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  1. ipl is fun

    What bowling strategy should we adopt at the World Cup?

    Bumbrah Buvi/Sami Two of Sir/KY/YC HP That gives 5. For the last bowling option, depending on number of lefties, pitch one of Vijay/KJ Slot 4: one of DK/Rahul I can't see both Vijay/KJ playing. Same for DK/Rahul.
  2. Would rather try Shreyas Gopal instead of Axar (who is replica of Sir)
  3. I guess Iyer did not have any other option than going to KP
  4. Give Pant more time. Hope he matures and plays to the situation. Hope he does not follow Raina's attitude
  5. Pant plays one way. like Raina. I am hoping RP matures over time unlike Raina. RP is lot of talent. Right now, some days it works. We need to give RP time and more chances to fail to learn it the hard way
  6. Was Khaleel trash talking to Paul.
  7. Khallel had 2 overs and Buvi had one. Why give it to Thampi.
  8. Why did Munro use DRS when he was clueless. could have used for AP
  9. it comes down to Pant now.
  10. Did SRH miss a review on that lbw?
  11. ipl is fun

    Golden opportunity for Rishabh Pant

    I don't think KJ has been ruled out of WC. He is out of IPL No news from Xray/MRI?
  12. With DC winning on small margin, does it mean CSK will be in top 2 irrespective of the outcome of the two matches tomorrow?
  13. Who else do they have in their team.
  14. I guess Delhi got the better deal on that trade with SRH. If it was not for Warner/JB, they would have been at the bottom, Not sure whether its a hangover from last year final loss
  15. I hope you are right from Team India point of view

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