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  1. If anyone has visited Golconda fort, they might know this: There is a 250 kg (550 pounds) iron block at the fort which was used as an exam for people to join the military. The person had to lift the block one in each hand and climb 380 steps to the top for passing the test. That means the person had to carry 1100 pounds of iron weight uphill 380 steps!!! And this is just to pass the basic army exam!!!
  2. MechEng

    Medeival India superhuman strength

    Human strength is regressive, the quality of air, diet and pollution play important role in overall health, muscle mass and frame. The fact that people need artificial stuff to juice up is a proof that it's regressing because they cannot do it naturally. Also there was hardly any technology before industrial revolution, everything required a lot of human labour and interaction, even the wars were arm to arm combats except if you were an archer.
  3. MechEng

    Medeival India superhuman strength

    He has a sixth sense embedded in his brain where he can detect facts by just looking at the image. And it's not about Indian heritage here, the average soldier all over the world in 1300 must have had enough strength to deadlift 1000 pounds and it's believable. I shared this because I found it cool.
  4. MechEng

    Medeival India superhuman strength

    I even read somewhere that medieval European farmers consumed 4500 to 5000 calories everyday on average, that is the amount of calories a modern day athlete consumes in a day.
  5. MechEng

    Medeival India superhuman strength

    Rice is not bad actually, no food is bad in fact. People in pre industrial revolution era consumed high calorie and carb foods all over the world and balanced it out with a physically active lifestyle before technology existed. It's just that most of us are in desk jobs, so we have to watch what we eat.
  6. Chai piyo, aur baaki sab bhool jao
  7. Shami bowled a ball at 147 kph. I saw it on BT Sports
  8. MechEng

    Not playing a spinner was huge mistake

    But not sure if Ashwin would have made any significant impact.
  9. You can only play that kind of rearguard innings in England and New Zealand. In Australia you need to maintain a minimum strike rate of 50, playing a rearguard innings in Australia is super rare.
  10. MechEng

    Medeival India superhuman strength

    Also it seems that soldiers were fed a diet of 2kg of rice and 1 kg mutton everyday to achieve such strength.
  11. MechEng

    Medeival India superhuman strength

    So a normal Golconda soldier was stronger than folks below:
  12. MechEng

    Site Feedback

    Mods, I accidentally created a thread twice, please delete one.
  13. Hain!!! Tu gaddar kaise ho gaya? You broke the phaasst bowling loyalty.
  14. C'mon Pujara step out of the crease and hit 2 deliveries out of the ground.
  15. MechEng

    Match is over

    By icf logic a good bowling performance is one where the bowling attacks get teams out for sub 300 scores on any pitch. Way too high standards, remember there were days when teams were like 310/1 against us, this bowling line up is far better than those days.
  16. 135 kph is good speed. 125 kph is too slow.
  17. This is engaging test cricket, the reason why people watch it, Bumrah bowling fast to bring India back into the game and batsmen fighting. Wickets package would have been boring.

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