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  1. Umesh Yadav - As brainless as ever

    Yep. Good old Aggy. I'd take him over most of our current bowlers. He'll probably go for more than 6 RPO, but I'd trust his wicket taking abilities more than the others. And he was a very good fielder, and an erratic but interesting batsman. (Bombay Duck)
  2. But, in that 50+ avg, most of his runs came in the league stages. The relatively better attacks in the semis and finals were UP and Mumbai. Here, as you said, he probably got a start and didn't capitalize. And, let's not forget that pie-chuckers such as Dhawal Kulkarni won't be playing in the top international teams. The Starcs, Boults, etc. will be in business in general. Standard of bowling in IPL is also uneven. These T20s in Oz will be a better indication of his abilities, albeit not a complete one.
  3. Lack of power hitters costing India

    I forgot Mayank Agarwal. Seems to me that he'll do rather like Dhawan - purple patches and lean runs. One could also try Baba for the opening, I think he did that for TN this year in List A?
  4. Lack of power hitters costing India

    I found his bowling very unimpressive. Batting looked okay, fairly solid, but nothing special. Anyway, if he gets near the international team, it should only be in Tests - too slow a batsman otherwise.
  5. Unfortunately, the video can't be accessed from where I am. I'll take your word for it. Even given Dhobi's negative captaincy, he usually treats Ashwin better than his pacers, etc. Of course, better fields and so on would help, but Ashwin is hardly a newbie. He should ask for the fields he wants, and if he doesn't get them, he should have learnt by now to bowl well despite these limitations. Let's not forget that he came into this series with a lot of hoopla around his current Test ranking, etc. He certainly let the team down, and what's more, reinforced everyone's belief that all 4 tests in Ind (vs Saffers) were raging turners, when only 1-2 of them were actually so.
  6. Umesh Yadav - As brainless as ever

    He can develop into a good bowler in Tests, if nurtured well, and if he puts in the hard yards himself. In ODIs, a fit and firing Aaron would be a better choice than him if one wanted a genuine speedster. But, speaking of speed, Ishant has been cranking it up quite well, like in that last over. The 3 pronged attack you mentioned is quite viable provided that Bumrah sustains his good start. If not, a third pacer will need to be found. 1.4 per match is not bad as you said. However, I recollect Sir Aggy (an underrated cricket) having much more :)
  7. Lack of power hitters costing India

    The problem is that Baba can't bat below 4 either... simply doesn't have enough of a quick scoring game. If he's to be given a chance, it would require dropping Pandey or Rahane and having Dhobi at 6. As we discussed earlier, not a very optimal choice. Moreover, baba's bowling has also regressed in List A - there was a time when that bowling avg was in low 20s. Now, he's gone from a batting allrounder to part-timer.
  8. When we find such a skillful bowler, I'd agree with you. Fatwin is not that man - has a long way to go, and will probably never get there. He may (or may not) end his career with a record better than Kumble, but Jumbo he is not. He is consistently being found out for the same reasons - doesn't impart as many revs to the ball as someone like Swann or even Lion. Now, Lion had a poor ODI series, but that's partly because he's played very few ODIs and not had an extended stretch in this format in recent times.
  9. It didn't stop people from commenting about Armaan Jaffer, Prithvi Shaw and Sarfaraz Khan when they were even younger. Anyway, I doubt is this boy will even be a success in FC, but statistically speaking, these are fairly anomalous numbers.
  10. Just like the captain. And the bowlers. And the fielding. And the lower middle order batting. But not the top order and middle order batting.
  11. Still not otherworldly like all these Pandya fanatics would have one believe. I'd recommend that you check out the SF and F knocks... in both, he had ample time to bat, and ended up scoring at a SR of around 100 (or a bit less, I forget which). And this was against terrible domestic attacks. I don't see how he is the next Kapil Dev or something based on that.
  12. Given the choice between Ashwin and Jaddu in this series, I'd have gone with Jaddu. It's not like the former ran through Oz taking lots of wickets, did he? Jadeja can never take wkts on unfriendly pitches, but his ER even on pattas is unlikely to cross 5.5 to 6.00
  13. Umesh Yadav - As brainless as ever

    Well, the thing is that people expected more out of Umesh because he had traits other bowlers couldn't emulate (genuine pace) and the hope had been that he would develop into a genuine and complete fast bowler after some yrs on the circuit. Instead, he has either remained stagnant or regressed. The fact that he has 1.4 wkts per match is not so amazing - I'm sure that Pisshant is in the same ball park. And once Shami returns, one of these 2 howlers...er..bowlers must make way.
  14. Lack of power hitters costing India

    Aparajith had promised so much when he first entered the scene. I thought that India had found its ODI batting allrounder - he still has a solid List A record, but there's too many top and middle order options these days.
  15. Lack of power hitters costing India

    What would you judge him on? I'm just curious - I don't think the SMA trophy is good evidence.
  16. True. But, his tone verged on the defeatist (which is fine for us armchair critics), and as the captain he needs to convey the same message differentl.
  17. Whatever he does, Ashwin is not a capable bowler in non-friendly conditions. He has proven that time and again - the WC '15 was more a fluke for him in my opinion. Jaddu is pretty useless as a wicket taker but he can keep his ER down to a reasonable rate, which Asswin can't do very well.
  18. I don't like either Jaddu or Ashwin overseas, but between the two, Jaddu offers more in terms of fielding and tighter bowling. However, at 8, he lacks the big hitting abilities required at that position. A No.8 walks out when 6 wkts are down, and this can certainly happen when 5-10 overs are left (or lesser), and you need someone to smash the ball around. I'd rather keep his position flexible and give him some overs. What we need for the last few overs is what Yusuf Pathan briefly promised to do before utterly fizzling out. Rahane deserves the No.4 position.
  19. These days, everyone is out for Dhobi's blood (and mostly for good reasons), but they run the risk of missing the few good point that he does make.
  20. Lack of power hitters costing India

    Yes, it will be good to see all this hype resolved one way or another.
  21. Raina for me was definitely much lower than Yuvi. The reason is that Yuvraj took a fairly long time to really get going in ODIs... started producing runs consistently after nearly 100 ODIs. Then, he peaked for a few years, and then the output dipped again. With Raina, for the most part of his career, it was never high nor low - just in the 30s, until recent times when the form deserted him. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I believe Yuvi had more ups and downs in his career, and during the better phases was one of India's most valuable players. For Raina, I would never use that tag although at his best he was a very solid utility player for the country. It is sad that we can't produce anyone who can reproduce even their role at 6 and 7... at least, not yet. Perhaps some of the present candidates will come good, although I'm not very optimistic on that count.
  22. Our FC system has always been bad. It's one of the reasons why we never dominated WC for any extended period of time.
  23. Yuvraj was not a genuine batting allrounder. For a short period, before (and up to) the WC '11, he was indeed a genuine batting allrounder. If you look at his record before that, he was only slightly better than the Sachin-Sehwag-Ganguly class of part-timers. But, he was certainly a very good fit at 5 when in form. As for Rahane, if given a long enough run at 4 (or 5 at the max), he will do a good job as long as he is given a realistic role.
  24. Exactly my point earlier. We never produced a stream of ready made cricketers. Our best period as a team was during the mid and late-2000s but that relied on 3 eras (Kumble and Tendu from the early 90s), Dravid, Ganguly and VVS (from the mid 90s), and Gambhir (for a short period), Sehwag and Zak (the three from the early 2000s) followed by Dhobi. So, at most, in any given 5 year period, we produced 2-3 "ready made" cricketers. Hardly a lot. And if one considers the periods before and after that, it was even lesser. Dhobi is indulging in the age-old nostalgic fallacy of how everything was better in the good 'ol days.
  25. Lack of power hitters costing India

    Depends on what you mean by Indian pitches. On Indian roads, Jaddu is hardly lethal... he's only lethal on pitches that aid turn significantly. And I don't see why we need to pick between Dhawan, Jaddu and Binny. I'd even prefer a washed-up old player like Irfan above these 3 (and I say this knowing that Irfan is very far below his peak performances).

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