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  1. yoda

    Golden opportunity for Rishabh Pant

    So folks want Pant to start, carry and finish. He is fine as is, better than the following selections in the ODI squad: DK, Dhawan, Kedar, Rahul and Vijay Shankar (minus bowling). Seems like a majorly missed opportunity by not including him in the WC Squad.
  2. DC and MI playing best cricket now and would make for a good final. CSK batting is too lethargic to set a decent target batting first.
  3. yoda

    Dhoni you arrogant SOB!

    Arguing with umpires is common in other sports. Maybe time for Cricket to hold it's umpires to a higher level? That said, if the main umpire said no-ball, I believe it is within the side umpire's rights to help reverse it. So, not sure this much drama from Dhoni was warranted in this case.
  4. 3rd low score being chased by CSK with no sense of urgency. Seems like the team is drinking too much of Captain Koolaid.
  5. yoda

    Ashwin you are a ficking disgrace

    Spirit of the game is BS. It is the player's job to appeal. It is the Ump's job to decide. In the posted screenshot where Ashwin appears to stop where the batsman is still possibly within the crease, the law doesn't talk about where the batsman is when the bowler stops. It talks about where the batsman is when the ball will be naturally delivered. In this case, it is safe to assume that the pause Ashwin gave accounts for the time it would have taken him to naturally deliver the ball. This is probably what the 3rd Ump saw as well. Yes, he could have given a warning. He chose not to. So what? Given that the batsman in question is a habitual cheater, what Ashwin did seems justified.
  6. yoda

    CSK Fan Club [ 2018 ] !!! We are Back

    Bowling is looking better than ever with Lungi and Chahar. Need batsmen to play with sense of urgency and finish it. Can't just keep reaching finals, also need to convert a few.
  7. Must be most one sided IPL Playoff game on paper. Let's see what actually happens.
  8. Ups and Downs every 5 overs. Fantastic game.
  9. yoda

    I hate bowlers !!!

    Has he ever criticized himself?
  10. yoda

    Congrats Sunrisers

    They should win it all unless some other team plays perfect cricket in the knockouts
  11. yoda

    SRH won't win this title.

    Anti anti anti jinx? has poor bowling, so no chance.

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