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  1. Also 300 happens to make a mockery of Persians.
  2. I always believed that social media and franchise cricket have caused downfall of cricket in general. Franchise cricket of course has commercialized the game and social media opened up money making opportunities which were limited during television era.
  3. MechEng

    Zimbabwe Suspended by ICC

    It will be interesting if that happens because the very foundation of post independence America was based on rejecting everything British. Which is why there never was a monarchy, informal culture, American english being very different and of course baseball.
  4. MechEng

    Zimbabwe Suspended by ICC

    The Marillier shot used to be a popular shot attempted by gully tennis ball cricket, also the original ramp shot before ABD.
  5. kya ho raha hai...
  6. jazba junoon tu himmat na haar.
  7. Boult definitely had his Akram moment as per my prediction although none of those fast reverse swinging deliveries were bowled.
  8. Kane Williamson will either become NZ prime minister or else NZ will have to pay 3 guna lagaan.
  9. Cornered kiwis, don't fold to bulldogs!
  10. MechEng

    The 92 theory seems to have some legs to it

    And when tensions between Australia and NZ rise, a kangaroo accidentally entering the kiwi territory will be taken as a prisoner of war by the kiwi government and Kane Williamson will get a noble peace prize for showing kindness to animals by returning the kangaroo to Australia and simultaneously denying that the kangaroo punched down one of their own sheeps.
  11. Trent Boult to have his Akram moment soon, come around the wicket and bowled aiim!!! Dil dil Kiwistan
  12. Clutch pedal kharaab ho gaya, clutch flywheel se disengage nahi ho raha.
  13. MechEng

    Chandrayaan2 launch -15th July

    Space missions are a waste of resources from a practical perspective. It's okay to send mini satellites far in the space to satisfy intellectual curiosity and that's all.

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