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  1. Sooda

    What would your India A team look like

    Maybe wrong about this but hasnt Bawne and Herwadkars form tailed off a bit this season...
  2. Sooda

    What would your India A team look like

    Maybe wrong about this but hasnt Bawne and Herwadkars form tailed off a bit this season...
  3. Sooda

    What would your India A team look like

    Nice squad. Think Sundar is good enough for 5 day matches? I put Jalaj in, know he's the wrong-side of 30 but maybe should have Gopal as spin all-rounder instead. My squad also needs a left arm pacer. Wasn't sure about Anikets form, and if Khaleel or Khejroliya had done enough to nip in ahead of right arm options like Shardul
  4. Rahul Vijay Pujara Kohli Rahane Kartik Hardik Kuldeep Bhuvneshwar Jasprit Ishant Shami, Ashwin, Shankar, Saini, Saha, Mayank
  5. Just a short while ago, I was on Whoscored.com having a look at which players have the best tackles and interceptions per game in Englands Championship division (league below the EPL) I wouldnt say its "chaotic and unpredictable" - alot to be said about formations and tactics which define matches... and There is actually quite a lot of stats involved... I dont know how it compares to other sports though in that regard
  6. he was a very good Ranji bowler. Certainly deserved his chance and if anything should have played more. This goes back to Tics point that icfers wanting him in the side wasn't him being hyped but asking for him to be rewarded for excellent domestic performance. Doubt anyone here claimed he was going to be an all time great
  7. Sooda

    This is the rhythm of AB de Villiers

    They weren't though !
  8. Sooda

    This is the rhythm of AB de Villiers

    He is an all time great
  9. Sooda

    Greatest moments in cricket.

    The tied tests
  10. Anyone who is not Bhuvneshwar or Bumrah Matches Wickets Average ER SR Unadkat 93 120 20.85 7.55 16.50 Sangwan 87 84 27.50 7.63 21.60 Sandeep Sharma 82 97 23.06 7.54 18.30 S Kaul 66 70 23.40 6.99 20.10 A Rajpoot 46 57 19.78 7.34 16.10 Thampi 39 42 27.50 8.19 20.10 Aniket Chaudhary 39 47 22.76 7.54 18.10 Thakur 38 39 26.64 8.11 19.60 Siraj 23 38 19.89 8.40 14.20 N Saini 14 13 25.30 6.03 25.10 Khaleel Ahmed 11 17 17.41 6.88 15.10 Khejroliya 10 14 17.35 6.56 15.80 Avesh Khan 6 8 20.00 6.66 18.00
  11. Sooda

    Greatest moments in cricket.

    When Ramesh and Rajni saw each other for the first time.
  12. Sooda

    Greatest moments in cricket.

    Eric Hollies bowling Don Bradman for 0
  13. Sooda

    T20 records of Indian pacemen

    The guys who have been in squads and are closest to playing for India have the highest Economy rate- ruined by their international outings yes - still, Not convinced about Shardul and Siraj in T20. ER is the most important stat there. Sid Kaul doesn't get much buzz here but has a good T20 record
  14. http://www.espncricinfo.com/magazine/content/story/457149.html A stunning match-winner S RAJESH Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Over a 19-year international career, Wasim Akram took wickets all over the world, in Tests and ODIs, with a consistency that was mind-boggling 79shares Wasim Akram: outstanding numbers in both Tests and ODIs Martyn Harrison / © AFP There are several outstanding aspects to Wasim Akram's international career, right from its sheer longevity - almost 19 years - to the amount of success he had in Tests and ODIs, with new ball and with old, with the red variety and the white. He was pretty handy with the bat - you'd have to be if your highest Test score is 257 not out - but it's as a bowler of splendid and varied skills that Akram will be remembered. Making his Test debut against New Zealand in the beginning of 1985, Akram needed just one match to make his mark: in his second Test, in Dunedin, he returned match figures of 10 for 128and was named Man of the Match even though New Zealand won the thriller by two wickets. That set a glorious Test career on its way, but the early years were, as you'd expect for an 18-year-old, somewhat erratic. Even so, there were enough promising performances to prove that Akram was the real deal. In Barbados three years later, Akram took seven wickets in heartbreaker that Pakistan lost, yet again, by two wickets. In his first five years, though, Akram only managed 94 wickets in 29 Tests - a modest average of 3.24 per match. Akram's best years were about to come. In his first Test of 1990, against Australia in Melbourne, Akram took 11 for 160, and that haul triggered a sensational run that lasted through most of the next eight years. In 48 Tests from 1990 to the end of 1997, Akram averaged five wickets per match, and his average dropped to an outstanding 20.05, before his form finally tapered off in his last four years. WASIM AKRAM'S TEST CAREER WITH THE BALL Period Tests Wickets Average Strike Rate 5WI/ 10WM Till Dec 1989 29 94 28.18 65.9 5/ 1 Jan 1990 To Dec 1997 48 240 20.05 46.4 16/ 3 Jan 1998 Onwards 27 80 28.96 66.0 4/ 1 Career 104 414 23.62 54.6 25/ 5 During that eight-year period from 1990 to 1997, Akram had the best figures in Test cricket, barring none. There were several legendary bowlers who were at the height of their craft during an era which we now look back on as a golden one for bowlers, especially the fast ones - Curtly Ambrose, Allan Donald, Waqar Younis and Glenn McGrath were all around, but Akram's stats stood out even among them. His average of 20.05 was better than anyone else's during this period (with a cut-off of 150 wickets); in terms of strike rate, only Waqar was ahead. During these eight years, Akram was Man of the Match in 12 of the 48 Tests he played, an incredible average of one every four games. Eight of these were in overseas Tests, including the game in Melbourne and the next one in Adelaide, when he turned in an outstanding all-round performance, taking six wickets and scoring 52 and 123. At the time it was only the 12th instanceof a player scoring 150 or more and taking six or more wickets in a Test. BEST TEST BOWLERS BETWEEN JAN 1990 AND DEC 1997 (QUAL: 150 WICKETS) Bowler Tests Wickets Average Strike Rate 5WI/ 10WM Wasim Akram 48 240 20.05 46.4 16/ 3 Curtly Ambrose 57 247 20.50 52.8 17/ 3 Waqar Younis 46 232 21.23 40.1 19/ 4 Allan Donald 36 171 23.27 48.8 9/ 2 Glenn McGrath 36 164 23.42 53.0 9/ 0 Shane Warne 62 289 24.08 62.9 12/ 3 Overall, he won 17 Man-of-the-Match and seven Man-of-the-Series awards, both of which are among the highest. Even better, his rate of winning these awards, one every six Tests, is the best among those who've won at least ten such prizes. HIGHEST FREQUENCY OF MOM AWARDS IN TESTS (QUAL: 10 AWARDS) Player Tests MoM Awards Tests Per Award Wasim Akram 104 17 6.12 Jacques Kallis 137 20 6.85 Muttiah Muralitharan 132 19 6.95 Curtly Ambrose 98 14 7.00 Imran Khan 88 11 8.00 Malcolm Marshall 81 10 8.10 Not surprisingly, Akram remains one of the most potent matchwinners in Tests for Pakistan. In the 41 wins that he was a part of, he took 211 wickets at an average which compares well with the best in the business. BEST BOWLING AVERAGES IN TEST WINS (QUAL: 200 WICKETS) Bowler Tests Wickets Average Strike Rate 5WI/ 10WM Muttiah Muralitharan 53 430 16.03 42.6 40/ 18 Malcolm Marshall 43 254 16.78 38.1 17/ 4 Curtly Ambrose 44 229 16.86 44.4 13/ 3 Waqar Younis 39 222 18.20 35.0 14/ 4 Dennis Lillee 31 203 18.27 39.0 17/ 6 Shaun Pollock 49 223 18.30 47.5 9/ 1 Wasim Akram 41 211 18.48 42.3 13/ 2 Anil Kumble 43 288 18.75 44.4 20/ 5 Like most fast bowlers from Pakistan, Akram too mastered the art of bowling grassless pitches, where reverse swing becomes a most potent weapon. He is one of only four bowlers to take more than 150 wickets in Pakistan, while in the three major subcontinent countries, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, his average was marginally better than his overall career average. BEST TEST FAST BOWLERS IN INDIA, PAKISTAN AND SRI LANKA (QUAL: 100 WKTS) Bowler Tests Wkts Average Strike Rate 5WI/ 10WM Imran Khan 51 205 20.28 48.8 12/ 3 Waqar Younis 41 191 21.07 39.2 13/ 4 Wasim Akram 57 211 22.67 52.9 11/ 1 Shoaib Akhtar 26 108 24.87 45.2 6/ 1 Javagal Srinath 35 116 26.43 55.0 6/ 1 Chaminda Vaas 71 230 27.54 62.4 6/ 1 Kapil Dev 86 279 29.01 59.8 14/ 2 Zaheer Khan 38 107 38.12 69.2 2/ 0 Through most of his career, Akram formed a destructive fast-bowling combination with Waqar: in the 61 Tests they played together, Akram averaged 21.33, with 20 five-fors and four ten-wicket hauls; in the 43 Tests he played without Waqar, his averaged fell to 28.50, and he only managed five five-fors. His wickets per Tests too dropped to 3.07 per match, from 4.62 when the bowled with Waqar. Some of that was also because the periods he bowled without Waqar were also during the first and last parts of his career, when he wasn't at his most potent. AKRAM IN TESTS, WITH AND WITHOUT WAQAR YOUNIS Tests Wickets Average Strike Rate 5WI/ 10WM With Waqar 61 282 21.33 49.2 20/ 4 Without Waqar 43 132 28.50 66.2 5/ 1 Akram's ODI career was more even, and his stats stayed within a narrow band almost throughout. He announced himself in his third game, taking 5 for 21 against Australia in Melbourne - a haul that included Allan Border, Dean Jones and Kepler Wessels - during the World Championship of Cricket. His best period, though, was between 1992 and 1997, when he had an economy rate of 3.76 and took 14 of his 23 hauls of four or more wickets. At the beginning of that period was the 1992 World Cup, in which Akram was an absolute star, taking 18 wickets at 18.77. The highlight was his 3 for 49 in the final, when he derailed England's run-chase with the wickets of Allan Lamb and Chris Lewis in successive balls. Even towards the end of his career he remained a significant threat with the ball, and became the first bowler to go past the 500-wicket mark. Akram played five World Cups over his 19-year career, and finished as the second-highest wicket-taker with 55, next only to McGrath's haul of 71. AKRAM'S ODI CAREER Period Matches Wickets Average Econ Rate 4+ Wkts Till Dec 1991 107 143 23.97 3.84 5 Jan 1992 - Dec 1997 131 198 21.86 3.76 14 Jan 1998 Onwards 118 161 25.17 4.09 4 Career 356 502 23.52 3.89 23 With 326 ODI wickets in wins, Akram is next only to Muralitharan in this regard. He's clearly one of the greatest matchwinners in ODIs, averaging less than 19 at a run rate of 3.70. Among bowlers with at least 150 wickets in wins, only four bowlers have a better average. BEST BOWLING AVERAGES IN WINS IN ODIS (QUAL: 150 WICKETS) Bowler ODIs Wickets Average Econ Rate 4+ Wkts Saqlain Mushtaq 93 188 15.84 3.78 11 Glenn McGrath 171 301 17.94 3.65 15 Muttiah Muralitharan 191 347 18.08 3.63 21 Waqar Younis 149 278 18.76 4.33 21 Wasim Akram 199 326 18.86 3.70 18 Allan Donald 108 195 19.05 3.96 10 Akram's genius and his ability to burst through batting line-ups is obvious from the fact that he has taken two hat-tricks in Tests and ODIs, the only bowler to do so. He finished with 22 Man-of-the-Match awards in ODIs, which isn't anywhere near Sachin Tendulkar's 61, but it's a significant number considering the fact that ODIs are usually dominated by batsmen. In fact, Akram and Shaun Pollock (who also has 22) have the highest number of awards among players whose major suit isn't batting. And then there's the small matter of Akram the captain. In the 25 Tests in which he led Pakistan, they won 12 and lost eight, and his reign included a series win in England, and clinching the Asian Test Championship. His ODI record was impressive too: a win-loss ratio of 1.6, which is the joint-highest for any Pakistan captain who led in more than 50 games. HIGHEST ODI WIN % FOR PAKISTAN CAPTAINS (QUAL: 50 MATCHES AS CAPTAIN) Captain Matches Won W/L Ratio Wasim Akram 109 66 1.60 Waqar Younis 62 37 1.60 Inzamam-Ul-Haq 87 51 1.54 Imran Khan 139 75 1.27 Javed Miandad 62 26 0.78
  15. As an aside MSK saying all the right things about management of workload especially re Jasprit.
  16. Don't think T20 is his strongest format so right not to call him up now- Nair for one ahead of him in T20 pecking order. A team for 5 day matches, potentially ODI if fielding a second string. Rahul is considered back up opener for now.
  17. Sooda

    Guess the sun sign of posters

    Ah thanks man. Wrong, but thanks :) Need to look up what saggitarius are like now
  18. Shankar the T20 bat, Average of 23 and SR of 122 ... Good enough?
  19. Siraj (and Thakur) are not T20 bowlers. Both have an ER of 8 , would have preferred Krunal for Sundar for sure. I would have gone the whole hog and rested Rohit and Shikar too, got in Nair and possibly Iyer but that's unrealistic. Overall not a bad effort
  20. Sooda

    The great Nidahas Trophy 2018-Pre Tournament Discussion

    K Gowtham could be an option too. ^ that's right.. and it would be fair to at least give Kartik a few games given he has been in the squads of late
  21. Sooda

    The great Nidahas Trophy 2018-Pre Tournament Discussion

    With Manish, agree in hindsight 114 SR seems too low- though he does have a century and 94 in IPL final
  22. Sooda

    The great Nidahas Trophy 2018-Pre Tournament Discussion

    I meant domestic cricket, so list A... but in any case FC experience hones skills and technique and temperament which can be applied to all forms of the game. It is far too soon for any of the U19 players to be playing international cricket. If anything it is worse to expose them to T20Is too soon- particularly when there are lots of other deserving candidates
  23. Finally watched Justice League Its not as bad as people make it out to be at all. Not amazing, surprisingly dodgy effects especially Steppenwolf. But entertaining enough overall
  24. Sooda

    How long does it take to hear back from Uni?

    Email or ring em up :) What are you applying to study? Are you based in the UK My Uni applying days were a very long time ago, but, I think it is still earlyish days, only been a month so give it a few more weeks
  25. Sooda

    Changes for the sixth ODI

    Dhawan... :)

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