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  1. Sooda

    Pick your team for 3rd test

    Faiz Fazal Rahul Pujara Kohli Vihari Nair Pant Ashwin Siraj Rajput Ishant
  2. Sooda

    Fiaz Fazal opening batsman

    He's opening Batsman for Vidhabra has played an odi for India. Think he has turned out for the A team Hes 33, Average of "just" 41 in FC cricket. So he's not an obvious candidate but those pundits whose tweets I've posted clearly rate him.
  3. Sooda

    Fiaz Fazal opening batsman

  4. Shame we are saying under prepared after all the months of planning- A team tour, Virat coming to play county (ok that didnt materalise) The prep was better than the last two tours . Its the inability to not waft outside off, mental discipline required to leave balls that do not need playing. I think the concept of having a camp before a big away tour is a very good one. Work on skills and technique required.
  5. Problem is the batsmen who got out unnecessarily- Dhawan and Rahane especially. We cant change too much in the middle or this series, but KL needs to open and in the next home series we need to groom a new opener, give Mayank a run maybe?
  6. Itook one or two but not much to see in them bro. I actually tried to share from my phone at the ground but it was too big!
  7. :) i should have gone prepared with a placard, feel a bit silly doing it though.
  8. F u ck you Rahane what a d I ck you are . S h it shot
  9. That was a v good ball tbf. KL Couldn't do much about it I'm at edgbaston, it's all happening here. English crowd really getting into it
  10. Everybody who has ever met and interacted with him only has nice things to say. I agree that he comes across like a wanker on the field, but off it he is a gent from all accounts.
  11. Im at Edgbaston tomorrow! Cant wait.
  12. Sooda

    Engand- India All time dream team XI

    Alan Knott was one of the greatest pure keepers ever. Good to both spin and pace , especially keeping to the Left arm spin of Derek Underwood. Decent but not thay good bat, especially by standards of modern wk-bats
  13. Sooda

    Engand- India All time dream team XI

    Gavaskar Cook Dravid Tendulkar Stewart Mankad Botham Dev Ashwin Flintoff Anderson
  14. Sooda

    Engand- India All time dream team XI

    Yes I kinda listed it for a "neutral" pitch I guess. Would pick Zaheer for left arm variety instead of Kumble if in England. Not sure if I'd want to replace Sunny with Viru... That top three could bore the opposition into submission if nothing else. Wonder if a pure keeper like Knott would be better , got two all rounders after all

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