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  1. It's not that far away, early August...and It's a pointless exercise regardless of when we did it :-) From your list Mayank and Shankar are ok but not good T20 bats, potentially good ODI bats yes but in T20s Rana and SKY are much better options. This is what I mean by confusing formats. Also think we should keep Shaw away from LOIs for now, we have arguably better options anyway.
  2. who would be in your T20 squad then
  3. Things would have been very different had England batted first when they played Pak.
  4. Rohit will not be in the test squad so should captain the ODI team. I'd rest Hardik from ODIs too. We know what KulCha can do, so lets try out Gopal and Chahar. More than anything it is LONG overdue to start getting in guys who have actually been good in T20 cricket into the T20I squads. Enough of confusing ODI and T20 formats. That means Surya Kumar Yadav, Nitish Rana, Krunal Pandya, Shreyas Gopal, Rahul Chahar... they should be given a long run to build experience before next T20 WC To me the below XIs and squads have a good blend of youth and experience ODIs: Rahul, Mayank, Rohit (c), Iyer, Shankar, Pant, Krunal, Gopal, Saini, Shami, Ankit R Chahar, D Chahar, Kishan, Gill T20Is: Rahul, Surya Kumar, Iyer, Pant, Hardik, Rana, Krunal, Gopal, B Kumar (c), Khaleel, Saini R Chahar, D Chahar, Kishan, Gill Tests: Rahul, Mayank, Pujara, Virat, Vihari, Pant, Ashwin, Jadeja, Shami, Ishant, Jasprit Rahane, Shaw, Bharat, Hardik, Kumar
  5. Sooda

    India-A vs Sri Lanka A Series

    Did Krunal play any of the List A matches, dosent look like it, why not I wonder
  6. Again throws it away after doing the hard work. Sigh. Frustrating
  7. Sooda

    India-A vs Sri Lanka A Series

    Have to say Id never heard of Gaekwad before this series.
  8. Yeah bit idiotic. Why not wait for the umpire.
  9. Sooda

    What’s the point of Kedar Jadhav?

    Surely should have been him instead of Shankar
  10. All rounder XI... Jayasuriya, Gilchrist, Richards, Kallis, Yuvraj, Symonds, Klusener, Kapil, Afridi, Pollock, Wasim Viv RIchards with 118 wickets at 35, in 187 matches is very much a batting all rounder in ODIs, Bevan OTOH has only taken 36 wickets in 230 matches
  11. Sooda

    ABDVs legacy

    This. Obviously Had he been past his sell by date, nothing would be said. His fault is being very good despite being 35 and hit with injuries.
  12. Sooda

    ABDVs legacy

    He is one of the greatest batsmen ever. Yes we dont know exactly why he retired, but to suggest a guy who held the record for most consecutive test appearances and was make shift keeper for a lot of it , make shift opener in ODIs too... is selfish, is silly. What he is doing is no more selfish than our greats - Kapil- playing well after their sell by dates. He was well in his 30s struggling with his back when started cutting down on appearences. Retirement is a personal choice, ABDVs fault is that he is still very good, thats why people are saying he retired "at his peak" when he clearly is not. I accept that what does leave a sour taste is his claim of being tired when retiring but then signing up for various t20 leagues. But after all he's done for SA why begrudge him an easy pay day. This was him as far back as Jan 2017... talking about taking a break until his the 2018 series against India and Australia, which were his last http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/18500275/de-villiers-unavailable-tests-most-2017 "My dream plan is to come back for those eight Test matches and that's all I can say for now. My focus is on the 2019 World Cup but if I feel physically incapable of making it after those two Test series, I will call it a day then. I'll make that call once we get there. I can't decide now how I am going to feel in 12 months." So actually he managed expectations as well as he could. He's Arguably a better test bat than LOI one, that choker claim is ludicrous...check out the top 10 or 15 highest 4 innings chases he must be the only batsman to have played a key role in two of them... http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/13804/scorecard/351681/australia-vs-south-africa-1st-test-south-africa-tour-of-australia-2008-09 http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/11866/scorecard/648665/south-africa-vs-india-1st-test-india-tour-of-south-africa-2013-14 other great knocks too... http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/12276/scorecard/573008/australia-vs-south-africa-2nd-test-south-africa-tour-of-australia-2012-13 http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/13752/scorecard/350472/south-africa-vs-australia-1st-test-australia-tour-of-south-africa-2008-09 ...
  13. Sooda

    ABDVs legacy

    Sorry but it can't be both ways... i.e. criticise our heros for hanging around too long but also slate other teams greats for bowing out when (they feel) the time is right. If MSD had retired couple of years ago and Carried on playing IPL would he be a sell out? AB has done more than enough, from batting wherever needed opening or keeping , to show he's not selfish. He's one of the greatest batsmen ever, even more so in tests than ODIs

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