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  1. Just now, Jimmy Cliff said:

    Krunal Pandya reminds me of the great Khurasiya albeit with better temperament. Bedade IIRC was a pure spinner bully. Pant at least based on IPL can go after the pacers.

    true. the current batch are still much better than some of the horrible 1990s (and pre 1990s) cricketers we had in Ind (I'm sure we all have our personal "favs" in this regard).

  2. 11 minutes ago, express bowling said:


    Among Bangla pacers, only the Fizz bowled a solidary delivery at 140 k +  (  142.5 k  )



    Rubel     139.9 k

    Taskin    137.1 k




    I thought I saw taskin cross 140 (must have been fizz then I guess). somehow, that 142 kmph ball by shankar didn't feel so fast to me; atleast, it didn't appear so on the screen (I know looks can be deceiving).

  3. 4 hours ago, Sean Bradley said:

    What's with MRF and their bat sponsorship, do they select Legendary batsmen to offer sponsorship, some name that i can think on top of my mind.


    SACHIN TENDULKAR (defined MRF with his Straight Drives)







    Please add names if i am missing any.


    Is it that whoever MRF sponsors goes on to be one of the ATG'S of Cricket?


    Also predict the future batters who will go on to win MRF bat sponsorship.


    Prithvi Shaw & Shubman Gill both will have a fair shot someday i think.


    when tests are considered (not just ODIs), shikhar dhawan is not a legendary batsman and not an ATG either.

  4. 4 minutes ago, Ankit_sharma03 said:

    Saw the highlights

    Mahmdullah wkt ball by shankar showed the speed of 143k, didnt look like 140+ delivery at all 

    the speed guns seems suspicious. the Bangladesh pacers were all able to touch 140 (or above) and I'm not convinced that they can attain such speeds apart from Taskin. Fizz can attain such speeds but he's coming off an injury and has been slower (at least visually) since then.

  5. 34 minutes ago, UnknownGenius said:

    Vengsarkar seems bitter. Something else triggered hi


    badri deserved every chance he got. Not because of CSK but he had performed for years running in domestic cricket. In fact, I'd say they discarded him too soon. SHould ahve been given more test chances

    I never felt that Badri would cut it at int'l level. Yes, he scored that 50 against Steyn but it was a very unconvincing knock. To me, Badri was a poor man's Pujara and had many of the same failings that Chepu exhibits overseas (but not in SC).

  6. 4 minutes ago, express bowling said:

    Khaleel bowled really well today


    10 -0 - 49 - 3   in a final match, showcasing his temperament.


    Bowled in good areas.


    Pace was ok, but he bowled quicker in earlier games.   Needs to become consistent regarding bowling  high pace.


    Was getting movement.


    One improvement needed -- he needs to improve his seam position, ball release and wrist whip.





    how was prasidh? saw that he was wicketless.

  7. 12 minutes ago, Brainfade said:

    This is a humbling reminder to me as to why I am not a talent-scout, and my expertise is limited to posting $ h ee t on a message board about things I know nothing about.  


    Or I was right all along and they should've picked Pant back when he was ripping all attacks apart confidently, not when his confidence is a bit shaky.  

    but pant had a good domestic T20 season and a decent (albeit inconsistent) List A season. the timing of the selection was decent, if not ideal.

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