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  1. Executioner

    SRH has best bowling ipl

    So you supporting SRH? Not really. But I like their team as well as csk
  2. Executioner

    SRH has best bowling ipl

    1) Shakib played 7 years for KKR - a side where he didn't get to bat at times. Even with the ball he sometimes didn't get to bowl his full quota. Shakib was a low profile yet impactful player in KKR side. Those 7 years in KKR, where he helped his side win 2 IPL did injustice 2) Most coaches in IPL are from SA and AUS who barely follow Shakib or know his strengths. However, after Shakib singlehandedly annihilated Australia in a test match I am sure they are taking note. Shakib is good enough to play as a bowler for most batting side and his batting, is pretty good for the middle overs. That's huge value. On the other hand teams went after Starc and injury prone players. Shakib in BPL has been the best or second best player in 3 of the 5 seasons even when top international players played. Can't compare IPL with BPL but you can see where I am coming from. If anything stokes is someone worth the price tag. And let Shakib perform well for Srh for a season or two. His price will go through the roof. Already he is among the highest wicket taker, contributed with bat, took some great catches and his team is sitting pretty at the top of the table. Definitely contender for the MVP of IPL.
  3. India are the only side who won't pick him as a batsman alone. He is better than Khawaja/Maxwell. Better than behardien Duminy bavuma. NZ side too will pick him in the middle order. Pakistan after losing YK and Misbah wouldn't mind. Lanka/WI/Zim less said the better. Career average of 42 and recent average of 50 + he would not have too many issues. This is also true that he would struggle in ODIs where he is a better bowler than a batsman.
  4. 41 with bat and 33 with ball. That's a difference of 8 which is stellar.
  5. Shakib has only 5 centuries despite a high average because he gets out in 80s and 90s quite often. Got out in the 90s 3 times and once not out at 96. He has 22 half centuries along with 5 centuries that's around 27 50+ scores in 85+ innings which isn't bad for all allrounder. His bowling performance in Lanka and India are not great but bowling in 3 countries - NZ SA and England combined is really good. He took 40 wickets in these 3 countries at an average of 25 something Actually. He played 3 tests in Zimbabwe and his bowling and batting record in Zimbabwe Is ordinary. Which means if you take out Zimbabwe his stats improve.
  6. As a SLA in almost any team except India because Jaddu is doing well. With the bat he might not get into India and England But that being said Shakib never got to focus on one skill. If he focused on either batting and bowling his stats in one of them would be good enough to walk into sides as batsman and bowler alone.
  7. Executioner

    Who is currently best all-rounder in world?

    In that sense I can say that Khawaja is better than Andy flower because Andy flower had no pressure Remember we are talking about world class performers, them having the pressure of being replaced Should be non existent. Kohli has zero pressure of being dropped because he is damn Good. If you are going to compare contemporary allrounders, you have to realize that they have no pressure on them because they are performers. Allrounders are a valuable part of any Team. Like some posters mentioned before playing for a top team means you do not have extreme pressure on your shoulders to perform. When it comes to Shakib he has to do bulk of the batting and bulk of the bowling. If he doesn't perform, we don't win. Simple. If stokes don't perform England can still win What your point is that in stronger teams it's difficult for newcomers. Yes that's absolutely correct. Pandey got dropped soon even though he did well. A lot of pressure but when it comes to settled players there is no pressure. Kohli Rahane Pujara feel no pressure.
  8. Executioner

    Well played Bangladesh!!!

    Don't listen to what they have to say. Play good cricket and answer on the field
  9. Executioner

    Practice Match -2, India vs Bangladesh | 30-05-2017

    He is the biggest hurdle you have to face today
  10. Executioner

    Heart warming to see Bangladesh becoming a top side

    Our boys don't really engage in banter or sledging so I am not sure about that. Fans maybe egoistic but the team isn't. The boys are humble but professional
  11. Tbh Tamim is pretty mediocre in ODIs compared to tests. However his record has improved over the years. He was pushed into international cricket very early so his stats took a hit. People are disappointed with Rahane because in the era of flat tracks(especially in India) and able partners you need to score better.
  12. Executioner

    Heart warming to see Bangladesh becoming a top side

    Actually we have been outplayed on most occasions with the exception of the last 50 over world cup. I think with Bangladesh playing more abroad we will only get better
  13. Executioner

    Heart warming to see Bangladesh becoming a top side

    We have the no. 1 allrounder and a bowler averaging less than 16. Counts for something doesn't it?
  14. Executioner

    Heart warming to see Bangladesh becoming a top side

    This is actually our first win against NZ away from our home. England have struggled against us in world cups

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