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  1. sanju manju has played test cricket, lot of FC, and watched test cricket for 40 yrs or so. and yet a lot of what he says is ridiculous.
  2. che is not as much of an all-conditions batsman compared to kane and amla. but he is the best #3 we have at the moment, and it's ridiculous that commentators are dissing him.
  3. Can't depend on Shami.

    our pacers are always capable of surprises (mostly of the negative kind)
  4. IF all of these things happen, then it will have played a useful role. But, there are lots of ifs and buts
  5. 12k Runs for Cook

    yes, but it's pretty close to 10,000. It's definitely true that opening is the hardest position in Tests.
  6. yes, of course I was referring to peak versions and excluding Nole for the purposes of simplification (for whom I have a massive amount of respect naturally).
  7. it's a wise policy. we'd be buried as a result of "majority rule".
  8. 12k Runs for Cook

    I agree - it is a toss-up for me, mostly because I've never seen such toothless bowling on homespun pitches. The previous Ind vs Eng, which actually had somewhat flat pitches, was a more accurate reflection of India's spin bowling. My No.7 would be Atherton slightly ahead, at No. 8 I would have Edrich and Washbrook at 9. Tresco/Vaughan at 10 for me. This list excludes occasional openers such as Cowdrey (who played 22 tests and avg 46 there).
  9. we will need about 1 more washed out day to have a good chance of escaping with a draw.
  10. In these conditions... cough... kohli...cough.
  11. Bali ka bakra

    perhaps he will go into a slump.
  12. fed would probably win if there wasn't a certain guy called nadal. it's boggling sometimes to think of how many titles one of them would have won if the other didn't play at the same time. in fed's place, the number of titles would be greater but without fed i can see nadal having won a few more wimbledons and hard court titles.
  13. for a good amount of time, kapil did average around 27 or so with the ball so he didn't underachieve all that much with the ball. But he did do badly with the bat. Should have easily avg in high 30s, given that shastri (a limited but gutsy player) avg 36 and over 40 as opener.
  14. his love for imran truly transcends space and time.
  15. 12k Runs for Cook

    hayden in 2001 was better than cook in 2012. ashwin bowled very badly then, whereas dartbhajan was at peak in 2001. I'd put hayden, smith, cook in that order. in SC, sehwag trumps all. it's interesting that cook would be No.6 in the list of Eng openers of all time in my book: Hobbs, Hutton, Sutcliffe, Boycott, Gooch and Cook. shows how much talent Eng had in the distant past.
  16. 12k Runs for Cook

    it will be difficult against NZ IMO and easy against SL. Against Pak and Ind, can go either way I think.
  17. 12k Runs for Cook

    far too optimistic, unless he makes merry against us.
  18. 12k Runs for Cook

    what about sunny G?
  19. the point is that he lacks the ability. many of his dismissals show a pattern indicating clear weakness. he is not really test level. failed in div 1 mostly, and scored some runs in div 2. perhaps he is good enough by eng standards. if Rohit had an avg of 20 after 12 tests (incl some at home), people would have called for his head (and rightly so) but eng go ga-ga over vince.
  20. SA bowling attack

    if only pattinson was fit, could have been 4 vs 4.
  21. 12k Runs for Cook

    I see. so this is cook's last tour. good to know you can predict the future.
  22. he has played 12 tests so far and avgs in the low 20s (bhuvi level), not 2-3. how long is this learning curve supposed to be? maybe he'll do better at home against weak attacks, but that's about it.
  23. he is a crap player. there was a nice article by kimber or someone which summarized his failings. he lacks the ability to learn from his mistake. just because he plays prettily and looks assured, people think he's suitable for tests but he's not.

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