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  1. 5 minutes ago, SK_IH said:

    i think their mindset will change post this series,sky commentators have already started talking about it,you may also see some raw fast bowlers introduced

    eng lacks any genuine pacers who also have control apart from josh tongue, and even he can bowl in low 140s (not mid to high 140s) steadily. they have a couple of others who have pace but no control like garton.

  2. Just now, HippoSucks said:

    I never said they have to have orthodox techniques. But there has to be some element of footwork, which clearly isn't the case for Richards. Smith might have an unorthodox technique but it certainly isn't bad or lacking (although that might change once his hand eye deteriorates in a couple of years).

    barry richards did well in packer, in the few tests he played, and in eng and oz domestics. there are plenty of eyewitness accounts by contemporaries as well. I agree sample size is low to judge him wrt smith/sehwag, but this is not his fault. anyway, my original post had been prior to realizing that poster asked for 6 SA and 5 ind in XI. with these constraints, it makes sense to have sunny g and smith/richards IMO.

  3. 4 minutes ago, SK_IH said:

    dont think he will be selected again in tests for sometime,he will be the scapegoat for this debacle

    they like him since he can avg around 35 (excluding this tour) with the bat. even though he is not a bowler, eng mindset is that he is "lead spinner" who also can avg 35. hence, they won't drop him. most likely stoneman will be the scapegoat. vince will also not be discarded since he has powerful backers.

  4. 2 minutes ago, HippoSucks said:

    He doesn't look mediocre?



    And of course, it matters how their technique is. I would go with Smith over Sehwag though.

    neither chanderpaul nor steven smith have orthodox techniques. that didn't stop them from being highly effective runscorers.

  5. 5 minutes ago, SK_IH said:

    Moeen Ali performance this ashes :

    Batting : 179 runs at average of 19

    Bowling : 5 wickets in 5 matches ( :hysterical: ) at an brandmanesque average of 115 


    Is this worst ever performance in 5 match series,considering he was supposedly one of their main performers

    his bowling and batting avgs should be swapped. ali was utter crap, but eng will not discard him - quota selection and because he bats.

  6. 4 minutes ago, HippoSucks said:

    Not hard to fathom when you look at the footage. He did well in Packer but looks completely mediocre.

    doesn't matter if he "looks" mediocre (which he does not), what matters is scoring runs. sehwag, barring some innings, looked ordinary/mediocre outside SC.

  7. 3 minutes ago, kira said:

    Everyone wants their team to do well, the problem is that the Indian fans have been brainwashed into thinking that wins at home don't matter, wins in asia don't matter only performance in aus, sa and england matters. Don't see the aussies losing their sleep over their atrocious record in subcontinent in the last 10 years. 


    We haven't been the worst touring team in this century, infact we were one of the better touring teams till 2011 and now every team sucks overseas.

    from 2002-2011 (prior to WC), I think we had a 7-9 record overseas and 10 draws. won series in pak, nz, wi, eng, and came close in oz, sl and sa. by most standards, an excellent record.

  8. 2 minutes ago, Rasgulla said:


    Averages of Current Indian players in RSA

    *Current Test may or may not be updated for some players*


    Dhawan  -          6 

    Vijay         -        25 

    Pujara       -       45

    Kohli       -          55

    Rohit       -          11

    Ashwin    -         18 (played 1 match)  

    Saha        -          °_°


    Vijay has better average than Rohit and Dhawan combined :((


    ashwin has a higher avg than rohit + dhawan as well.

  9. 1 hour ago, Turning_track said:

    Lol, what has been the contribution of Moeen in this series? 

    Batting avg below 20 & bowling avg in triple digits of 115 picking only 5 wickets. 

    I fail to believe that Poms can't even replace this guy. Seriously poor & this guy played all tests. Trevor Bayliss and Paul Farbrace are clueless. 

    of course he's pretty ordinary. eng just want batsmen who bowl part-time spin. hence their selection of dawson and ali.

  10. 27 minutes ago, Turning_track said:

    We need daddy hundreds from our batters to win us overseas tests. Everybody knows that to win a test bowlers must pick 20 wickets. But being a nation which prefers/loves/adores being called place of great batsman as compared to bowlers, the batting unit as a whole must take the responsibility and deliver. Then we must look to our bowlers and ask for wickets.

    Each and every time,  the team start a series being on back foot. That must be changed to some extent. 

    blame is mostly on bcci due to their scheduling and lack of respect for test ricket.

  11. 7 minutes ago, kira said:

    Again, what exactly would have warne done? Macgill was a massive upgrade on warne against India in australia. And why do you continue to ignore gillespie from the bracken-williams-mcgill combo?  It's as if you are deliberately trying to downplay the aussie bowling attack. Lee played 2 tests in that series and averaged 60. Australia was only missing 1 player and that was McGrath.


    And? Have we lost the match? Have we lost the series? I don't see the point of you rant since as far as I can see, we are still very much in the game. It is not kohli's or the team's fault that there is no match practice. It is the job of BCCI to schedule the series. I personally think having net sessions was better than playing a practice match against school kids. We've only batted in 1 innings in this series so far in very hostile bowling friendly conditions against the best pace bowling attack in the world, what exactly did you expect was going to happen? I will wait till the end of the series to judge this team, I think we did pretty well to score 209 (although it was mostly due to pandya but he was able to score freely because pujara batted out the tough morning session so he deserves some credit too).

    yes, and the bcci should be blamed for the lack of prep. if they want the team to do well abroad, its important to arrange for proper schedules.

  12. 2 minutes ago, Turning_track said:

    Exactly.  GOT fans have criticised Emilia Clarke for her performance & found it dull to some extent. 

    A lot is at stake when Emilia is a POV character in the show.

    Michelle Fairley wasn't even POV character along with Richard Madden, but due to their superb performances GRRM and DD gave them ample screen time as confirmed by GRRM. 

    very true. some class performances all around apart from the infamous aunt & her nephew (you know who).

  13. 1 minute ago, Turning_track said:

    In GOT barring a few, most of these beautiful ladies are very talented or they've improved a lot in their acting skills. It's heartening to see all the actors of GOT doing well in other movies and TV series.


    yes, most of them were already good actresses. forgot to mention sophie turner and lena headey earlier. I found, and still find, clarke's acting to be on the weaker side compared to other past/present main female actresses such as lena headey, michelle fairley, gwendolen christie, etc.

  14. Just now, Khota said:

    Your statements are a joke. Revisit the context in which I wrote and I still stand by it that IPL stats are lot more meaningful than the test stats that you show. Either you get it or you dont. Unfortunately you dont.


    Not much difference at all between ODI and Test opener. If you can succeed as a opener in ODI you can easily do it in tests. Rahane can easily do the job but you with your neanderthal thinking cannot see the future.

    rahane has opened for mumbai, but it has been a while. he became a middle-order batsman eventually.

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