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  1. ipl is fun

    Why Mayank was not given a chance

    I know MA came in for Vijay (should have been there from day 1) If DK slot was purely a batsman spot, why didn't MA was given a chance. What did DK do to have a spot.
  2. did not know Ranveer singh is in the house
  3. ipl is fun

    Yuvraj singh announces retirement from international cricket.

    Does UV benefit in announcing retirement during WC.. If not, why not wait till WC is over and rather than getting attention now.
  4. ipl is fun

    Dale Steyn out of the World Cup

    FAF/Tahir/QDK/Rabada all played too
  5. Number of extras may come to hurt Afghans when rain stops
  6. Hope there is no rain this week. That would painful to see teams share points if it rains out.
  7. Ngidi is out. I think Steyn/Amala might play.
  8. i think its more pressure on England than SA. This would help SA as they get this out of the way first match. if they win, that would give them huge boost, if they loose, thats not end of it as they are expected to loose.
  9. Brat did not mention words on Thala innings. He was happy with KLR scoring.
  10. i thought they would send Archer before Rashid. as Archer is in the batting list
  11. Should we rest JB and get BUVI/SAMI bowl their quota to see who will play KY - not sure how he is going to get back his confidence. Sir may get in for KY to have extra batting. Can all 4 - DK, KL, VS, KJ get a chance to see which two should play against SA
  12. Naz would have done on purpose not to put any pressure on the English players.
  13. I thought the warm matches has not started. Are these guys playing practice matches before warm up matches http://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/26800532/usman-khawaja-struck-helmet-andre-russell-bouncer-world-cup-warm-up Is India also doing similar to this apart from 2 warm up against Afghan/Kiwi
  14. ipl is fun

    Team India arrives in Eng

    we have 15 players. not sure whether 4 nets bowlers are also here. Then there are 11+ coaches? Looks like MI coaching team
  15. ipl is fun

    What bowling strategy should we adopt at the World Cup?

    Bumbrah Buvi/Sami Two of Sir/KY/YC HP That gives 5. For the last bowling option, depending on number of lefties, pitch one of Vijay/KJ Slot 4: one of DK/Rahul I can't see both Vijay/KJ playing. Same for DK/Rahul.

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