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  1. Sooda

    Sachin vs ABDV !!!

    Really..? Worth looking into , for me I'd have thunk AB bit ahead. But certainly no comparison with SRT
  2. Sooda

    AB de Villiers Retires from International Cricket

    Should have played LOIs till next year though
  3. Sooda

    AB de Villiers Retires from International Cricket

    A contender for an all time ODI XI but For all his amazing LOI feats he should be placed high in the pantheon of greats in tests too... off the top of my head he has more special innings in test cricket than LOIs
  4. Sooda

    Drop Inconsistent Karun Nair

    Yep . I thought he should have gone to Nidahas trophy. He had a good Ranji too, been under par in IPL but still one of the better domestic Batsmen hope he does great for the A team
  5. Actually Priyank has been consistent for 3 seasons now. I was comparing his and Easwarans numbers... and to me he should have been in the squad instead of Easwaran
  6. Sooda

    First choice T-20 x1 vs Flamboyant youngsters

    It dosent have to be youngsters- but if it was just guys who made a good case but werent picked... Karun Nair Suryakumar Yadav Shreyas Iyer Rishab Pant Vijay Shankar Sanju Samson Krunal Pandya Krishnappa Gowtham Shreyas Gopal Ankit Rajpoot Basil Thampi
  7.  till the BCCI organises an ‘A’ tour and till you play there, we don’t know you from Adam. This is a ridiculous state of affairs.”... the ‘A’ tour circuit is a very disorganised structure and depends upon a lot of factors --- And who's fault is that.. if the BCCI arranged A team series in a regular and organised way, the system would work fine . It is absolutely right that good domestic performance is rewarded with a A team Spot and good A team performance with a senior cap. The A team needs to be held in higher regard so that a call up to that is a big deal. btw all the calls for Mayank to be in the Nidahas squad werent entirely justified anyway- he was great in FC and one day cricket but there were Batsmen who had better IPL records and T20 SMA tourneys- like Nair... Can't select a T20 squad based on Ranji performance
  8. Sooda

    India A squads for the tour of UK

    Well he'd be playing as an all rounder... I wasn't suggesting he play as a front line bowler . He might be better bowler and batsman than Jayant.
  9. Sooda

    India A squads for the tour of UK

    15/16 Easwaran 454 runs in 6 matches at 50.44 Panchal 665 runs in 8 matches at 55.41 16/17 Easwaran 498 runs in 7 matches at 41.50 Panchal 1310 runs in 10 matches at 87.33 17/18 Easwaran 564 runs in 7 matches at 47.00 Panchal 542 runs in 7 matches at 60.22 I have not seen either of them bat but going by stats alone, Panchal should have been in that squad instead of Easwaran.
  10. Sooda

    India A squads for the tour of UK

    Yeah that is three good seasons, averaging 50 + over three seasons including top scorer in 16/17- that is consistent! Correct me if Im wrong but wasn't last season Easwarans break through? How did he fare before that? That was my question, hasnt Panchal has done better over a longer period of time? IMO that would make him more deserving of an A team Spot. He Didn't have a great series Vs NZ A though
  11. Sooda

    India A squads for the tour of UK

    Would have also taken Panchal instead of Easwaran maybe? consistent over longer period of time...
  12. Sooda

    India A squads for the tour of UK

    Re: Jayant Yadav... How has his form been of late? This Might be unpopular but Jalaj Saxena merits consideration- yes he's the wrong side of 30 but been a consistent all rounder for years and was very good last season. And possibly Shreyas Gopal but perhaps more for Ltd overs teams for now Karan Sharma had a brief spell of great form last season but seems to have faded away.
  13. The 6th bowler issue is a big one- Hardik is not good enough to bowl 10 overs every match. This is where either Kurnal or Hooda would have been handy if they were given a long run. Both can bat in lower middle order and bowl a few overs of tidy part time. Shankar is a middle order bat and hard to fit him in, both Krunal and Hooda are better batsmen than Sundar for me and the 6th bowler is ideally a batting allrounder
  14. This is un called for and offensive. Its almost like he has done something to you personally.
  15. Sooda

    India A squads for the tour of UK

    Mods can you please amend the header so it says "India A squads announced" not just for the Tri series

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