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  1. 51 minutes ago, ShoonyaSifar said:

    Others have added Markande and Chahar.


    Will add one name to the list SS Quadri. Used to play for Jharkhand, now playing for Bihar (which doesn’t help his case). Is perhaps the biggest turner of the ball among all in domestics (saw him bowl in 2018 VH trophy), though fitness standards may not be upto the scratch

    yes, quadri is the biggest turner I have seen as well, but he is completely off selectors' radar. promising career once upon a time, but I don't think anyone will pay attention to him anymore since he's in the new plate league.

  2. 1 hour ago, mishra said:

    Not really. He is always considered not fit for limited over Cricket. Like Dravid

    I don't people consider root to be like dravid. of the fab 4, he is arguably the second best in ODIs. Kane is technically more sound (scores more 50s) and Smith has some clutch knocks, but root is a pretty complete ODI batsman.

  3. 1 hour ago, SecondSlip said:

    Which leg spinners in the domestic circuit are ready to play ODIs and be back-up for KulCha when they are unavailable? 


    Leg spinners are hot prospects all over the world. We need to prepare a good number of back-ups so we don’t rely on useless defensive darters like Jadeja and Axar. 

    markande and gopal for ODIs, with rahul chahar a long term option.


    for tests - gopal and chahar as a long term option.


    gopal has the advantage of being competent with the bat as well.

  4. On 1/19/2019 at 2:38 PM, zen said:

    Some nice transfers of old Hitchcock films:


    • Suspicion: This is a new 2K restoration done by Warner Archives in 2016 
    • Rebecca: 4K restoration on regular blue ray done by Criterion in 2017 
    • Notorious: Released on Jan 15th 2019. The new 4k restoration on regular blue ray done by Criterion 
    • Foreign Correspondent: 2K restoration done by Criterion in 2014 (below)





    I guess Criterion will do a new 4k restoration of Spellbound as well so look forward to it 

    should be fun to watch them.

  5. 14 hours ago, Starpower said:


    Jan 20 match score card 



    Jam 18 match we won too

    Eng Lion lost 9 batsman for 41 runs 

    Eng captain 52+ 11 extra 


    good to see gaekwad did well in the recent game.

  6. 12 hours ago, express bowling said:


    I never put too much importance on FC performances and stats by themselves.  The quality of average opposition batters and opposition bowlers is not that high.


    First,  the game of the player must look suitable for international cricket.  That is the key.  Then I look for performers among the right kinds of players.


    At least 80% of the top run getters and  wicket takers in Ranji Trophy never end up being international players.

    we can't take FC stats to be conclusive, but they still tell us part of the story - it's just that they don't tell us everything. otherwise, someone would think aditya sarwate is the best spinner in the country (as per stats). in reality, it's more likely he has bagged a lot of wkts on rank turners.

  7. 4 hours ago, Vilander said:

    If you did can you tell me something that disappointed you in the screen adaptation. What is it ?

    there are many in the latter seasons, but I won't focus on them since they overtook the books. among the things that I disliked from the early & mid seasons include: handling of dorne, overly prolonged depiction of theon's torture across a season (served no purpose IMO), jaime-cersei sex scene (written very differently in the book), etc. among the plotlines from the book that were discarded, I thought that dropping lady stoneheart was a bad move too.


    Btw, there are books where I feel the movies did a better job. Godfather is one, IMO.

  8. 10 hours ago, Vilander said:

    It's usual to find people claiming that they liked ' the books' more or complain something in 'the books' was overlooked in the screen version. Folks do this mostly even though they probably have not read the books much or only heard about the books after they chanced on the show.  People do this because they think it makes them look superior lol. It's funny everytime someone tries it.  

    I am not denying that many like to do this. I began reading the GoT books in 2006 - many years before the TV series, but also many yrs after the first book was released (in the mid 1990s).

  9. 1 hour ago, coffee_rules said:

    They are playing against Sau with Pujara in. Hope they let Rahul play in this match. Venue is not yet announced. The other semifinal is Kerala vs Vidardha in Wayanad. Lucky for Kerala, it is dodgy pitch though.

    this will play to kerala's advantage although vidarbha also have a decent attack.

  10. 12 hours ago, express bowling said:


    No captain feels comfortable playing with just 6 batsmen in ODIs.   Rarely, if ever, have I seen any captain do it if a big hitter cum 8-over-type player is available.


    Add to that fact that one of the 6 batsmen has to be Dhoni, who will play slowly. 

    it could have worked if we had top 3 in current form as well as peak dhoni. but we have greybeard now/

  11. 27 minutes ago, express bowling said:


    Kaul and Chahar have been sent back from the national team after they looked totally innocuous against international batsmen.


    Don't know why the both of them are getting selected together.  There should not be more than 1 trundler in the team ... and that too if he is very highly skilled. 


    Add to this Shardul, who is a short fast-medium bowler.  This bowling attack is looking too similar in the first 3 matches.



    yeah, it's bad. was hoping to see aniket or tanvir and see if any left-arm alternatives to khaleed 2.0 (the trundly-wonder) could be discovered.

  12. On 1/18/2019 at 11:38 AM, sandeep said:

    Over 35 games since April 2017, Bhuvi is averaging 32.8 with an SR of 39.  For the same time period, Kagiso Rabada is averaging 32 with an SR of 38 in 19 games.  The only bowlers with a better economy rate than Bhuvi are Bumrah, Rabada and Amir.  Btw Amir is averaging more than 45 per wicket.   


    Just like Ishant's cumulative test stats were horrific for a long period, but he is a much better bowler over the last 3 years, same goes for Bhuvi.  You can't judge Bhuvi's current bowling capabilities and execution skills based on his career stats which are badly impacted by a bad year or 2 from 5 years ago.  




    he has also been impacted by niggles, and being in & out I guess. with that said, he has underachieved to some extent in ODIs. an avg of 32 is decent, but he should be capable of getting that avg (in this streak) to less than 30.

  13. 3 hours ago, MSD > Tendu said:

    I think #5 will be fine for WC 2019


    But as he ages, I hope TM realizes that #4 is ideal position for MSD for WC 2023

    they should move him up to an opener in WC 2031. he will be 49 then - Wilfred Rhodes played int'l cricket till he was 50+.

  14. 6 hours ago, express bowling said:

    Why not selected   ?




    Tushar Deshpande 


    Pant in first 3 matches.




    Why selected   ?


    Deepak Chahar




    lots of trundlers chosen. I like bawne, but he is a FC specialist, and has flattered to deceive in the few FC "A" matches he got. going to hahane again makes no sense either.

  15. 13 hours ago, express bowling said:

    @Vijy... we need to include only those bowlers who have a realistic chance of representing India in the near future in that particular format ... and are preferrably in form.


    For tests --


    Rahul Chahar can definitely be the backup wrist spinner.  Probably has some batting ability too.


    Nadeem the backup left arm orthodox.


    Gowtham,  a decent backup for Ashwin.  An off spinner in form who can bat somewhat.


    Rajpoot, the tall, accurate fast medium backup for Ishant. 


    Avesh and Mavi ... genuine fast bowlers in great wicket taking form ... backups for genuine fast bowlers Bumrah and Shami.


    And Warrier ... a bouncy fast medium bowler who is in top form too.


    There is no point wasting spots on dibbly dobblies like Deepak Chahar  (  was picked for the Unofficial test series in NZ   ).   Will he or should he play for India in tests in the near future  ?

    all of them are good choices. however we need to identify a better offie for the future - gowtham is the best of the meagre pickings in this category (e.g. rasool & saxena are too old).

  16. 47 minutes ago, flamy said:

    Not gonna post wishlists with players that are not sure to be in WC squad. But from what we have, this would be the best 11:














    agreed. this is probably the best among the teams that TM can realistically choose.

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