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  1. I guess after chasing down 273 in 45 overs against an ATG Pakistan ODI attack dada thought of chasing, also there was moisture in the pitch so he thought they could restrict Australia to a score of 280 max. We were also all-out for 125 against Australia in the previous group game where we batted first, so that should be considered too. I have not yet made peace with that Ponting innings, first 50 runs came in 74 balls and the remaining 90 came in 47 balls, how?
  2. 7-0 loss to Australia did not pain me at all. The build up to the series and the way we lost to England was very painful, that too right after winning the world cup. In fact the 2011 world cup win glory quickly faded away after that hammering and worst was Sachin in a mental block for his 100th 100. The sarcastic comments by British media especially Nasser Hussain were hard to read. I had my revenge when England lost 3-0 to Pakistan in UAE!
  3. Iran vs Spain is awesome. Entertainment so far!
  4. MechEng

    Speed Test in line with YoYO Test.

    Standardization of fast bowling will kill diversity in the game, there is a reason why the game is beautiful when it has metronomes like McGrath and erratic magicians like Akram. If all fast bowlers start doing the same thing, then it becomes very easy for the batsman since he does not need to make adjustments when a new bowler comes.
  5. Us fans don't realize the luxury of having a batsman as good as Pujara. Also he is a bit unlucky that he is playing in an era where the overall quality of fast bowling has improved compared to 2000s for every country barring maybe Pakistan. Sehwag and Laxman are lucky that they are not playing in the current era, because if they did then their overseas stats would take a big hit.
  6. Name one batsman in India who plays spin better than Pujara? Answer: None. P.S.: Without Pujara, expect this batting line up to fold up for under 100 scores on big turners.
  7. I can assure you that you will find a lot of lazy folks in IITs, plenty of my old friends and family relatives are IITians. The competition is high and exams are hard, so students are overly involved in coursework to avoid screwing up their GPA, basically no time for outdoor activities. In fact pornography is what they watch in free time to de-stress themselves .
  8. If any ICFer has noticed one trait about me in this forum, it is that I hardly post comments of dissapointment/anger if India loses big games or any other games, thanks to 2011 4-0 drubbing in England, before that series I was as naive/emotional as an Indian fan could be but after that thrashing I was a different person totally.
  9. 2011 England 4-0, even more painful than Sydney 08. I became desensitized to losses as a fan from that day onwards.
  10. MechEng

    Speed Test in line with YoYO Test.

    Terry Alderman! Quintessential dibbly dobbly medium pacer. Made Gooch's life hard who otherwise was one of the best players of fast bowling ever. I guess people just don't respect the art of medium pace bowling.
  11. MechEng

    Best ODI match of all time

    Yeah, the good old days when runs didn't come easy in ODIs. What's even more surprising is that Wasim single handedly made this into a contest, else Australia would have chased this down in 35 overs easily.
  12. MechEng

    Best ODI match of all time

    Not the best ODI game of all time but one of my favourites. Pakistan all out for a cheap score on good batting pitch, and even though the target was very easy to get, Wasim Akram with his great spell of swing bowling made sure Australia does not get easy runs. http://www.espncricinfo.com/series/8531/scorecard/65552/australia-vs-pakistan-12th-match-aus-tri-series-cb-1996-97/
  13. Yes, genes do play a role, and Indians are more inclined to excel in competitions requiring mental activity than a physical one. Some of my old classmates from 12th standard achieved bronze/silver medals in International Math/Physics Olympiads without coaching specifically for the exam, they purely relied on material they studied for IIT exam (they're all IITians now). Whereas Russians and Chinese rigorously prepare specifically for Olympiads to get gold medal. So if Indian youth gets encouragement to explore their strengths and assurance that failure won't impact their life permanently, you will see more high achievers from this country.

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