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  1. Has SHankar played in any of the A tours/matches? Just curious.
  2. A fast bowler India might have had

    Typical mismanagement of phaast bowling resources. Can't even count the number of bowlers who touched 140-145 and then became trundlers because of this reason
  3. Kuldeep Yadav vs Ashwin Ravichandran in ODIs

    Probably because of his "fielding" (although Ashwin is as bad).
  4. Your test squad for Sri Lanka tour?

    I wonder if Iyer will ever get a chance, or he will become a Badri.
  5. We had some others who performed once in a blue moon, and won us occasional matches - RP, Sree, etc.
  6. Why not have a U-19 team play FC?

    I am not advocating that they play regularly "against" them, but it would be nice to have 1-2 matches per year where their mettle is tested against a senior India "A"-type team
  7. Fakhar Zaman was disappointed with Dhoni

    Seems like unnecessary sensationalism. It's the captain's role to congratulate (or not) - not Dhoni's anymore.
  8. The ICC Women's World Cup | England & Wales 2017

    True. Also applicable for other SC teams.
  9. Looks like Shastri will make it.
  10. TOP 5 all rounders of all time

    If you are comparing across eras, you should include Faulkner in the 2nd tier instead of Botham. Botham was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - in the first 1/3rd of his career, he was truly remarkable with bat and ball; then he faded away in both disciplines. Imran also had slow start, but made up for it for majority of career (and declined towards end again).
  11. Dinesh Karthik and Murali Vijay (in the same movie).
  12. Bumrah needs to be tried in Test matches

    On flat pitches: Umesh; On pitches with seam/swing: Bhuvi; other pitches - Shami
  13. The strategy was wrong - for example, SRT was amongst the top scorers in 1996, 2003 and 2011 as an opener, and they made him bat at 4. Moreover, there were a fair amount of internal disagreements, etc.
  14. Why can't dhoni just be axed

    Both Kishan and Pant are rather inexperienced in 50 over matches, which is why the selectors chose the "great" Dinesh Karthik. Saha, Pappu, DK, etc. are all > 30 too, which means that they are not long term options.
  15. Bumrah needs to be tried in Test matches

    On home pitches, our spinners are good enough to eliminate the tail. And abroad, these days we struggle to even make inroads into lower order - the most recent Oz tour is a good example.
  16. True. His ODI form was amazing. Big contrast to all our legends - SRT, Dravid, Yuvi, etc.
  17. The ICC Women's World Cup | England & Wales 2017

    Pity Lanning missed out on some easy runs, but Aus top 4 are looking very solid - Mooney, Bolton, Lanning and Perry (2 ATGs in here). Not very convinced by their middle order though.
  18. Why can't dhoni just be axed

    I want to see Dhoni being given a much longer run. But, since I like Saha (in Test), I should point out that his sample size in ODIs is very small. Until Dhoni scored his wonderful debut 100 against Pakistani, he had a very poor start to ODI career as well. Again, just to reiterate, I am not advocating dropping Dhoni in place of Saha (or anyone else, except perhaps QDK).
  19. Sounds like an interesting story there :) I agree that 6 is a hard position for a youngster to come in and perform right away. For now, Panther at 5 and Jadhav at 6 seems more realistic.
  20. Jaddu should not bat, IMO, anywhere lower than 6 (or 7 at most). He lacks the ball-striking ability of Pandya or the innovative strokeplay of Jadhav. If he plays in the team, he should come it at 6/7.
  21. I hope Pant will prove to be good enough to play at 5 or 6. Seems to me that Jadhav is being wasted at 6; would prefer to see him bat at 5. Dhoni has to play at 4 and no lower.
  22. A fast bowler India might have had

    I only saw Harvinder's few ODI matches and he was definitely not as quick as Ishant (I'm assuming that you are referring to an Ishant who can bowl 140+ steadily). I agree that he was better at swinging - his main issue was a lack of control. Deserved more opportunities given that his ODI record was still very good when he was discarded.
  23. Jaddu lacks firepower to score at 110-120 SR in closing overs. Given how bad Yuvi is doing, and if they want to retain Jaddu, they should just swap the two. Dhoni at 4, Jadhav at 5, and Jaddu at 6, with Pandya at 7.
  24. SRT also played only 10 matches sporadically. Hence, in my opinion, the biggest two "regular" culprits since 2011 WC are Yuvi and Rahane in that order with Yuvi leading by a big margin; Raina has scored at the required modern SR of 100, but I wish he was a bit more consistent.

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