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  1. Combined Indo Pak All Time ODI Team

    sehwag sachin kohli abbas yuvraj dhoni(c) kapil afridi wasim(vc) waqar mushtaq
  2. ICF Fantasy Hub 2017 | One notch Higher!

    I'll join b4 the toss
  3. What would be your All time Asia ODI XI

    He's a good bat & a handy bowler if the conditions aid pacers.
  4. Agree. He's probably the best pacer in the A squad.
  5. INDIA vs AUSTRALIA | 4th ODI | Bengaluru | Sep 28 2017

    In response India will unleash Rahane at the top
  6. Your T20 squad to face Australia?

    Kohli(c) Hardik(vc) Tripathi Pant Rana Jadhav Krunal Kumar Kuldeep Bumrah Chahal Rahul Harbhajan Unadkut
  7. What would be your All time Asia ODI XI

    Jayasurya Sachin Kohli Abbas Mathews Dhoni(c) Kapil Afridi Wasim(vc) Muralitharan Waqar
  8. Mine would be like, ODI Kohli(c) Pant Dhawan(vc) Pandey Jadhav Shankar Hardik Mishra Kuldeep Shami Khejroliya Rahul Dhoni Rinku Tewatia Bumrah T20I Kohli(c) Tripathi Pant Rana Jadhav Krunal Hardik(vc) Tewatia Kuldeep Unadkat Bumrah Rahul Harbhajan Bhuvneshwar P.s. Chahal
  9. Countdown to Dhoni's 10K ODI run !!!

    Will be the first batsman to enter the 10k club with 50+ average!
  10. 3rd Test : SL v IND | 12th AUG 10PM IST | pallekele

    I'm all for Rahul ahead of Rohit in ODIs. Rahul doesn't play too many dot balls in the beginning & the best part is that he is good at strike rotation. Rohit is a quality ODI bat no doubt but his slow starts definitely sucks the momentum.
  11. 3rd Test : SL v IND | 12th AUG 10PM IST | pallekele

    53 runs in 10 overs! thats more than our avg PP1 score in ODIs
  12. Is this sign of mentality ?

    WTF is happening ?

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