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  1. Sooda

    Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2019

    Suryakumar Yadav should be playing T20is . Especially if he has a good IPL as he did last season. Nice to see Iyer up his SR too. Next T20I XV: Rahul, Rohit, Suryakumar, Virat, Hardik, Rishabh, Krunal, Gopal, B Kumar, Kuldeep, Jasprit Ankit, Iyer, Kishan, Gowtham
  2. Sooda

    Team for World Cup 2019

    11 : Rohit, Shikar, Virat, MSD, Shankar, Kedar, Hardik, Kuldeep, Shami, Jasprit, Chahal Bench : Bhuvneshwar, Jadeja, Rahul, DK I wouldnt mind a 5 to 7 of... Shankar, Hardik, Dinesh... that gives it muscle in the closing stages of an innings. But not sure we can trust Shankar and Hardik with 10 ovs between them
  3. Sooda

    Team is sabotaged by bad selections.

    Cant because those guys are openers or top order bats, Rayudu was got in to solve the no 4 issue Iyer, Pandey and Rahul should have all bee tried instead of AR in the middle order. Given a long run at 4 each
  4. Sooda

    With 5 ODIs to go before the WC

    Rohit, Shikar, KL, Virat, Shankar, Hardik, Dinesh, Bhuvneshwar, Kuldeep, Chahal, Jasprit
  5. REally? Its increasingly become pointless to have Sky Sports. A lot of EPL football is on BT Sport as is rights to Ashes in Australia, and tennis is on Amazon prime
  6. Sooda

    KL is striking the ball well

    Have said for months that India's top 4 should be Rohit, Shikar, Rahul, Virat
  7. Sooda

    2nd T20. Ind vs Aus at B'luru

    Yep. We need 220+ with the paper thin bowling lineup we have today. What is the point of Krunal as low as 8 . terrible selection s
  8. K Gowtham T20 bowling ave 28, econ 7.3 and batting sr of 168 with two T20 half centuries. Shreyas Gopal t20 bowling average : 18, econ: 7.5 Gopal is a more than useful bat. Markande T20 bowling ave 26, econ: 8 Given they're much better bats and probably just as good if not better bowlers (more experience too) I would have preferred Gowtham or Gopal in the team
  9. Are you confusing Waugh brothers? Laxman, Inzy, Waugh in tests Waugh should have been much better with his ability.
  10. Sooda

    WC slots - DK vs Pant (2nd keeper slot)

    That's interesting line up, but Rohit at 4 will not accumulate briskly enough and if he opens starts well and hangs around till the end it works well for us
  11. Sooda

    WC slots - DK vs Pant (2nd keeper slot)

    Jadeja, Umesh, Kaul, Khaleel, are all battling for one spot. Do we need a 4th seamer or 3rd spinner/ 2nd all rounder I'd like to think Krunal would go, but unfortunately it's not happening Sirajand Khaleel have been disappointing, Umesh is one with experience and did well last WC why not give him ODI series, why play T20 where he is even worse than ODIs? Kaul and Umesh should have swapped spots in the squads.
  12. Sooda

    Hanuma Vihari

    Great Ranji season and now having a good VH tournament too. Should be drafted in the next A teams , average of close to 60 in FC cricket been a consistent scorer over the years What do people know of him - Is he potentially test class? Middle order ODI option?
  13. Rayudu is in the squad, so should not be in the poll Kartik SHOULD be in the squad, done juussst about enough and it's too late to try Pant now, instead DK should have been given a long run to hone his finishing skills until the WC Of the rest, I'd choose Rahul because he can open, again it's form depending and he needs to be given all matches to find some... I don't think he should have played T20 let him play ODIs only and bat himself into form rather than have to go hammer at everything
  14. His picks: Sachin Rohit Ganguly Virat Yuvraj MSD Kapil (c) Kumble Harbhajan Zaheer Bumrah What do you guys make of the team generally and Bumrah selection particularly...
  15. Sooda

    Duleep trophy dream teams

    Bump this in light of @Gollum thread... some interesting discussion and suggestions on here, from 7 years ago lol wow
  16. Sooda

    Duleep trophy dream teams

    AT XI's for the Zonal sides to mark the return of the competition Struggling a bit with a CZ and EZ and there may be some relatively obvious omissions... but here is a go anyway. Might be more domestic stalwarts who could feature, Ive gone for more obvious-ish names that have represented India. Bearing in mind the tourno only started in the early 60s a lot of the really oldie legends do not qualify... WZ Gavaskar ©, Jaffer, Vengsarkar, Tendulkar, Manjrekar, Shastri, Engineer (wk), Agarkar, R Powar, Z Khan, P Shivalkar SZ S Ramesh, K Srikkanth, R Dravid, G Vishwanath, M Azharuddin, V Laxman, S Kirmani (wk), A Kumble ©, J Srinath, V Prasad, B Chandrashekar NZ Sehwag, Gambhir, Chopra, Sidhu, Amarnath, Kapil Dev ©, M Prabhakar, Vijay Yadav (wk), Harbhajan Singh, Bishan Bedi, R Goel CZ S Bangar, Vijay Manjrekar, M Kaif ©, P Amre, Raina, N Ojha (wk), Durani, P Kumar, N Hirwani, S Gupte, R P Singh EZ Arun Lal, Pankaj Roy, SS Das, S Ganguly ©, A Malhotra, Dhoni (wk), Laxmi R Shukla, Utpal Chatterjee, Dilip Doshi, R Bose, D Mohanty
  17. Id open with Merchant for West and drop Vengsarkar, tricky one though. Hard to see past them winning it Also, SS Karim should keep for RoI. From my 2012 thread: Central Zone: S Bangar, Vijay Manjrekar, M Kaif ©, P Amre, Raina, N Ojha (wk), Durani, P Kumar, N Hirwani, S Gupte, R P Singh East Zone: Arun Lal, Pankaj Roy, SS Das, S Ganguly ©, A Malhotra, Dhoni (wk), Laxmi R Shukla, Utpal Chatterjee, Dilip Doshi, R Bose, D Mohanty
  18. Can the South side be tweaked, open with Ramesh or Rahul instead of Kunderan . WOuldnt want Budhi facing a pace attack of Kapil and Ishant say Get Kirmani to keep wicket drop Tiger and Kumble to captain. I dont like there being one paceman, but dont know how to fix it...interestingly Im pretty sure Buhdi Kunderan bowled a bit too in his time... :) Murali Vijay Ramesh Dravid GR Vishwanath Azharuddin Laxman Kirmani Ashwin Kumble Srinath Chandra
  19. @Gollum Great thread, btw I did something similar 7 (SEVEN!!!) Years ago right here
  20. Sooda

    T20 revamp should start right now

    Suryakumar Yadav, Rohit, Rahul, Virat, Hardik, Pant, Krunal, Shreyas Gopal, Bhuvneshwar, Kuldeep, Jasprit Chahal, Rajpoot, Rana, Kishan
  21. He should have been in the current squad instead of Gill. There is no planning or consistency from selectors.
  22. Sooda

    The Never Ending Thread

    :) Im really out of touch with Bolly scene for a few years now. I didnt do a list last year either, I genuinly used to put a lot of effort into it as well! Other priorities taken over now I guess!! Thanks for remembering though hehe. Hope youre well
  23. Sooda

    Worst batsmen to play for India

    See my post above :)
  24. Sooda

    Worst batsmen to play for India

    Devang Gandhi

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