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  1. why are we not rotating strikes. very slow run rate with Puj at the middle
  2. should hve started with Rohit and Vijay (couldn't have been worse)_ Add Vihari. Tired of seeing KL failing repeatedly
  3. ipl is fun

    Mzansi Super League

    Any live streaming for these matches
  4. it does not make sense. Why not look at IPL to be bowling practice for Buvi and Bumrah The same logic holds good for Virat. who is making 17+Cr.. He know BCCI is not as stupid as RCB to compensate if he was asked to sit out.
  5. ipl is fun

    IND v WI | 1st T20 | 4th Nov 7.00 PM | Kolkatta |

    didn't know its Krunall and not Krunal.. Is that numerology change?
  6. ipl is fun

    IND v WI | 1st T20 | 4th Nov 7.00 PM | Kolkatta |

    KP (WI) giving KP (indian) Mumbai indians welcome
  7. ipl is fun

    RCB sell de Kock to Mumbai in IPL 2019's first trade

    I am surprised they let QDK go as he can play 2 roles (WK and Opener). Since Cory was in replacement for NCN, do they still have rights to NCN services? if they let Cory, BMac go, they will have 3 slots. Assuming they get NCN, they should go for Root, and may be Aghan opener (Zanzi - who hit 6 sixes recently) as their bowling options with Southee, UY, NCN, Woakes, Chahal, Saini, Siraj, Sundar looks good.
  8. Is the weather forecast (i see rain for next 2 days) going to help. I also want weather not to play decisive role in the result and let India fight and see who really wants to be in next match.
  9. ipl is fun

    Is India missing a left arm seamer in this series?

    Recall Zak. Other issue, we have one Leftie in Shikar. We all know his current form May be get Raina, and Pant in the team to have R/L combination to confuse their bowlers.
  10. ipl is fun

    AFG Test Debut | Ind v Afg | 14-18 June 2018 | Bangalore

    any link to watch the match. Thanks..
  11. if you don't trust your bowlers, then why bowl first.. get your batsman to score as many runs freely and let SRH batters make mistaes. bad decision at the toss by MSD even after lsat game against SRH.. Toss decision gave SRH the cup this year.
  12. One of the MI cheerleaders did not like Pandya's shot selection either.
  13. the way sRH has started, what are the chances that KKR loose by a big margin to be behind RR run rate and that would open the door for KXIP too
  14. ipl is fun

    India vs England 2nd ODI at Lords July 14(need tickets)

    I don't need to explain to you why I want to watch one innings.. None of the India matches are empty. in fact the places I looked for tickets shows its already sold out Thanks

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