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  1. Waqar bowling pies

    Even though he was "only" 29 by then injuries had taken their toll on Waqar and he was not the quick bowler he was in his early 90's pomp. BUT he was still a great cut and swing bowler, you can see he is beating batsmen with movement and not pace. In that tri series Waqar was very good- he took a 5 or 6 wicket haul against Australia too. He was very much a rhythm bowler Waqar, when he hit a purple patch he was hard to play.
  2. Marvel movies suck !!!

    They dont, they are consistently exciting and fun I dont think any of the Marvel Universe films has scored less than 60% on Rotten Tomatoes... think Ant Man may be the lowest rated. Each of to his own though.
  3. He was good for Gujarat last season, took a 6-fer in the Ranji Semi and against Mumbai in group match, he does have the skill set for long format cricket. Right now though Shami, Umesh and Bhuvneshwar should be first choice. Maybe Jasprit in the squad, that would be a interesting pick. I imagine his style would be good in SA too.
  4. Nothing in the video on that link to suggest conversions are forced. The wesbite of the organistion clearly states that it wants to propogate Islam amongst non Muslims and wants to do Dawah Also in the interview with that Shareef guy, Interesting to note who exactly is using the words "Hidden motive is to establish islamic state..." , it is not Shareef
  5. Please rest kohli from Sri Lanka games

    The scheduling in the build up to the SA tour is terrible Especially hard on VK he is really the only one who consistently plays all 3 formats. I would have suggested resting him from NZ series, let him play SL tests and rest him from SL ODIs. NO test regulars should be playing the SL LOIs
  6. What is your ideal ODI line up?

    Rohit Dhawan Kohli MSD Lokesh Rahul Hardik Pandya Krunal Pandya/ Deepak Hooda Axar Patel Bhuvaneswar Yuzvendra Bumrah
  7. Dinesh has scored runs, taken his chance unlike the others. I do think Manish (or even Lokesh) should have had a long(er) run at 4... but Dinesh has had a great Vijay Hazare trophy last season and good IPL, he should be in the squad...has scored runs in WI and now vs NZ (albeit not especially convincingly) Age dosent matter, if youre good enough youre good enough, yes he has not been consistent in the past but currently he is the best Domestic List A batsman and deserves this shot.
  8. Who are these senior players you speak of though- now there is only Dhoni, and I feel he still has a role to play as a middle order bat Cant be suggesting that Kohli is scared of Dinesh Kartik Yes Yuvraj should never have come back, but his time has probably ended now.
  9. Dinesh Karthik in the team over Manish Pandey

    That's the point, only given 3 matches is unfair.
  10. Dinesh Karthik in the team over Manish Pandey

    This is a good post I dont disagree with DK call up- he should be in the squad- but I would definitely have preferred seeing MP given a long run, he should have been marked as the no 4 option and given say 8 ODIs at no 4 slot. Lokesh should have been in at 3 in this series at Virat should have sat it out The whole point of this home ODI season should have been to try out new things, but it just has not happened properly
  11. One of the selectors said Rahul has done nothing wrong they would rather him be playing for state My biggest concern is how Kohli is getting flogged. This was a good opportunity to rest him he's the only guy who plays every match in every format. We need him fresh in south Africa
  12. It isn't random. Been in very good form and scored in the odi and T20 in windies his last two India appearances. Only fair to retain him.
  13. Combined Indo Pak All Time ODI Team

    We need to do these all time teams with rules..like minimum of 5 from each country, to make it interesting Anyway here's my effort- Tendulkar, Anwar, Kohli, Mo Yousuf, MSD, Yuvraj, Kapil, Wasim, Kumble, Waqar, Saqlain
  14. He is the best domestic List A batsman. Hes only played 2 matches in his latest come back, deserves a few matches

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