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  1. Watson on a roll, pulled the target back by about 20 runs
  2. Congrats Doesn't take much to beat RCB these days. Yusuf / Russell saved Yadav's ass, he would've got the blame had KKR lost. 1-56 lol.
  3. RCB sucks. Have such a strong team on paper, still struggling to get a win. Miniature ground is proving very costly. Feel sad for Kohli. Awesome matchwinning knocks by Yusuf and Russell, took the game away from RCB.
  4. Delhi Daredevils 2016 IPL

    Incredible death bowling two matches in a row Morris was awesome. Bowling changes by Zak were spot on, esp his use of the two wrist spinners.
  5. Major collision in the middle of the pitch results in the run out of Rohit Sharma
  6. Great bowling by the powerhouse today Bhuv 4-29
  7. It's a collective team effort, that's why you don't carry a passenger saying his performance does not matter. If one batsman is out of touch and not contributing, another who's in form replaces him and wins games. That's how it's done in all team sports.
  8. Abe maine jo type kiya hain theek se padh aur ho sake toh samajhne ki koshish kar Mera logic simple hain - currently Head has a high probability to score more runs than an out-of-form Gayle, so he deserves a spot in the playing XI, until Gayle regains his form.
  9. Head is definitely capable of playing match-winning innings, he showed that batting for the Adelaide Strikers in BBL 2015-16. This I agree with. Gayle enjoys tremendous adulation from the fans, even more than Kohli or ABD. This was evident at the stadium.

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