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  1. JaFanatic

    ICF Fantasy Cricket : India tour of Australia-Tests

    Piece of cake
  2. JaFanatic

    Preferred ODI WC19 11 / Squad

    I'd prefer(not that it matters ) this XI and squad Shaw Dhawan Kohli(c) Rohit(vc) Jadhav Karthik Hardik Jadeja Kumar Kuldeep Bumrah Gill Hooda Kishan Dube Tewatia Shami
  3. Which means no. 1 team is the no. 1 jokers of world cricket?
  4. JaFanatic

    Best looking players from all teams

    CSK MSD - youthful look
  5. JaFanatic

    Best Opening Batsman of All time in ODIs

    This thread is for atheists only
  6. JaFanatic

    Kurosawa and Japanese movies

    Watched Rashomon a masterpiece from the legend. Had quite an expectation on this film after reading this thread yet it didn't disappoint me. Might watch more of his works in the future.
  7. JaFanatic

    How to approach your crush !!! [ Serious ]

    Yeah Try my idea and treat me later
  8. JaFanatic

    How to approach your crush !!! [ Serious ]

    I don't have a sis
  9. JaFanatic

    How to approach your crush !!! [ Serious ]

    Plan a get together with her and your friends. Let your friends know about your intention so that you can get to talk to her with ease. If it goes well you can ask her out on a date
  10. JaFanatic

    India - SA all time test XI

    Sehwag Gavaskar G Pollock Sachin Nourse De Villiers Ashwin S Pollock(c) Philander Kumble(vc) Steyn
  11. JaFanatic

    ICF Fantasy Hub 2018 | Triple The Challenge

    Hopefully I don't lose my interest again after a few series
  12. JaFanatic

    Watched any new movies? *Please use spoiler tags*

    Suggest me any crime mystery thriller anyone pls ??
  13. JaFanatic

    How much do u pay for haircut???

    How do you manage them. I can't go over 2 weeks without dandruff n hairfall issues
  14. JaFanatic

    ICF AMA(Ask me anything) thread- AMA with Laaloo

    Let's do one with @sabby2013 too @Laaloo What's your height brw

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