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  1. MechEng

    Life in India vs abroad

    Personally for me, life appears more complex in United States when compared to India and I feel that the entire system in the US is designed to exploit your wallet as much as possible. India on the other hand is more cost effective but the bureaucracy and master slave culture in corporate world especially the IT sector is repelling.
  2. MechEng

    Life in India vs abroad

    Question to all firang settled ICFers here: What are major differences in life you have found between India and abroad? What you like about abroad and disliked about India and vice versa? (please don't mention mainstream issues like women safety and caste etc., mention your personal experiences) How are your stress levels in either nations? Share!
  3. MechEng

    Is there any way that BJP take back the Beef ban?

    @Alam_dar I agree with you on chicken and goat meat too. And just banning meat consumption officially won't enlighten people about compassion to animals. Think about this: If gau rakshaks beat up people for consuming beef, what are they trying to achieve with it? Preaching non violence to animals through violence and threat to people? See the contradiction here.
  4. MechEng

    Is there any way that BJP take back the Beef ban?

    It's a bit sad to see how life of animals has become a subject of politics and religion instead of showing genuine compassion to them.
  5. MechEng

    Election Results tweets and memes

    @Gollum what do you think of Anurag Kashyap and artists unite India gang? Kashyap will make more stuff like sacred games.
  6. MechEng

    What is your favorite Indian mithai?

    Too sweet as in the sweetness is imposed on you instead of being mild.
  7. MechEng

    England vs Pak 3rd ODI

    Pakistan missing Amir badly here. Bairstow best odi batsman in the world
  8. On a brighter side I'm actually impressed by Afridi. He has the guts to say no while PC liberals cry. That's how you fight indoctrination!
  9. Global backlash only if SL cares about Western PC liberal values. Otherwise like Burma they probably don't care.
  10. MechEng

    Kota Factory (TVF)

    Is it about IIT aspirants?
  11. Another 200 coming up soon, it is periodical from him to make huge scores. Who will be that unlucky team? Not SL again
  12. MechEng

    Hey chuskis don't forget....

    MI won the cup but CSK won hearts @sscomp32
  13. I'm hearing that mahagathbandhan has an edge. It can be a disaster if true.

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