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  1.  MSD still has a problem with really ramping up the SR . I have doubts about his accumulation ability Which have some what been allayed today. But he maybe needs to come even higher in the line up. With Virat and MSD together that is two "anchor" type bats and the RR isn't high enough

  2. 14 hours ago, express bowling said:

    My preferred squad for the Unofficial tests 


    1.  Mayank

    2.  Shaw

    3.  Easwaran

    4.  Gill

    5.  Nair

    6.  Vihari

    7.  Shankar 


    8.  Pant


    9.   Rahul Chahar

    10. Nadeem

    11.  Gotham


    12.  Avesh

    13.  Rajpoot

    14.  Aniket  C

    15.  Mavi  ... let the kid get some experience at                        this level


    Easwaran over Panchal? Is Navdeep fit?



  3. I watched this clip recently of Steve Waugh talking about Indias 1999 tour of Aus, must have been the first test and Aus were struggling at  not much on the board for 4 at lunch, Waugh was new to the crease and Sachin got on Gangulys part time medium pace for a few overs. Waugh settled in, and went on to score a ton.


    No, Virat is not that bad a captain.



  4. 7 minutes ago, Jamadagni said:

    Yes, we won all the tests after the first one in England. 

    Of course not but once you start off on such a bat note it's kinda all down hill


    The point is this is where warm up matches come in handy. Not a shortened match against borderline novices, actual FC matches where the mindset is honed for an intense test series.


    Those matches should be preceded by a camp focussing on skills like bowling the right length and judgment outside off stump. That's what Pak did right before their England tours. One innings of a 3 day match is not enough after a long run of short format matches.

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