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  1. Match 49 : KKR vs KXIP

    Did Gautam gesture Lynn to take it easy and don't risk after Lynn's fielding (where he fell on his shoulders)
  2. #43: RCB v KXIP | Banglaore 8 PM IST

    maxi -- let's whether he can ride his luck
  3. #43: RCB v KXIP | Banglaore 8 PM IST

    first one may be he got blind sided. second one, like Chahal saying keep your legs together
  4. #43: RCB v KXIP | Banglaore 8 PM IST

    Chahal or Kuldeep yadav should be in CT20.. would go with Chahal. Jaddu/Ashwin to fight for other spot
  5. #43: RCB v KXIP | Banglaore 8 PM IST

    Saha is making Watto bowling look good
  6. #43: RCB v KXIP | Banglaore 8 PM IST

    GL made same mistake of playing all INTL bats
  7. #43: RCB v KXIP | Banglaore 8 PM IST

    Ideally 2 Batsman, 1 AR, 1 bowler for overseas. may be 2 Bowler and 1 Bat if you got decent Indian line up. RCB tried this but got Bowler wrong before. Badri gets them at the top to stem the flow.
  8. Is that dig at KKR/MI.. I understand to some extent if he had said "pace attack", that if they had Cummins in..
  9. We have Sir and Ashwin as two spin all rounders.. then why need Hardik.. With 3 out of that 4 as fast bowlers, 2 spin, one keeper (prefer Uthappa with current form), 5 batsman in the playing X1
  10. Hope Shami is fit for longer spells (CT).. Buvi, bumrah, Sami and Umesh..Not sure whether Hardik is needed.
  11. Mishraji almost throwing down UV..
  12. so Angelo is taken as a batsman.. you should be kidding me..
  13. this might be best chance for UV to cement his place in CT
  14. They let Tahir go.. They did not play Nadeem.. Angelo-- not sure with his recent injury, has lost it. Corey again - coming of injury. Rabada was given chance very late. Can come up with top 100 for DD this season

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