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  1. 55 minutes ago, Lannister said:

    You are just nitpicking here. Like I said Agarwal has been doing it for a much longer period even before we heard anything about Shaw and he has set some domestic records to his name. To just casually throw it all away just because he couldn't score runs in a match where he was made to bat in the middle order is just biased and disrespectful. I think we are done here. Let's just agree to disagree and leave at it. 

    Last season Agarwal scored 5 tons in 8 matches.


    Before that it was 3 in 34 matches, idk what his average was until 2016/17 it'd be interesting to know.


    He's been around for a while but was well below average until last season. If he gets picked it will be reward for one spectacular season not consistency over a period of time like say Panchal. 


    There is an element of judgement here too, I don't know what either of these guys are like but I have to trust the selectors judgement that Prithvi is the best option  for now.


    And it's not like Mayank is getting ignored altogether. Long run for the A team and Obviously next in line and he'd be picked for an odi squad if an opener slot was available


  2. 1 hour ago, Lannister said:

    Rubbish. Thakur has been mostly playing LOI cricket and his performance there is a bog average. How did that earn him a test call? And his FC bowling average is a mind-boggling 28.


    You are just repeating the same things. I have already answered to that. There is every reason for Mayank to feel he was hard done by some bizzare selections.  

    Wasnt Thakur  top ranji wkt taker a few seasons ago. Or in the top few anyway. If anything his list A performances are less good. So whilst Ankit, Siraj and others are better prospects he deserves at least a few goes in the A team


    Clearly Shaws performance in England gave him the nod. Can't argue with that.


    Would like to see Mayank in a ODI squad soon.

  3. 5 hours ago, youngindia said:

    Its a wrong comparison for the simple reason that Shaw will get a special treatment that 99.8% of others don't.


    Exceptional talents will leapfrog everyone. Only when was the question.


    Shaw is undoubtedly the better prospect . Mayank has worked and refined his game better through

    several seasons of trial and error. 


    Mayank and Vihari have to perform consistently to get their chance.


    Players of Exceptional promise will be fast tracked and can bull doze their way to a slot. For others, getting that slot in the indian team may require several years of consistency and a chance of luck with a vacancy.

    It's precisely that trait that for me would make him a better option for now. Older, knows his game better? Shaw possibly too young and needs a season or two more in FC.

  4. 2 hours ago, Charlie_ said:

    WTH is this thread? Who is faizal?

    He's opening Batsman for Vidhabra has played an odi for India. Think he has turned out for the A  team

    Hes 33, Average of "just" 41 in FC cricket. So he's not an obvious candidate but those pundits whose tweets I've posted clearly rate him. 

  5. Shame we are saying under prepared after all the months of planning- A team tour, Virat coming to play county (ok that didnt materalise) The prep was better than the last two tours . 


    Its the inability to not waft outside off, mental discipline required to leave balls that do not need playing.


    I think the concept of having a camp before a big away tour is a very good one. Work on skills and technique required. 

  6. 40 minutes ago, FreakazoiD said:

    I think Indian fans are being way too fatalistic after one test match. Batting conditions yesterday were awful, the ball was hooping around all over the place and even English batsmen who are born and bred in these conditions found batting hard (Sam Curran basically had nothing to lose - he had already performed above expectations and cemented his spot for at least 2 more tests, so he had the license to go out and play his shots and it came off for him, the dropped catch notwithstanding). The commentators were repeatedly saying that the conditions couldn't have been more English, with thick cloud cover and ball swinging. In such conditions, any team will struggle, leave alone India. Add to that the pressure of a 4th innings chase and a top quality attack in swinging conditions, batting becomes incredibly hard. Had this match been happening in London where there has been bright sunshine and sub-continental temperatures of 35 degrees, it would have been a totally different story (at least batting-wise). I still expect these guys to score big in the next few tests if the current heatwave persists, if only we can scrape through today :pray:

    Problem is the batsmen who got out unnecessarily- Dhawan and Rahane especially.


    We cant change too much in the middle or this series, but KL needs to open and in the next home series we need to groom a new opener, give Mayank a run maybe?


  7. 5 hours ago, Hydra said:

    Kohli may be a wanker but he is a gun, awesome innings, but India will be in big trouble if they don't sort out their batting, can't rely on one man forever, this is one reason why India will never be a great team.

    Everybody who has ever met and interacted with him only has nice things to say. I agree that he comes across like a wanker on the field, but off it he is a gent from all accounts.

  8. 3 minutes ago, sandeep said:

    2 spinners Sooda? Where are they playing?  That's a good bowling line-up for India - but then I'd argue for Sehwag ahead of Cook in India.  In England, you gotta bench Kumble and bring in another front-line pacer. I'm partial to Srinath, but his  career numbers aren't the greatest.  

    Yes I kinda listed it for a "neutral" pitch I guess. Would pick Zaheer for left arm variety instead of Kumble if in England.


    Not sure if I'd want to replace Sunny with Viru... That top three could bore the opposition into submission if nothing else. 


    Wonder if a pure keeper like Knott would be better , got two all rounders after all

  9. 16 hours ago, express bowling said:


    Sooda ...  


    I have watched Gurbani bowl only 3 or 4 spells. So, it is difficult to form a complete opinion.


    But, from what I seen, his plus points are ...  he a genuine swing bowler, has a top quality inswinger and a knack of picking wickets in domestic 4-day or 5-day matches.


    His negatives are that his pace is low even for a swing bowler.  Whether he has the tools to succeed,  if conventional swing is not available, remains to be seen. But I have not seen him hit the deck hard or get any bounce. 


    If he improves his other qualities and pace, like Bhuvi has done ... he can be a good backup swing bowler for Bhuvi.


    Khejroliya is a hit the deck left arm pacer, maybe around 6'1",  who gets good purchase and decent bounce off the deck. Often, it seems that his stock ball is the bouncer or the rising short ball, which he uses very frequently and sometimes effectively.


    He is still inconsistent in terms of rhythm and pace.  Speeds vary between 127 k and 143 k.  In 4-day matches, he often loses steam and drops pace. 


    His good length channel and stump directed deliveries are not that developed yet.  But he has a decent yorker and slower ball.


    He is a much better white ball bowler than a red ball bowler.  But needs to hone his skills further. Definitely has potential.





    Interesting stuff, thanks for that

  10. This is why i come to ICF, to read genuinely insight ful and informative stuff- comes along all too rarely. @express bowling and @rkt.india always worth reading for their insights on pace bowling especially.


    Express, what are your views on Gurbani and Khejroliya... I know they are bit below the ones you have listed in the pecking order

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