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  1. yoda

    CSK Fan Club [ 2018 ] !!! We are Back

    Bowling is looking better than ever with Lungi and Chahar. Need batsmen to play with sense of urgency and finish it. Can't just keep reaching finals, also need to convert a few.
  2. Must be most one sided IPL Playoff game on paper. Let's see what actually happens.
  3. Ups and Downs every 5 overs. Fantastic game.
  4. yoda

    I hate bowlers !!!

    Has he ever criticized himself?
  5. yoda

    Congrats Sunrisers

    They should win it all unless some other team plays perfect cricket in the knockouts
  6. yoda

    SRH won't win this title.

    Anti anti anti jinx? has poor bowling, so no chance.
  7. Forget about Gavaskar and brown vs white thing. Question still remains to be answered. Guys like Bumble, Clarke, Nasser who loathed the IPL, why did they chose to come over? Is it the money or change of heart or both? Inquiring minds would like to know.
  8. yoda

    IPL 2018 script watch 2.0-New leak received

    Updated script is definitely more interesting than the original one. However the one which makes the cut is as follows: SRH, CSK top 2. SRH through to finals. KXIP vs KKR, KKR through. CSK vs KKR, CSK through. SRH VS CSK take 2 will see CSK win it's 3rd trophy with most of ICF screaming FIXED !!!!
  9. That has to be a joke. which has given close to 200 in every game is better than SRH?
  10. yoda

    IPL match 39: Hyderabad vs Bangalore

    Always nice to see RCB choke.
  11. yoda

    KL Rahul is underachieving

    Complete game today. This guy needs to play for India in all forms and be a given a looong rope.

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