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  1. 19 hours ago, Gollum said:

    No matter what, I think Kohli will opt to field first, he is a pre-programmed bot with very little common sense. Let us see whether the myth of him being a great "chasemaster" holds true in the grandest stage of cricket, surely he can't embarrass himself any further in WCs. 

    Him and shastri bot. Amazing duo.

  2. 4 hours ago, Gollum said:

    I know present Steyn is way past his prime but the way Babar took him apart in the RSA tests, haven't seen such kind of treatment meted out to the legend since Michael Clarke/KP days. Not for a moment comparing them, but it takes some chutzpah to stand up against legends (cutting across sports) no matter how old and weak they are, Manju talked about this in his book which made for an interesting chapter. 

    it was impressive, but he had the advantage of coming in at 5 against a very weak Steyn IMO. Peak Steyn would have destroyed this Pakistani lineup incl. Azam. With that said, Azam is clearly the best of the Pak bunch by a fair margin.

  3. 9 minutes ago, Muloghonto said:

    When it comes to ODIs, i have actually never seen a more cool under pressure dude than Dhoni, ever. He just doesn't get flustered under a climbing run rate and he is okay if the target is even 18 off the last over. His mentality is always 'as long as the target is 2 runs in 2 balls, it doesnt matter what it was 3-4-8 overs ago'. 

    The best chaser, in terms of mentality, I've ever seen.

    Yes, I agree about his temperament (even if some others may question it), but I was thinking more along the lines of his ability to produce the big hits at will these days. there have been some close matches in int'l cricket where he wasn't able to close them out as he would have been able to (at his peak).

  4. Pant has shown: (a) he has the destructive power and (b) lacks finishing skills. If he does not learn in the next 2-3 yrs, it will be a huge waste of talent. even in Tests, when he takes his time and settles down, he plays very well. however, there is this annoying tendency to play death or glory shots at wrong times.

  5. 44 minutes ago, sandeep said:

    Shehzad lost his mojo after getting hit on the head.  By greenbro standards he wasn't half bad as a batsman.  Still one of the few batsmen across the border who can drive a ball to the boundary on the rise.   But his development stalled, and he got delusions of grandeur etc,  lot of mental issues with that one.   

    All in all, seems like a typical Pakistani in many respects then. Umar Akmal was another who the Pakistani community hyped a lot. I thought they'd finally discarded him some months ago, but he keeps turning up again and again.

  6. 46 minutes ago, someone said:

    Seems like the IPL has harmed many of our players reputation and form. Many are in worse position post-IPL than pre-IPL. Whats your take and its implications?


    Kuldeep, Chahel- performed poorly , whereas Ashwin/Gopal performed well.


    Vijay Shankar- whats his role? Cant bowl neither bat well...


    Jadhav- poor form, injury as well now.


    I can only think on Dhoni, Pandya who have emerged stronger whereas many are worse, and some are constant...

    chahal has not done badly at all.

  7. 1 minute ago, Forward Defence said:

    Dont mind the SR too much. In a full strength Windies team with the likes of Gayle, Lewis, Hetmyer and Russell batting around him,stability and consistency will be his USP

    if he plays the anchor role well, he will be a good addition. it will also come in useful if they collapse - knowing WI, this will happen at least once I thinj.

  8. 14 minutes ago, gakgupta said:



    I have been following him from 2007....I was awestruck by his elegance and range of shots...When he is in his zone, he is probably one of the finest ODI batsmen and total treat to eyes...


    When he plays that offside six .... he made feel like  .... "****!! ...Cricket is this simple"


    I don't have statistics but I follow cricket enough; not to miss any major events. I haven't seen him successful in any of the major events. Big stages really makes his pussy. He doesn't have stomach to handle big occasions. 


    To win major events we need big match players...


    Same reason, i respect players like Yuvraj, Gautam, Dhawan, Raina etc who rose to the occasion and play important innings on important occasions...


    Who are those players for this world cup...

    My guess

    1) Dhawan

    and no body else....

    I would like to believe following players have balls to handle big occasion

    1) Hardik

    2) Dhoni 

    3) Bumrah

    4) Shankar


    Dhoni may, or may not have, had big match temperament but ability-wise, he has been in decline for last few yrs. Shankar does not seem mentally strong to me, even if he has improved since nidahas. hardik and bumrah are contenders IMO.

  9. 3 minutes ago, gakgupta said:

    There were some good pak players who are neither selfish nor tuk tuk

    1) Saeed anwar

    2) Imram Khan

    3) Inzy

    4) Misbah - My personal favourite


    Coming to this guy, he has future but i thought the same about kohli-look-alike (Can't remember his name)

    shehzad (who was tuk-tuk)

  10. 12 hours ago, Forward Defence said:

    Shai Hope has 2 centuries in 2 matches. Will do well in the world cup

    neither were against good teams. hope is much better in odis than in tests for sure, but he needs to find an extra gear against top teams. before this series, he had a good avg but a poor SR.

  11. 6 minutes ago, Gollum said:

    Nice to have you back man, long time.


    This Ishant is different I feel, last 3-4 years especially. 

    thanks. yes, last few months were very busy.


    ishant version 2.0 is far improved in tests, but he (or for that matter other back-ups) has not played sufficient ODIs unfortunately; I think lambu's last ODI was 2016 or 2017. just one more instance of crappy planning from the great selectors.

  12. On 5/6/2019 at 1:20 AM, Gollum said:

    I'll start with mine:


    • Australia will defeat the hosts on 14th July to win their 6th WC crown, 2nd on the trot and 5th of the last 6 editions
    • At end of group stage Eng will top, Ind 2nd, Aus 3rd, NZ 4th
    • Cummins MOS and MOM in the final, leading wicket taker with many memorable performances right throughout
    • Bairstow leading run scorer with 600+ runs, Kohli will lead the batting charts for majority time but then falter towards the end
    • Smith MOM in SF against India with a match winning 100 
    • Kohli to fail yet again in a WC KO match 
    • Kohli will win the toss in SF and elect to field first on a highway, hot sunny windless day with pitch slowing down in second half, chasing myth to be busted yet again after Aus set us a target in excess of 350
    • SF we will be reduced to 10/3 by Starc/Cummins, proceed to lose by 200+ runs as Zampa gets a 5fer
    • England will crush NZ by 9 wickets in the other semi 
    • Dhawan our top scorer with 500 odd runs, Shami top wicket taker
    • Bumrah will get injured and fly back home by the middle of group stage
    • Dhoni will score decent enough runs but mostly inconsequential/low impact ones, will top score in the SF like 2015 SF but at an even lower SR
    • Kohli to get a brilliant start but later on struggle with a troublesome back, will be among top 5 run scorers
    • Kuldeep to have a bang mediocre WC, Chahal will be among top wicket takers
    • Jaddu will cost us a couple of big matches with his selfishness
    • India-Pakistan match will be reduced to a 25 overs match courtesy rain and we will win comfortably...7-0
    • Our middle order will be non-existent, Bhuvi to bail us out of a couple of tricky situations with the bat
    • Rohit will get injured because of belly injury some time in the middle of group stage to be replaced by KLR who will do very well as replacement opener
    • Eng will score 500+ runs once in group stage, most probably against Lanka 
    • Aus batting will misfire in the beginning but get in groove by the end of group stage
    • Lanka will lose all 9 matches, Afg will win against Lanka/BD, Pak/WI will narrowly miss SF cut, RSA will finish a distant 7th in their worst ever display in a WC
    • BD will upset a couple of top teams but then hilariously lose to Afghans, Mushfiqur will be among the best batsmen on display with a couple of outstanding 100s
    • Rashid will be the best spinner of the edition, a couple of hat-tricks which will be a first in WC history
    • WI will score max number of 300+ scores, even more than Eng but poor bowling/catching will let them down
    • Pandya to struggle with the ball but have a memorable one with the bat, shades of 1999 Klusener 
    • Kohli/Root/Smith/KW all will have good WCs and be among top scorers
    • Many high profile injuries in middle of WC, especially those who participated in IPL: Rabada, Butler, Bumrah, Rohit, Malinga, Kock, Russell
    • Kohli-'It doesn't really feel like a bad WC', 'Aussies aren't my friends, Steve Smith ko katti', 'I am not here to fight with you', 'You people are jealous of Mahi Bhai, he will stay till 2035 WC'
    • Shastri will be the most bombastic coach on display

    I've highlighted the ones that I feel have a high probability, especially Shastri the cheerleading "coach" and Kohli flattering to deceive again in a ODI KO match.

  13. 3 hours ago, zen said:

    If Jadhav is injured and Shankar likely to wither away, the chances of Ind having to field the below sooner than later in the tourney increases:









    Kuldeep / Chahal

    Bhuvi / Chahal



    if it's selected, looking horrible this team is [in yoda-speak]. 3 batsmen, 3 part-time batsmen (Dhoni, pandya and klr), and then the tail starting from no.7

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