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  1. jj_28

    Raina is here .

    I hope if Raina does well in the T20s we will hopefully give him a chance in the ODIs. He has experience and he can finish unlike other players we are trying out in our middle order.
  2. yeah the problem is a lot more noticeable since Dhoni lost that finishing ability and Yuvi left the side. I still think we need someone like Dhoni in the team to stop the middle order from completely falling apart but we are desperately missing finishers and we need to find the solution before the WC. If our top 3 fail, we need someone in midfield that we can rely on to get us those runs.
  3. yeah start one for the batsmen
  4. jj_28

    Surprised to see Thakur playing for india

    He took 4 wickets today but he really didnt impress me, looked very ordinary.
  5. If we can sort out middle order before the WC then I will say we are ready for the WC. Hopefully they will continue to experiment and find that right combination in the middle order.
  6. He needs to deliver consistent performances in domestic circuit before he gets called up to the NT team.
  7. Delhi lost ffs Not sure who was at fault for Pant runout but a pretty good innings from him, he just needed someone on the other end to stay with him and thanks for the Mavi update
  8. Is Shivam Mavi injured, surprised to see him not get any game time after the WC
  9. He's definitely lost that explosive hitting that we were used to but he can still come on and do a reasonable job like he did in the Johannesburg ODI, calling him a joke is a bit much.
  10. jj_28

    This Torture must end !!!

    are these kids even producing consistent performances in domestic cricket? For the 2019 WC I would consider these options 4 - Rahane, Iyer, Pandey, Karthik 5 - Kedar, Raina 6 - Dhoni 7 - Pandya I still think Dhoni has something to offer the team in limited overs cricket but he should be coming slightly higher up the order than he is right now and we need Pandya + someone like Kedar who can come in and bowl a few overs so we arent completely reliant on Pandya + 4 bowlers to bowl the 50 overs.
  11. jj_28

    Prithvi Shaw

    I dont think he's slow, I think he was trying to take runs that weren't there yesterday. Apart from his running he was flawless yesterday, really excited to see how he does DD in a few months.
  12. jj_28

    Battle of young batsmen: Shaw vs Gill

    I think everybody will pick Gill (as I did) because of his display today but Shaw before his run out looked equally as good and in control in my opinion. They both look really really good.

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