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  1. This is the danger of social media/internet Singh paaji. These things have been happening since a long time but the psyche has been questioned only after the emergence of social media. Technology has made people more impatient in dealing with real world issues.
  2. MechEng

    Dear CSK - animated short film

    The amount of self pity these gender equality sympathizers have makes me suffocate.
  3. MechEng

    Why isn’t leg spin popular in test cricket?

    Leg spin is still the toughest skill to master in cricket. With fast bowling you are either inclined to bowl fast or you don't, no one can train to become a fast bowler, but leg spin bowling is something that can be learnt even by an average person. I'm pretty sure Kumble, Afridi and Rashid Khan who use deceptive pace to get batsmen out secretly wished that they had the ability to spin it big. Even those who spin it big like Amit Mishra and Imran Tahir find it very hard to control the trajectory of the ball which is why they get smashed for boundaries. Complete mastery over leg spin needs lots of patience.
  4. MechEng

    Why isn’t leg spin popular in test cricket?

    Off spin requires fingers to spin the ball while leg spin needs wrists to spin the ball. Which is why if you don't have strong wrists you won't be able to spin the ball much. Which is the reason why Warne is considered a genius, leg spin came naturally to him. People say Warne worked very hard to become the leg spin master, but then every cricketer works very hard including first class cricketers. Warne made the art of leg spin look effortless.
  5. Interesting, how did secularism became being non religious? Wasn't secularism all about being in harmony with all religions instead of complete atheism?
  6. No, you are putting them on a pedestal. It's not that good there. Before coming to America I thought it was like what you watch on tv shows like 2 and a half men but in a semester's duration I got the real picture. Everyone is lonely there which is why a lot of people from west travel to eastern countries like Japan in order to look for wife material women.
  7. MechEng

    New trend of "Reaction" videos

    Reaction video to a reaction video to a reaction video. Reactionception
  8. Equality at it's most complete form.
  9. Match haarne ke baad balushai aur singhara ki party.
  10. Yeh wohi reaction hua jo poori zindagi nutrine maha lacto khaate rahe aur ek dum se 5 star chocolate mil jaye.
  11. MechEng

    MSD will score a ton today

    Matlab 72 runs in 40 balls.
  12. Did Rainman Raina play his last ODI?
  13. MechEng

    Return of CSK in IPL = Selection Ghotala in Team India

    CSK intelligence unit probably attached a nano bomb on Kohli's jersey and warned him to detonate it if he does not submit to their demands.
  14. 2 wicket keepers in one team? Kya ho gaya Kohli ko?

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