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  1. MechEng

    ICF leaving/taking break thread

    I'm glad this thread is created today! Was about to post in 'Site Feedback' section. This is my last post here. Things have gone a bit rough recently in my personal life and as a result I'm cutting down totally on leisure time in the internet, would want to focus completely on offline life. Fun time pass here, guys enjoy!
  2. Fraud? What should he be jailed for? Overseas performance scam in 2014?
  3. MechEng

    India decriminalizes Homosexuality

    In before Alam Dar comes up with a super rare example, it is natural. In fact coprophagia and cannibalism are natural too if you search hard enough. Sab natural hai, jo karna hai karo.
  4. MechEng

    India decriminalizes Homosexuality

    I genuinely hope so. Here in US at the college campus where I'm studying, the LGBT community is very strong, and these folks kind of impose their ideologies in you subconsciously, it's sort of creepy. My only fear was the propaganda. Just like after India became secular 'officially', the marxists dominated the education system here and imposed their ideologies in a subtle way through education. The same with LGBT community I felt that they can misuse their freedom and mess up people's minds especially young children regarding gender identification stuff, already in UK it seems that boys are allowed to wear skirts at schools and in the US people actually discuss the possibility of gender disappearing completely in the future. This is extremism of a new kind. I'm generally neutral when it comes to sensitive issues and I don't hate LGBT, feminists, alpha/beta toxic masculinity, Pakistanis and etc. It's just that propaganda of any kind makes me uncomfortable.
  5. MechEng

    Which race attracts you the most?

    All races have attractive women. The only turn offs for me are short boy cut hair and head buns.
  6. MechEng

    India decriminalizes Homosexuality

    The posts above strengthen my point even further. I stated my opinion without attacking other's opinion (I specifically quoted Tibarn and Moochad for this), but here plenty seem to be upset with my opinion and target me for this. Proselytization is the next step in India.
  7. MechEng

    India decriminalizes Homosexuality

    @Tibarn @Moochad Indians have this knack of being a rebel, will aggressively support anything that's unconventional because it's a cool thing to do, of course without reflecting upon how the things they support will impact the value system. Will always be followers unlike Russia.
  8. MechEng

    India decriminalizes Homosexuality

    @Muloghonto you get worked up too easily in online discussions, chill. You will inevitably meet people with different opinions in internet.
  9. MechEng

    India decriminalizes Homosexuality

  10. MechEng

    India decriminalizes Homosexuality

    Now this is what I was talking about. I gave an opposing opinion without hating on homos, and you respond with this aggressive post. Propaganda where traditionalists are forced to compromise over their own rights.
  11. MechEng

    India decriminalizes Homosexuality

    It's actually a good manifesto, he has also pointed out to the hypocrisy of the conservatives here. Very unbiased work.
  12. MechEng

    India decriminalizes Homosexuality

    This. The people who are commenting here against the SC's decision are not against homos but are against the fuel this decision will give to the LGBT propaganda. Indian people are too naive to understand the art of propaganda, or I should say majority in the world are naive when it comes to understanding how social engineering works.
  13. MechEng

    India decriminalizes Homosexuality

    Yeah, atleast he's being honest with his manifesto without the propaganda drivel.
  14. MechEng

    India decriminalizes Homosexuality

    Are you into reading stuff? If yes, I would recommend you this pdf book, it's insightful actually - https://www.josharcher.uk/static/files/2018/01/Industrial_Society_and_Its_Future-Ted_Kaczynski.pdf Do read from "PSYCHOLOGY OF MODERN LEFTISM" onwards, it's pretty interesting and answers your question. P.S. : Kaczynski may not be the best person around, but this book is very interesting.

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