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  1. So bad that it's good!
  2. Woah! who is this guy? Could be Pakistan's Colin Milburn someday!
  3. That ball to Dilruwan from Bhuvi made an amazing sound.
  4. 50 test wickets for Bhuvneswar Kumar

    Bhuvi is 27, and swing bowlers usually peak in their 30s. Imagine how unplayable he will be 4 years from now.
  5. How India eats - Veg & Non Veg

    I'd say the whole day. My roommates eat mainly bacon, steak, eggs and mashed potatoes, they keep telling me that they will make a resolution to include broccoli in their diet for fibre but it never happens I don't know how those guys consume so much meat, I'd be severely constipated if I had that much meat.
  6. Comrades are living in dark ages. They need to come out of their bubble and adapt to change asap.
  7. How much do u pay for haircut???

    Went for a haircut 2 months ago to a Lebanese guy who does it for $15. Wont be cutting my hair for another 2 months at least.
  8. Exactly, that's what my point is. But I gave a more general perspective not just this match specific on how the approach to the game has changed all over the world.
  9. This gives an idea on how approach to the game has changed, guys like Laxman and Dravid had standard fit body which anyone in India can get by eating balanced dal roti diet and decent physical activity, but their traditional cricketing skills were well polished. Now the game has got so professional that the approach has been shifted from skill oriented to power/speed oriented, which is why there are hardly any good players of swing bowling in the world now.
  10. Boycott these fools

    Yeah, to be honest that sounds more realistic.
  11. Greatest fast bowling spell you have seen

    Awesome! 82 mph is not a bad speed at international test level! (provided you are accurate) Do you do strength training for bowling?
  12. Puju and Jinx will be our run machines in UK.
  13. Greatest fast bowling spell you have seen

    Did you get your bowling speed measured anytime? Did you breach 85 mph barrier?

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