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  1. Jain Couple leaves property and child to turn monks

    Even if it's not explicitly stated in documented history, I do believe that passiveness or the false understanding of ahimsa did play a big role in their downfall. I can't remember an instance in history where the Buddhists displayed inspiring resistance against invaders and protected it's people (not the negative example followed by Imperial Japan). Also, who are Hindkos? Heard that for the first time.
  2. Jain Couple leaves property and child to turn monks

    The bizarre extreme practices of self neglect done by Jains and Buddhists played an important role in the past foreign invasions of India. Especially how Buddhist Afghans were unable to defend themselves against the Arabs when you consider how freakishly strong are Afghans, they had a wrong understanding of ahimsa. Violence against self is as bad as violence against others. Maintaining a healthy balance between loving others and respecting self is the true meaning of ahimsa.
  3. Where are you from ?

    Arlington, Texas. Arlington feels more like a town than a city, the closest proper city from here is Dallas which is an hour's drive.
  4. MS Dhoni mega discussion thread

    You guys are not reading between the lines, Sehwag is being very sarcastic here.
  5. Travelling in the US

    I agree with all three of you, driving in India and US have their separate challenges. In India one has to be street smart while driving, you don't have to obey rules to the point but this applies to others as well, so while driving you have to be mindful of your car not getting damaged. The challenge is US is a very different one. You have to follow the rules to the point, no compromises or 'chalta hain' attitude is tolerated, American cops are very strict. For example it happened with me on my first day arrival to US, my senior came to pick me up from Dallas airport and we were driving at 53 mph on a road with speed limit till 50 mph only. The cops followed us and made us stop the car, my senior apologized repeatedly and we were let off without a fine but with a warning. Probably because Indian students have a relatively good reputation in US, we were forgiven first.
  6. Can Anderson end career with sub-25 average?

    Anderson's career path is similar to Ricky Ponting. Ponting was brought into the team purely on the basis of natural talent, but he kept under performing from 1996-2001, it was from 2002 onwards he picked up consistency and became one of the greats. Andu was an average bowler till 2008, but all changed from 2009 onwards.
  7. WTF shot is this !!!

    First thought of a helicopter shot, then reverse sweep and finally attempted dilscoop. Probably was done to distract the bowler.
  8. Believe it or not

    Praising 1965 war 'heroes' as google says.
  9. Travelling in the US

    I love walking, I've walked really long distance here till now. Yeah it's tough but that's all I can do. Plus I'm not sure if I can get my license this semester or the next, depends on the workload of my course if I have free time. Can I get a license during winter/spring breaks? I'd be definitely free at that time.
  10. Travelling in the US

    I'm here since last month and I would love to see the rest of the country in my free time in future. How do ICFers in america travel around the country? I don't have a driving license right now, will have to take learner's test offered by the state in the future. So which is the most sensible option? 1.) Amtrak trains and buses. 2.) Flights. 3.) Stop being lazy, go get your license. P.S. I'm in Texas.
  11. India tour of England 2018 schedule announced

    Thank god no test match at Old Trafford. Scary lateral movement the last time we played there.
  12. Anti-Defection Law: Death of democracy

    He is pro left wing if I remember him stating this few months ago on this forum. I'm pretty sure a neutral would not be so pissed off with the government and offer constructive criticisms instead.
  13. Anti-Defection Law: Death of democracy

    "The Tenth Schedule — popularly known as the Anti-Defection Act — was included in the Constitution in 1985 by the Rajiv Gandhi ministry and sets the provisions for disqualification of elected members on the grounds of defection to another political party. The law was added via the 52nd Amendment Act, 1985, soon after the Rajiv government came to power with a thumping majority in the wake of the assassination of prime minister Indira Gandhi. The Congress had won 401 seats in the Lok Sabha." Lol.
  14. While Viv is the greatest ODI player of all time, you are romanticising too much. That West Indies team was the greatest but they were no superhumans either.

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