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  1. 3 minutes ago, sandeep said:

    2 spinners Sooda? Where are they playing?  That's a good bowling line-up for India - but then I'd argue for Sehwag ahead of Cook in India.  In England, you gotta bench Kumble and bring in another front-line pacer. I'm partial to Srinath, but his  career numbers aren't the greatest.  

    Yes I kinda listed it for a "neutral" pitch I guess. Would pick Zaheer for left arm variety instead of Kumble if in England.


    Not sure if I'd want to replace Sunny with Viru... That top three could bore the opposition into submission if nothing else. 


    Wonder if a pure keeper like Knott would be better , got two all rounders after all

  2. 16 hours ago, express bowling said:


    Sooda ...  


    I have watched Gurbani bowl only 3 or 4 spells. So, it is difficult to form a complete opinion.


    But, from what I seen, his plus points are ...  he a genuine swing bowler, has a top quality inswinger and a knack of picking wickets in domestic 4-day or 5-day matches.


    His negatives are that his pace is low even for a swing bowler.  Whether he has the tools to succeed,  if conventional swing is not available, remains to be seen. But I have not seen him hit the deck hard or get any bounce. 


    If he improves his other qualities and pace, like Bhuvi has done ... he can be a good backup swing bowler for Bhuvi.


    Khejroliya is a hit the deck left arm pacer, maybe around 6'1",  who gets good purchase and decent bounce off the deck. Often, it seems that his stock ball is the bouncer or the rising short ball, which he uses very frequently and sometimes effectively.


    He is still inconsistent in terms of rhythm and pace.  Speeds vary between 127 k and 143 k.  In 4-day matches, he often loses steam and drops pace. 


    His good length channel and stump directed deliveries are not that developed yet.  But he has a decent yorker and slower ball.


    He is a much better white ball bowler than a red ball bowler.  But needs to hone his skills further. Definitely has potential.





    Interesting stuff, thanks for that

  3. This is why i come to ICF, to read genuinely insight ful and informative stuff- comes along all too rarely. @express bowling and @rkt.india always worth reading for their insights on pace bowling especially.


    Express, what are your views on Gurbani and Khejroliya... I know they are bit below the ones you have listed in the pecking order

  4. On 7/13/2018 at 12:44 PM, sandeep said:

    Did you go watch the game? How was it?

    Yeah! Pretty good. The atmosphere was good, not especially electric in part perhaps Because it was not a close match (not that I was complaining about that ) the Indian innings started great but the middle overs was accumulation by Virat and Rohit. Could have been even more smooth had Dhawan not thrown it away


    Bharat Army were in a next stand and their chants were great which livened things up.


    Thought that India did great that day, good all round performance on a good batting wicket. Was disappointed with the pacemen not getting their lengths right and getting smashed. 


    Of course the lords match has soured things since!!

  5. The other

    3 hours ago, rkt.india said:

    But pant cant bowl. So, only Krunal can replace him or some other batsman who can bowl, preferably a spinner.  Nitish Rana bowls his offies well too and we do need some one who can bowl off spin.  Pant can only replace Dhoni and it will happen only after 2019 WC.

    Deepak Hooda too potentially. Good batsman and can bowl a bit of offspin

  6. 6 hours ago, coffee_rules said:

    Almost the same team as T20 will be played tomorrow. We don't have T20 specialists. We tend to play the same ones. Hope Raina is not played, but KKD is given a chance. Raina was dropped from the ODI squad and was only replacing Biryani Rayudu.

    Problem with that is 6th bowler lack thereof. Raina can potentially bowl a couple. I wish Krunal was in

  7. On 7/5/2018 at 6:25 PM, Khota said:

    Ranji then India A and then selection. You do well in India A you should be selected. Should not fast track anyone ever. Pakistan can do that as they dont have much batting talent. In India you have to go through these stages. Nothing wrong with that if done properly.

    Totally agree. Especially on the fast bowlers like Maavi and Nagarkoti need to play a few seasons of FC cricket, learn how to bowl long spells and get stronger before even getting Into the A team I would say.


    Shaw and Gill have done well for FC and A team but would still like them to play one or two seasons for state before India cap.


    The bit older generation of Batsmen like Iyer, Agarwal, Nair maybe Vihari should be given a good run of chances

  8. Its good but no where near best of the decade man come on.


    Ive stopped following Bolly music but every year for the four or five till 2016 ive posted a best of list, didnt do it for 2017


    Number of songs on those are better than this. It was 21st on my list of 2015 (looking back on that list now there was more than a few questionable picks in it ) but still several better songs just from that year, not to mention other years


    Some of my faves include Bekharan from Saath Khoon Maaf, Phir Le Aaya Dil from Barfi, Banjaara from EK villain 




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