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  1. all of them are good choices. however we need to identify a better offie for the future - gowtham is the best of the meagre pickings in this category (e.g. rasool & saxena are too old).
  2. Vijy

    Kedhar Jadhav :player without X factor

    one more efficient innings from jadhav.
  3. Vijy

    Virat Kohli vs sachin tendulkar 100's in AUS

    my post was in response to an ODI-centric thread. de kock & gilly opened in ODIs.
  4. Vijy

    Team for World Cup 2019

    agreed. this is probably the best among the teams that TM can realistically choose.
  5. Vijy

    Vijay Shankar vs Hussain Talat - Who's better?

    true in all likelihood, but that's not saying much . it's like saying that milkha singh was not as good a runner as usain bolt
  6. Vijy

    in DK I still dont trust !

    yeah, ours is highly top-heavy as everyone knows.
  7. Vijy

    Your unpopular opinion thread

    it's ironic, since martin wrote the books as a response to LoTR, i.e. as an anti-LoTR in some (not all) respects. TV shows have been leaning more and more towards LoTR-izing the whole plot & characters, which is a real pity. LoTR is great, but trying to copycat something never works.
  8. maybe rahul chahar is not on the same level as far as being a special talent is concerned (I think he may be just as good), but given our lack of test leggies, he should be playing in the A-team.
  9. it is growing at such a massive rate that I wonder maybe there is something inside - like in "Alien", the movie.
  10. we can't really compare viv with the rest. he was so long ago, where ODIs were basically extended tests and he was a massive outlier in the era. many compare viv's avg with that of current players, but it should be remembered that viv's batting fell off quite badly in his last yrs. for a long time (in terms of yrs, since fewer ODIs were played), he had a 50+ avg at a 90+ SR. in the case of kohli and others of this generation, we need to wait before retirement before knowing what their stats will be like. I think the only major contenders for Kohli's spot as numero uno in ODIs are Viv and ABDV. Not SRT, Amla, Root, Rohit, etc. In Tests, I think SRT from the 1990s (and to a lesser degree from 1993- pre WC 2011) was better technically than any of the current Fab 4 - Williamson, Kohli, Root and Smith. Of course, being more technically adept does not automatically make someone (incl. SRT) a bigger matchwinner.
  11. I think the crux of the matter is in the last paragraph. we don't have any tangible options as of now, especially for 2019 WC. sure, maybe one day nagarkoti, mavi, salam, kid flash, etc. will all become awesome ODI fast bowlers, but that day is not yet here.
  12. neesham is not as destructive as anderson or grandhomme, but is arguably a more complete batsman than either. if all 3 were available and in good form, NZ would be even more challenging than it is now.
  13. Vijy

    Pravin Amre - Another lost talent in the 90s

    amre was not an ODI player. selectors screwed up by mixing players across formats (just as they do now, although less often hopefully). ajay sharma was one more - he had a god-like ranji record, did decently in the 1 test, and was discarded. in contrast, he played a lot of ODIs despite his batting not being suited to that format.
  14. Vijy

    in DK I still dont trust !

    NZ have a very strong middle order as well. most teams would love both williamson and taylor in the middle order.
  15. Vijy

    Your unpopular opinion thread

    for sure, GoT has too many fanbois for what has been just an above-average series over the past few years. I see at least 5 series per yr that are better than the GoT of past several yrs.
  16. headline is reminiscent of "beware of greeks bearing gifts" (trojan horse).
  17. both are good utility players. NZ still has a good no. of them. corey anderson used to be one more, and there's also neesham.
  18. Vijy

    Virat Kohli vs sachin tendulkar 100's in AUS

    to be fair to dhoni, he nearly made a 100 in the 1st match, although it was in terms of no. of balls faced. on a more serious note, one cannot expect many 100s from any batsman who has mostly played at 6 or 7.
  19. Vijy

    We need to talk about SENA

    SC is rather obsessed with SENA, that's true. As for SENA, they value doing well in SC, but not to the exclusion of everything else. for example, I think Eng would rate winning against Ozzies in Aus higher than winning against Ind in Ind.
  20. he will be in the 15, but I don't know if TM will play him in XI. I expect they probably won't. they are most likely gonna go with: bumrah, shami, bhuvi, kuldeep and hardik. no idea who will be 6th bowler. maybe chuckdu, dhawan or kohli since rohit has given up bowling.
  21. Vijy

    Top 5 Hitchcock

    so true. that, and the eventual reveal of the villain, etc.
  22. Vijy

    Your unpopular opinion thread

    wait.. kit harrington acts? I thought all he does is: puts on a morose face and stands dumbly at all times. emilia clarke is also a rather ordinary actress, although she's gotten better to some extent. as you said, most of the remaining good actors are sidelined - dinklage, waldau, headey, etc. charles dance was amazing while he was around - he's a fine actor. last few seasons have too many special effects and too little plot/character development. I agree with you that in some quarters, the hype is certainly very high.
  23. chahal is not effective on all pitches. maybe that's why - he did badly in eng for example.
  24. Vijy

    Your unpopular opinion thread

    I don't know if your opinion is that "unpopular". most of the people who review TV shows for newspapers, magazines, etc. were speaking about how last season (and even the one before that) were going off the rails. ditto for more nuanced viewers as well. As a fan of the books, I never liked GoT as much as the books even at its peak (seasons 1-4).
  25. zampa is also a capable bat. almost a bowling all-rounder. no idea what Oz management is thinking by keeping a wrist-spinner out prior to WC prep.

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