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  1. Just now, R.D forever said:

    Jeez. Over reaction again. 320 is more than enough. If Australia can chase the highest ecev fourth innings target in Adelaide then Kudos to them.

    however, that is not the point of the thread. the point, IMO, is that we could have batted more smartly and easily got to a target of 370-380. nearly all the wkts lost were due to shoddy and incompetent batting that reflected a lack of cricketing awareness and intelligence (i.e. our captain & coach combo).

  2. 1 minute ago, Trichromatic said:

    Right now it looks like Aussies will be chasing 320 runs in 140 overs.


    Time won't be issue for either team. Indian team will think that they fell short by 40 runs of likely target of 360 and 10 overs less.

    if pant had batted more judiciously, and ashwin & rahane not thrown away their wkts a target of 370-380 was very settable.

  3. 2 minutes ago, SK_IH said:

    Sorry but just like Jadeja I am starting to marvel how did this guy score 300 in a domestic game. He is just too loose.

    His strategy of going at every ball was miscalculated (heavily), but I don't think he was this rash during his bumper Ranji season. I don't think he is (yet) suited to be a No. 6, but he is better than our current No. 6 even now.

  4. Just now, Muloghonto said:

    Yeah but even when coaches/captain tells you to go bash and score runs quickly for the team, only Afridi so far goes 'chakka every ball' mode in Tests. Pant, if he was smart, would've blocked a few more balls before 'chakka-chasing' again. I don't think any coach/captain has ever really said 'i want you to go out there wanting to hit six every ball'. 

    Are you sure? This is Kohli and Shastri we are talking about.

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