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  1. Yeah bit idiotic. Why not wait for the umpire.
  2. Sooda

    What’s the point of Kedar Jadhav?

    Surely should have been him instead of Shankar
  3. All rounder XI... Jayasuriya, Gilchrist, Richards, Kallis, Yuvraj, Symonds, Klusener, Kapil, Afridi, Pollock, Wasim Viv RIchards with 118 wickets at 35, in 187 matches is very much a batting all rounder in ODIs, Bevan OTOH has only taken 36 wickets in 230 matches
  4. Sooda

    ABDVs legacy

    This. Obviously Had he been past his sell by date, nothing would be said. His fault is being very good despite being 35 and hit with injuries.
  5. Sooda

    ABDVs legacy

    He is one of the greatest batsmen ever. Yes we dont know exactly why he retired, but to suggest a guy who held the record for most consecutive test appearances and was make shift keeper for a lot of it , make shift opener in ODIs too... is selfish, is silly. What he is doing is no more selfish than our greats - Kapil- playing well after their sell by dates. He was well in his 30s struggling with his back when started cutting down on appearences. Retirement is a personal choice, ABDVs fault is that he is still very good, thats why people are saying he retired "at his peak" when he clearly is not. I accept that what does leave a sour taste is his claim of being tired when retiring but then signing up for various t20 leagues. But after all he's done for SA why begrudge him an easy pay day. This was him as far back as Jan 2017... talking about taking a break until his the 2018 series against India and Australia, which were his last http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/18500275/de-villiers-unavailable-tests-most-2017 "My dream plan is to come back for those eight Test matches and that's all I can say for now. My focus is on the 2019 World Cup but if I feel physically incapable of making it after those two Test series, I will call it a day then. I'll make that call once we get there. I can't decide now how I am going to feel in 12 months." So actually he managed expectations as well as he could. He's Arguably a better test bat than LOI one, that choker claim is ludicrous...check out the top 10 or 15 highest 4 innings chases he must be the only batsman to have played a key role in two of them... http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/13804/scorecard/351681/australia-vs-south-africa-1st-test-south-africa-tour-of-australia-2008-09 http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/11866/scorecard/648665/south-africa-vs-india-1st-test-india-tour-of-south-africa-2013-14 other great knocks too... http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/12276/scorecard/573008/australia-vs-south-africa-2nd-test-south-africa-tour-of-australia-2012-13 http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/13752/scorecard/350472/south-africa-vs-australia-1st-test-australia-tour-of-south-africa-2008-09 ...
  6. Sooda

    ABDVs legacy

    Sorry but it can't be both ways... i.e. criticise our heros for hanging around too long but also slate other teams greats for bowing out when (they feel) the time is right. If MSD had retired couple of years ago and Carried on playing IPL would he be a sell out? AB has done more than enough, from batting wherever needed opening or keeping , to show he's not selfish. He's one of the greatest batsmen ever, even more so in tests than ODIs
  7. Oh really. To get a bit more post IPL rest I suppose
  8. Lol. Hey Pak matches are always a cause of apprehension at the best of tiimes and actually when it comes to preparation we can actually learn a thing or two from Pakistan
  9. vs. SA at Southhampton (06/05). This will be SA's 3rd game and Ind's first. SA would be well adjusted to the conditions. SA bowling attack is good with Rabada, Steyn, Lungi, and Tahir. Batting is also competitive with de Kock, Markham, du Plessis, Amla, and Duminy, along with hitting power at the end in likes of Morris if heis playing This is a good point, never struck me before. Unfair on India with the way it has been scheduled really.
  10. I am. Batting suddenly looking good, scoring big - admittedly against England attack on dream batting wickets. A fit Shadab will boost their attack. They're well prepared having been in the country for a while and playing actual ODIs against the favourites. Fear they will do well this WC.
  11. Sooda

    Should we worry about Pakistan

    Their batting looks good now, scoring at a rate they weren't before- if the pitches are juiced up a bit - which you'd expect the ICC to do - their attack Junaid, Hasan and Shadab will be more potent.
  12. Have thought for a while that Rahul at 3 and Virat at 4 is the way forward Shikar, Rohit, Rahul, Virat, MS, Kedar, Hardik, Bhuv, Kuldeep, Yuz, Jasprit That's a solid looking team to me.
  13. They need some one who can bowl , that rules out Rayudu and Pant. Will never happen but why not pick Nitish Rana, bowls a bit and can be a hard hitting lower middle order bat. Failing that, Krunal, he is not as much of a batsman but better than Axar.
  14. I know there is the small matter of a world cup imminent, but the LOI squads to WI will be interesting to see. The test squad needs to be strong and fresh so being after the WC , there should no test regulars in the ODI squad. And it would be the time to start phasing out the old and bringing in the new. With that in mind... T20s Rohit (c), Rahul, SK Yadav, Iyer, Pant, N Rana, Krunal, Gopal, D Chahar, Saini, Khaleel Prasidh K, R Chahar, Ishan Kishan ODIs Rohit (c), Rahul, Agarwal, Iyer, Shankar, Pant, Krunal, Bhuvneshwar, Kuldeep, Y Chahal, Saini D Chahar, R Chahar, Kishan, Gill Tests Agarwal, Shaw, Pujara, Kohli, Vihari, Pant, Hardik, Ashwin, Ishant, Shami, Jasprit Bhuvneshwar, Jadeja, Saha/Bharat, KL Rahul, Rahane
  15. Sooda

    Jadhav injury

    Agree that they should think about Nitish, he could be good coming in at 6 and can chip in with 2 or 3 overs of off spin . I would like Krunal to be considered, but Jadeja is similar ( though Krunal is potentially better LOI player)
  16. This is more in view with resting them straight after the WC and experimenting. But also Dhawan and Rohit need to be phased out, the next ODI WC is years away and Dhawan especially isnt the force he was. Plus the tactic of slowish starts keeping wickets in hand is holding us back certainly compared to England who are revolutionizing the ODI game
  17. Good team just not sure about the batting order...Pandey and Shankar should move up one slot, Gill and KL should open with Pant and Pandya at 6 and 7
  18. Has a pretty good T20 record, though this IPL has been disappointing for him. Was v good last year and had good SMA stats too. Him and Rana are definitely worth considering for T20Is
  19. Pandey on good form in IPL, scoring at great SR which he has not always been able to do. I like him and think he was not given a long/consistent enough chance especially at no 4...at the same time didnt grab chances he did get. Im not sure if he is a T20 I player but Hope he gets to tour WI with ODI team and gets a long run
  20. Nitish has a very good T20 record, ave of 27 SR of 133... similar to SKY, about time these guys who are actually good T20 bats get chances as opposed to shoe horning good List A players into T20I team. Sundar needs matches to prove his fitness and form Manish Pandey seems to be on a hot streak, he didnt really grab his opportunities but at the same time was not give a long and fair run IMO
  21. Botham made a memorable debut in 1977 and ran amok in the next two years, averaging nearly 40 with the bat and just above 19 with the ball. However, it must be remembered that rampant-Botham coincided with the Packer years when Australia were a severely weakened side and Pakistan, against whom Botham scored at 70.66and took wickets at 16.07, had lost some of their frontline players to World Series Cricket. The 1981 Ashes was the pinnacle of Botham's allround powers as he tallied 399 runs, including hundreds at Headingley and Old Trafford, and 34 wickets in what is now known in English folklore as 'Botham's Ashes'. Botham and Viv Richards got along famously as flatmates while playing at Somerset but the West Indies proved to be Botham's bogey team and the lack of a satisfactory record against cricket's team-to-beat at the time must be high up on Botham's wish-I-could-change-that list. He did not score a hundred against them and managed just four fifties in 20 games. His bowling against them wasn't too flash either, averaging a generous 35.18 and taking just three of his 27 five-wicket hauls. Botham had a terrible time in the Caribbean, where he averaged a paltry 14.17 in nine games with 38 being his highest score. http://www.espncricinfo.com/england/content/story/227056.html
  22. Sooda

    Pandya with our tailenders

    :) but unfortunately that is a problem that is even bigger one the lower down he bats. I would like KL at 3 and Virat at 4, wont happen I know. KL should have been given a long run at 4, too late now

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