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  1. MechEng

    Your unpopular opinion thread

    MGTOW is as bad if not worse than feminism. Both polarise the society further.
  2. MechEng

    Your unpopular opinion thread

    Cricket was never meant to be a global sport and will never be one. In the Georgian era UK, cricket was played without any rules and for fun, gambling was very common too. Only when Victorian era began, complex rules were made keeping the Victorian morality and Anglo Saxon Protestantism in mind, which is why test players wear white, it is the colour of purity and Christ. Cricket was exported to colonies not for fun and games but to civilize them with Victorian morals, the game was specifically designed for the Englishman and had no philosophical similarities with the local culture of the colonies. Which is the reason why you will never find and Italian enjoy cricket because it's philosophically British sport and the colonies enjoy it because they obviously remained colonies long enough to develop a taste for the game.
  3. Pakistanis have come up with smart ways of deception. I'm impressed.
  4. Great move! Hygiene is most important.
  5. MechEng

    Your unpopular opinion thread

    ODI cricket was invented in India in 1951.
  6. MechEng

    Aus India 5 ODIs in Feb. Is there any point ?

    End of international cricket is near, ODIs are basically obsolete now don't know if I'll follow the world cup games. There is unhealthy amount of cricket being played.
  7. MechEng

    Rishibh Pant Starts New Innings ----in Life

    Will they remain not out?
  8. MechEng

    Your unpopular opinion thread

    Nahi re, politics is not my thing.
  9. MechEng

    We need to talk about SENA

    If cricket world is a family unit then it will be called SUBI SENA. Can be better than Shiv Sena.
  10. MechEng

    We need to talk about SENA

    Now who do you think is the SENApati of SENA?
  11. MechEng

    Your unpopular opinion thread

    I watched the first 2 episodes of season 1 of Game of Thrones and then I never watched it, too complicated for me. I do get reminded of the show by the memes I receive like "You don't know John Snow" and etc.
  12. MechEng

    Gully Boy trailer

  13. MechEng

    Pakistan's ongoing cricket streaks

    Yaar aaj kal hasi nahi aati watching Pak cricket team lose. I'm afraid Pak team is going the same route WI went and Aus are going right now. Apart from Babar Azam's high quality batting, no player to watch out for. In the 1990s beating Pak in Sharjah was as hard as beating 90s Australia side in Australia in an ODI game. So winning an ODI game at Sharjah against Pak was huge.
  14. MechEng

    Indian feminists !!!

    Oh yes, in a very direct way. It's either that or they had a dominating mother brainwashing them.
  15. MechEng

    Indian feminists !!!

    Guys only become feminists in hope of winning the girl's heart who is also a feminist. True in major cases.

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