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  1. His picks: Sachin Rohit Ganguly Virat Yuvraj MSD Kapil (c) Kumble Harbhajan Zaheer Bumrah What do you guys make of the team generally and Bumrah selection particularly...
  2. Ganguly at 4? Wouldn't him at 3 and VK at 4 be better? Or even Azhar or Dravid at 4... Kuldeep is a interesting one; see you gone on Bumrah too. I do think it's a bit early to have him instead of Sri in an all time team
  3. Sooda

    Perfect background scores

    Alot of the Marvel films have good scores. Alan Silvestris stuff on the first Captain America film is great, Iron Man films have some very good themes,
  4. Sooda

    Preferred squad for Aus Test series

    Rahul Shaw Pujara Virat Rahane Pant Hardik Bhuvneshwar Kuldeep Ishant Jasprit Shami, Umesh, Jadeja, Ashwin, Dinesh, Vijay, Vihari
  5. Sooda

    Are celebs really role-models?

    If you class sportspeople as celebs, then maybe. The best Sports people are pretty admirable for their work ethic and determination to be the best, maximise their potential. But I dont think anyone classes actors as role models
  6. Sooda

    Your preferred ODI squad for WI series?

    Rohit Dhawan Rahul Virat Hardik Pant Krunal Bhuvneshwar Kuldeep Jasprit YUzvendra Iyer, Manish, Axar, Khaleel
  7. Sooda

    Maha bewakoof Kohli

    In a parallel universe Zaman was out for 3 ct MSD b Bumrah
  8. Sooda

    Solving India’s Middle Order Crisis

    No 6th bowling option. Drop Dhoni for Krunal Pandya and it would be a good team
  9. Sooda

    Kedhar Jadhav :player without X factor

    Hope he comes in at 3 or 4 against Afg give him a decent amount of time to bat
  10. Sooda


    I'd wait until India win the tournament before celebrating too much. We all know what happened in the CT
  11. Sooda

    Dropping Chahal would be idiocy.

    Lets wait and see, he has been economical in one match against Bang where the pitch helped. Can he do it on a cold, wet Tuesday night at Stoke?
  12. Sooda

    Dropping Chahal would be idiocy.

    In the Asia cup the pitches being what they are, that bowling lineup can work, even with only two seamers. But we are building for England WC. Where Hardik has to play tbh, as 3rd or 4th seamer. Bhuvneshwar, Jasprit , Khaleel and Kuldeep can make up the rest Its not a choice between Pandya and Chahal, if anything its Jadeja and Chahal. I wish that had picked Krunal this was a great opportunity wasted.
  13. Tho tbf to RJ it was his first ltd overs match in a while
  14. Krunal took 1/34 in 6 ovs and scored 85 Vs Mumbai two days ago Jadeja took 0/62 and scored 14 Vs UP What has RJ done in ltd overs cricket to earn a recall? Even if his bowling proves effective in this tournament, what does it tell us about how / if India are planning for the future?
  15. Manjrekar only saying that because he wants his fellow Mumbaiite Iyer in . He didn't want Manish either
  16. I agree. I wish he was in the squad in the first place ( I would have had him instead of Kedar) It'll mean the 11 has only two pace bowlers but pitches being what they are it may not matter; we could play four different types of spin options
  17. I think that will leave the bowling a bit light. Kedar is useful in Asia but in England the pitches will not be slow and low and he could get hammered.
  18. Shikar, Rohit, KL, Virat, Dinesh, Hardik, Krunal, Bhuv, Kuldeep, Yuz, Jasprit KL at 3 and VK at 4 would be my first choice. My 2nd choice is VK at 3 and Manish at 4 - i still think Manish can come good if invested in; he hasnt grabbed the oppos that have come his way but has been shuffled around a bit too. 3rd choice is Iyer at 4 Agree with that, maybe he can adapt to no 4 but for that he needed to have been given a long enough run of chances. The problem is none of the options - KL, Manish, Dinesh, Iyer - have been given a long consistent run. I think Rahane should not even be on consideration (but im sure he will be)
  19. Sooda

    Rank MI films

    3, simply because of the menace that Seymour Hoffman got to the villain role. Puts other baddies into shade. Hunt seems to be in genuine jeopardy in that film, unlike the others.
  20. Nothing quite tells you a side values the art of fast bowling more than picking six seamers for a series on the traditionally placid pitches of the UAE http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/24670336/10-things-watch-asia-cup Khaleel's strength lies in extracting bounce even on docile surfaces - which could come in handy in the Asia Cup in Dubai and Abu Dhabi - and he's got pace too. http://www.espn.co.uk/cricket/story/_/id/24542109/khaleel-ahmed-rapid-rise-tennis-ball-tonk-india-odi-squad Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the two venues for the 2018 edition and it's a given we will see runs. A lot of them. https://www.firstpost.com/firstcricket/sports-news/asia-cup-2018-from-rohit-sharma-to-imam-ul-haq-five-batsmen-to-look-forward-to-in-upcoming-tournament-5172161.html Bangladesh won the toss and chose to bat first on a Dubai track expected to contain plenty of runs. http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/8532/report/1153243/bangladesh-vs-sri-lanka-1st-match-group-b-asia-cup-2018-19
  21. So far, the bowling has been good and the batting underperforming, the batting needed strenghtening. I get that Vihari could have replaced some body- but who? He can not open and Rahane is coming off a half century.
  22. Sooda

    Hanuma Vihari

    Great Ranji season and now having a good VH tournament too. Should be drafted in the next A teams , average of close to 60 in FC cricket been a consistent scorer over the years What do people know of him - Is he potentially test class? Middle order ODI option?
  23. Sooda

    Former India pacer R P Singh retires

    I was at Trent bridge in 2007 when him and Zaheer had the England batsmen in knots. He got KP with a Jaffa. Vaughan scored a good century that day. At his best he was a very good bowler. He should have made more of it . For a brief period it looked like he had good pace bowling stocks in that time with him, Sree Santh, Zaheer, Munaf I think even Irfan was still going in ODIs. Didn't last long
  24. Yeah mate see you in Asia Cup in a few weeks

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