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  1. Only rule - Minimum of 5 and maximum of 6 from each country A Cook S Gavaskar R Dravid S Tendulkar K Pieterson A Stewart I Botham K Dev A Kumble G Swann J Anderson
  2. Sooda

    Engand- India All time dream team XI

    Alan Knott was one of the greatest pure keepers ever. Good to both spin and pace , especially keeping to the Left arm spin of Derek Underwood. Decent but not thay good bat, especially by standards of modern wk-bats
  3. Sooda

    Engand- India All time dream team XI

    Gavaskar Cook Dravid Tendulkar Stewart Mankad Botham Dev Ashwin Flintoff Anderson
  4. Sooda

    Engand- India All time dream team XI

    Yes I kinda listed it for a "neutral" pitch I guess. Would pick Zaheer for left arm variety instead of Kumble if in England. Not sure if I'd want to replace Sunny with Viru... That top three could bore the opposition into submission if nothing else. Wonder if a pure keeper like Knott would be better , got two all rounders after all
  5. This is why i come to ICF, to read genuinely insight ful and informative stuff- comes along all too rarely. @express bowling and @rkt.india always worth reading for their insights on pace bowling especially. Express, what are your views on Gurbani and Khejroliya... I know they are bit below the ones you have listed in the pecking order
  6. Sooda

    Play Pant and Karthik

    Vijay, Rahul, Rahane, Kohli, Kartik, Pant, Ashwin, Kuldeep, Umesh, Ishant, Shami
  7. I agree with both the above posts. Would also add that Id like to see Vijay, Pujara, Ashwin, Rahane and Ishant have great series too, along with the afore mentioned 6 guys.
  8. yes and Shreyas Gopal as rkt said.
  9. Is there no leg spin option for 4 day matches apart from Yuzvendra?. How about Narendra Hirwanis son?
  10. I have never actually watched him play but I think Jalaj Saxena should be in the 4 day matches A team too. he's the wrong side of 30 but - going by record and recent stats alone- seems better than J Yadav. For a home series I think he can be a good option. I'd play him , Shabaz and 3 pacemen
  11. Panchal should be in the A team
  12. Sooda

    Does this test series has 2011 written all over it?

    In 2011 we came to England really poorly prepared. A lot of players past their prime and unfit. Cant say we have not planned/prepared ok with time round. With the A team matches etc.
  13. Sooda

    Shreyas Iyer...why is he over looked????

    Yeah! Pretty good. The atmosphere was good, not especially electric in part perhaps Because it was not a close match (not that I was complaining about that ) the Indian innings started great but the middle overs was accumulation by Virat and Rohit. Could have been even more smooth had Dhawan not thrown it away Bharat Army were in a next stand and their chants were great which livened things up. Thought that India did great that day, good all round performance on a good batting wicket. Was disappointed with the pacemen not getting their lengths right and getting smashed. Of course the lords match has soured things since!!
  14. Sooda

    Shreyas Iyer...why is he over looked????

    There is no one in the XI that played yesterday who he can replace, that was our first choice batting line up. Even if there was an opening I think I would rather see Dinesh play.
  15. Sooda

    play Kuldeep in the tests.

    In England the spinner is going to be the stock bowler, bowling long spells whilst the pacemen in shorter bursts. I don't think That is a role Kuldeep can play.
  16. Sooda

    Project Raina never dies

    The other Deepak Hooda too potentially. Good batsman and can bowl a bit of offspin
  17. Cold and grey day here hope it brightens up
  18. Problem with that is 6th bowler lack thereof. Raina can potentially bowl a couple. I wish Krunal was in
  19. I'm going to be at Trent Bridge tomorrow guys. Anybody else?
  20. Sooda

    Hey MSK Prasad, learn from Pak selectors

    Totally agree. Especially on the fast bowlers like Maavi and Nagarkoti need to play a few seasons of FC cricket, learn how to bowl long spells and get stronger before even getting Into the A team I would say. Shaw and Gill have done well for FC and A team but would still like them to play one or two seasons for state before India cap. The bit older generation of Batsmen like Iyer, Agarwal, Nair maybe Vihari should be given a good run of chances
  21. Sooda

    Hey MSK Prasad, learn from Pak selectors

  22. Pandya bowling short pitched garbage
  23. Sooda

    Is this the best bollywood song of the decade?

    :-) I Dont think so Mariyam. I'm really not in touch anymore and tbh don't think I'm going to be anytime again. Btw one of my other faves from this decade is Madno (don't remember the movie, it was set in Kashmir)

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