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  1. Vijy

    India vs Pakistan world cup history

    Him and shastri bot. Amazing duo.
  2. it was impressive, but he had the advantage of coming in at 5 against a very weak Steyn IMO. Peak Steyn would have destroyed this Pakistani lineup incl. Azam. With that said, Azam is clearly the best of the Pak bunch by a fair margin.
  3. given how fanatic their fans are, it's more like 100s of millions.
  4. Vijy

    Performance of Indian spinners in IPL 2019

    rahul chahar and gopal were both impressive, especially the latter.
  5. DK has every right to be angry... but he should start with being angry at himself first, for the captaincy blunders he made.
  6. Vijy

    Priyanka Chopra at Met Gala

    he is sansa-ing her. [although, in reality, the roles are reversed I'd imagine]
  7. Vijy

    Rohit ... Absolute chicken

    Yes, I agree about his temperament (even if some others may question it), but I was thinking more along the lines of his ability to produce the big hits at will these days. there have been some close matches in int'l cricket where he wasn't able to close them out as he would have been able to (at his peak).
  8. Vijy

    Golden opportunity for Rishabh Pant

    Pant has shown: (a) he has the destructive power and (b) lacks finishing skills. If he does not learn in the next 2-3 yrs, it will be a huge waste of talent. even in Tests, when he takes his time and settles down, he plays very well. however, there is this annoying tendency to play death or glory shots at wrong times.
  9. All in all, seems like a typical Pakistani in many respects then. Umar Akmal was another who the Pakistani community hyped a lot. I thought they'd finally discarded him some months ago, but he keeps turning up again and again.
  10. Vijy

    Our WC Squad form in IPL

    chahal has not done badly at all.
  11. Vijy

    Game of Thrones Season 8 Official Trailer

    That's because Sansa took inspiration from Littlefinger and decided to get rich by starting a coffee chain business empire. As others have noted, it should be called Starkbucks not Starbucks.
  12. Vijy

    Tri-Series (Ire/BD/WI)

    if he plays the anchor role well, he will be a good addition. it will also come in useful if they collapse - knowing WI, this will happen at least once I thinj.
  13. Vijy

    Rohit ... Absolute chicken

    Dhoni may, or may not have, had big match temperament but ability-wise, he has been in decline for last few yrs. Shankar does not seem mentally strong to me, even if he has improved since nidahas. hardik and bumrah are contenders IMO.
  14. shehzad (who was tuk-tuk)
  15. Vijy

    Tri-Series (Ire/BD/WI)

    neither were against good teams. hope is much better in odis than in tests for sure, but he needs to find an extra gear against top teams. before this series, he had a good avg but a poor SR.
  16. thanks. yes, last few months were very busy. ishant version 2.0 is far improved in tests, but he (or for that matter other back-ups) has not played sufficient ODIs unfortunately; I think lambu's last ODI was 2016 or 2017. just one more instance of crappy planning from the great selectors.
  17. not suprised to see hackthaty at the top of the list, but he at least scored at a brisk SR, whereas uthappam's scoring was as immobile as as... uthappam
  18. he will probably say it after getting KOed by Aus/Eng/WI/X in the knockout stage.
  19. let's hope that lambu does not turn into a lamb (for the slaughter) if he does play in any of the games.
  20. Vijy

    Priyanka Chopra at Met Gala

    so, um... crazy lady and littlefinger jr
  21. Vijy

    Make predictions for the WC

    I've highlighted the ones that I feel have a high probability, especially Shastri the cheerleading "coach" and Kohli flattering to deceive again in a ODI KO match.
  22. Vijy

    Which was the best world cup final ever?

    1983 and 2011 were close contests. the rest were fairly one sided.
  23. if it's selected, looking horrible this team is [in yoda-speak]. 3 batsmen, 3 part-time batsmen (Dhoni, pandya and klr), and then the tail starting from no.7
  24. azhar ali is down to earth and modest, from what I've seen.
  25. shaheeh shah is much more promising. don't know why there is so much hype about hasnain. reminds me of pak fans who claimed that zahid bowled at 160-180 kmph at his "peak".

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