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  1. sscomp32

    Who was the most entertaining opening batsmen ever?

    its a travesty viru doesnt get 90%+ votes For me there is sehwag and then there is daylight .
  2. sscomp32

    We should be proud of the IPL!

    Most people never thought about IPL like this. This guy is brilliant in explaining his point of view.
  3. sscomp32

    Which IPL franchise is the worst for youngsters?

    ICF is hillarious. I guess 2 people haven't watched IPL at all to name MI as the worst franchise for youngsters. FFS MI youngsters are the main Players of Indian team which will challenge to win the world cup. I don't like MI at all doesn't mean I will be blind like some idiots. That's why I was very happy when MI bought kishan. Can expect him soon in Indian team if he performs. CSK can be bad one since they have a set formula. But if a youngster gets set in thier formula it's life changing. ICF is very well aware of that. ;) The worst without a doubt is royally challenged bewdas. The captain doesn't like young batsman much. And Team management presses the panic button with 1 bad match. Also is a testimony that majority players perform when they leave RCB and fail when they join RCB.
  4. Back issues? This is Bad. FU team management.
  5. sscomp32

    Virat Kohli - Worst Ever Captain In IPL

    Unkil. Aap galat line me aa gaye. Ipl forum will have discussions about a useless captain not able to win a single IPL in 7/8 tries. :)
  6. He said he has 6 brothers at home and all bowl leg spin :)
  7. sscomp32

    Mohit Sharma: Dhoni is more like Bahubali !!!

    Isn't it Mahishmati?
  8. sscomp32

    Kohli's team building is the worst in Indian history?

    The sole reason ICF consider him as the greatest ever.
  9. sscomp32

    IPL tweet/meme/video thread [ 2019 ] !!!

    So caring towards trundlers :) Picks them so he doesn't slaughter them.
  10. sscomp32

    Virat Kohli - Worst Ever Captain In IPL

    Not just IPL. He is a **** white ball captain overall. LOIs need quick thinking and proper strategy management. So many times we have seen him clueless. he has actually been quite lucky to have one of the best bowling attacks India has had since he took over captaincy. Rcb attack is garbage and he gets found out. I know its forbidden to praise msd here but he has had worse bowling attacks both for India and csk but got better results. @Laaloo Please Downvote :)
  11. False hope IMO. Its FFS. There have been a few cracks in the bowling. Hopefully it's repaired before important matches. And please drop Maul. And someone please drill this in bhuvi's head he can bowl 6 yorkers. Leave the knuckle ball and slower balls. Just bowl yorkers man. Look at bumrah and rabada. Even shami. Hopefully today's performance will give them the proper confidence.
  12. Vijay Shankar was captain as far as I know. :) I know being a senior he was definitely involved but just wanted to correct this.
  13. Sumo Rohit. Though I agree with Kohli not as captain. Looks absolutely clueless at times in white ball.
  14. Because he hasn't won anything yet :) Though he has been very good. Even last year he was good. I liked the fact yesterday that he bowled kuldeep at Ingram knowing he will struggle :) even though delhi countered it with sending an Indian but kuldeep prevailed. Gutsy captaincy. The only mistake was playing Nikhil Naik when it should have been carlos with Nitish opening. Also should send Gill at 3. Sent from my SM-G611F using Tapatalk

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