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  1. Nice banner!
  2. I tried Kumbakonam coffee near Padmanabhaswamy temple in Trivandrum. The coffee was not only sweet and milky but simultaneously strong, it was strong enough for anyone not to consume caffeine for hours after having the coffee.
  3. TNPL jerseys far better than IPL jerseys.
  4. BMC takes the revenue by finding dengue larvae in Malishka's house. One must note that mumbai is so overcrowded that it is almost impossible to manage it, irrespective of BMC's inaction.
  5. People from south find it much easier to learn hindi, but same can't be said the other way round. I tried learning malayalam, and I could not go beyond learning numbers from 1 to 4 or chetta/chechi . It's a tough language.
  6. During my stay in Kerala there was a coffee brand called Kumbakonam filter coffee. Best coffee I've ever had.
  7. Tea lover here! My best tea drinking experience came from Darjeeling trip, the tea in East/North East India tastes different, more flavourful. Even their local brand tea bags can give Twinings english breakfast a run for it's money. I also love the rose scented tea served in Parsi restaurants in Mumbai.
  8. I want this series to be a very challenging one, all 3 pitches should turn massively. No runs scored by hitting the ball across the line.
  9. On contrary IPL played a big role in David Warner becoming a test batsman, Warner was yet to play a first class game for Australia when he played this first IPL season.
  10. The scorecards are incomplete! You will not get to know how many balls the batsmen faced or how many fours/sixes he hit, same for bowlers. This is a form of violence against stats lovers of the game.
  11. I find Pringles very addictive, I avoid buying them because I get the urge to finish the entire stack inside 15 mins, they taste so good! My all time favourites are vinegar and sour cream onion.
  12. I remember reading accounts on India by Faxian, Ctesias, Pliny The Elder and Megasthenes, they literally saw the land beyond Indus as a land of utopia. Even Aristotle warned Alexander not to invade India and asked him to bring the soil of that land to him when he returns. Fast forward 2000 years, and today we see complete apathy on display when it comes to civic sense. I can assure you that even Mogadishu is much cleaner than Mumbai. The root of this apathy is a complex topic, some blame socialism but even the communist cities of Russia and Cuba are relatively cleaner.
  13. As much flak as the new bats get for their size, one must also know that it is difficult to get optimum bat speed with heavier bats.
  14. That ball to Root from Morris was a photocopy of Shoaib Akhtar's first ball to Tendulkar. Beast of a delivery!