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  1. Will Bumrah bowl another over this spell ??
  2. At any cost dont get azhar and hafeez's wickets pls
  3. Easily better than ran khan wukram and afritard
  4. Kuldeep, Pant selected for WI tour

    Exactly my point. Now that he is in the squad I hope he opens the bat.
  5. Kuldeep, Pant selected for WI tour

    Pant in ODI is a poor selection imo. Batting in the middle order in List As didn't do him any good.
  6. Zaheer Khan keen on Indian bowling coach role

    Old one just wanted to share this Indian bodies not designed to bowl fast - Zaheer
  7. ICF Fantasy Hub 2017 | One notch Higher!

  8. The Tewatia thread

    His batting SR & bowling ER are impressive. Can be a handy bowling all rounder in this format
  9. Your Favorite IPL XI

    Its my favourite XI No chachu = no favourite
  10. Your Favorite IPL XI

    My All Time Favourite XI Gayle Hayden Kohli Sachin Yuvraj Dhoni(VC) Ashwin Warne(C) Kumar Malinga Bumrah

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