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  1. Pintu Parcha - India's NO.1 6 hitter.

    Pintu Parcha vs tennis ball Harold Larwood. 'Fire In Babylon' nahin 'Fire In Kurla'.
  2. Pintu Parcha - India's NO.1 6 hitter.

    Pintu Parcha grips the bat like Azharuddin so I don't think he would be willing to switch to heavier bats. Having said that the hard ball comes at you at much higher pace so hand eye coordination becomes the thing here, Pintu Parcha if by luck connects the hard ball at the right spot might hit it to a very long distance.
  3. Pintu Parcha - India's NO.1 6 hitter.

    Hitting a tennis ball for six is harder than hitting a seasoned ball right?
  4. Pintu Parcha - India's NO.1 6 hitter.

    Believe it or not, he is playing tennis ball cricket in Sharjah. I have watched his youtube video there.
  5. Kokam would be used in many curries, vada pav would have been the go to snack.
  6. King Kohli vs Sir Viv in ODIs

    I don't want to undermine Viv's performances in World Cups but back then world cup games were not taken seriously as things were still in their initial stages for limited overs cricket, for West Indian cricket fans of that era beating England in England 5-0 in a test series gave them the ultimate high, nothing better than dominating your colonial masters in the game they invented, world cup games had hardly any pressures. The fact that Gavaskar did not feel guilty at all of his 36* against England in 75 World Cup shows how seriously ODIs were taken. Sachin has never performed in World Cup finals but he did score in crucial games like Sharjah 1998 and 2008 CB series finals, still some knowledgeable cricket fans rate him above Viv in ODIs with justifiable reasons. What my point is that Kohli does not need to perform in big World Cup games to be compared with Viv, if he maintains his freak performance like he is doing it now till he's 35-36, he may be justifiably the greatest ever to have played ODIs.
  7. King Kohli vs Sir Viv in ODIs

    Yes, but this thread is based on Kohli's ODI performance. He has a long way to go to be compared to Viv in tests.
  8. King Kohli vs Sir Viv in ODIs

    Please come out of colonial hangover, there was nothing legendary about that series Windies were already a superior team even before the series began.
  9. King Kohli vs Sir Viv in ODIs

    That second six off Tahir reminded me of Tendulkar's six off Warne in his Sharjah 134 where he bowled him around the wicket.
  10. What are you eating now?

    Poultry and cattle are treated in a far more humane ways in India I believe. In developed nations, cattle and poultry are forced to work against their natural body clock to produce eggs and milk.
  11. What are you eating now?

    Oh yes! I've had those in government guest houses while visiting tourist places with school/college folks.
  12. What are you eating now?

    I attempted making masala omlette here in US, but it tasted not so good. Somehow I feel eggs in USA are not as good as the ones in India. Indian eggs feel more natural, maybe it's just me.
  13. What are you eating now?

    Happened with me plenty of times when I was learning to cook, now I usually take either butter or ghee in small amounts and cover the whole pan with it, after this I would spill the omlette mixture into the pan covering it entirely giving the elliptical/circular shape.
  14. What are you eating now?

    With coriander, onion, garlic and spices? What was the shape like?

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