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  1. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    You don't understand human nature I believe. It doesn't matter how big or small a kingdom is, a weak king/prince is always an easy target, have you forgotten how Ashoka mercilessly waged wars against neighbouring empires? And a prince is technically someone who is just a step behind becoming a king, and he needs to be brave, strong and wise to be promoted to that, Siddhartha had none of those qualities, since he was naive enough to take a stupid risk by leaving his family. I would have been more happy had he realised during the 'enlightenment' how stupid he was to abandon his family. He reminds me of those typical Silicon Valley hippie entrepreneurs who make big money, take an early retirement and spend the rest of their lives roaming around holy Hindu/Buddhist cities. Interesting but not inspiring.
  2. Are Ramayan and Mahabharata real?

    Yes they are real. Evidence is not always the answer to the truth, humans do not necessarily leave behind the evidence for future generation, like how we won't do anything specific today so that the coming generation in the next 1000 years remembers us.
  3. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    beetleji, Siddhartha was a weak king if he existed. If a grown up man becomes depressed seeing a dead/diseased/old person, then that shows how immature he was. India has always been a major target for foreign empires because of it's wealth and this country could never afford such a mental midget of a king.
  4. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    Again, just because a king does not fight wars for a long period of time it does not mean that he will let his fighting skills to accumulate dust, a king must be ready every moment. Regarding your relatives, they do not have the responsibility to run a country/kingdom. Tomorrow if Narendra Modi suffers a mid life crisis and quits his PM post to search for enlightenment what will happen to India? Think from that perspective.
  5. About Gandhi - Is this true?

    It is escapism, clear cut. Becoming a king is not just about wealth and luxury but also a huge responsibility. Back then the relationship between a king and his people was more intimate compared to today, so if he gave up his royal life in pursuit of so called truth, not only he broke the trust of his people but also gave a green signal to the foreign kings for a possible invasion. Also, I believe Buddha was not a real person but a composite character and there are academic literatures which debate his existence like how the existence of Jesus is debated. Because it is impossible for such a naive human being to exist to take a major risk by giving up his throne in pursuit of something unknown. You never know, maybe the story of Buddha was invented by Brahmin priests to give a relief to common people that even a life of wealth and luxury does not bring happiness and a king gave up these to become an ascetic.
  6. Indian Actress/Models/Celebrities(Pictures Only)

    This is the worst thread for lonely bachelors.
  7. Ironically according to Aristotle, the chosen ones of Israel are a tribe from India. https://grahamhancock.com/kaks1/
  8. Your top 3 architectural monuments in India

    You've been to Delwara temple? It's so grand! I don't think we have such great craftsmen left today.
  9. What's so cool about Sun Tzu Art of war? I just don't get it, it's a popular book. But it does reflect on what things people value, firstly the book became popular only after it got recognised in west and secondly it's a book on war.
  10. Paaji you're asking me as if I'm the leader of the pandits The detailed description is given in the book the travels of marco polo, some name like that.
  11. Visualize a situation in distant future when only robots run the world and humans cease to exist. To them people made from flessh, blood and bones would be pseudo science.
  12. Bro, it's from a book I read online, didn't make it up.
  13. If I remember correctly I read somewhere online about Taimur's invasion of India, it seems his initial attempts of invasion were thwarted single handedly by a Brahmin/Jat priest who could cast spells and unleash heavy rainfall and tornadoes at will. So they had to bribe someone from India and got that priest killed which made it easier for them to carry on with their invasions. Marco Polo on his tour of India made fun of Indian religion consistently throughout and explained how Christianity is far supreme than these idolaters, but the only thing he was impressed with was the ability of Kashmiri priests who could control weather by spells/mantras. So it seems they knew something which we don't now.
  14. Pakistan's Hidden Shame

    That is a big misconception about Indian food, even my roommates who are from Britain and Jamaica thought I ate butter chicken every third day, this perception of course changed after they saw what I cooked daily. Traditional Indian diet is daal, chapati and some stir fried vegetable, this is what at least 95% of the country eats everyday, and the vegetable/curries are moderately spiced, nothing like vindaloo.
  15. Pakistan's Hidden Shame

    It's as if milk and wheat opened their eyes, 'widened' their perspective.

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